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The leg vise which someone was throwing away, and the bench stop.
The Bench Stop with its raising/lowering device - a spiral made of oak.
The main bench - its about 6 feet long.  The auxiliary bench to the left is used to mark out Navigational instrument replicas
The workbench end of the shop.  You enter the shop by a door in that hole to the right and you have to climb a 2 step ladder. The floor is about 4 feet off the stone ledge upon which the house is built.  Cabinets are from the old kitchen.
The even more cluttered storage end of the shop with a wood rack and the old kitchen cabinets.
The leg vise which someone was throwing away, and the bench stop. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

The leg vise which someone was throwing away, and the bench stop.

Shop Specs

  • Location: , Massachusetts, USA
  • Size: 300sq. ft.
  • Type: Basement
  • Focus: Furniture
  • Heating/Cooling:

My house is built on stone ledge.  On top of that, the ledge is sloped so the basement under one end of the house is about 2 and a half feet high and at the other end about 10 feet high.  So at the 10 foot end, I built a platform, then built a wall down from a massive wooden beam that supports the house and then built the shop.

I recently gutted the kitchen, and took the old kitchen cabinets downstairs for use in the shop. The shop is about 25 feet long and 12 feet wide.  It's dark down there so I painted the cinder block walls white and installed some extra lighting.

The bench is a 6 foot slab of beech with a bench stop mortised in and a very old leg vise that my sister found on the street curb - someone was going to throw it out in the trash! The wooden screw still works fabulously.  The bench stop is raised and supported by a piece of wood cut int he shape of a spiral so that I can adjust the height to just what I need.  Tooks are on tool boards mounted to the wall with French cleats.

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Comments (2)

mnwoodworker mnwoodworker writes: Love your planing stop and your free leg vise. Thanks for sharing.
Posted: 2:51 am on November 26th

BigNellie BigNellie writes: Yup, know how it is to have a shop in the basement. You have to get creative with were your lumber rack will be and some mach. are on wheels. My basement cialing is low. Not enough room to swing a 4x8 sheet of plywood. Have to have it cut close to dimention at store to make it safe to cut or cut on floor with power hand saw and foam backing. Let's have fun and make what little room we have work for us. Good luck.
Posted: 12:05 am on November 26th

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