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Czappa Czappa, member
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Photo: Czappa

Shop Specs

  • Location: Burbank , California, USA
  • Size: 500sq. ft.
  • Type: Garage
  • Focus: General
  • Heating/Cooling: A large fan for heat I light up a fine cigar

That's my shop

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Comments (9)

RDCwood RDCwood writes: If it works for you don't change it.
I am going through a rationalization in my small shop (shed 14x10) in order to be able to do some work. I use to have a contractors saw and I couldn't move inside. I have just bought a Bosch 4100-09 TS with the "gravity" stand and that helped a lot. I insulated the walls and I am puting insulated tarps covering the roof. With a small electric heater it gets pretty cozy, taking into consideration that I live in Canada.
All these chalenges makes woodworking more interesting.
Posted: 9:01 pm on February 1st

scubata scubata writes: This looks like my shop, I build some nice things in my spot in the world!

Posted: 7:05 pm on January 12th

1tim 1tim writes: wow.......intervention!.........thats like my mind most of the time
Posted: 12:17 am on January 11th

USMCDENNIS USMCDENNIS writes: And yet you probably know where everything is!
Posted: 8:14 am on November 25th

lclement4 lclement4 writes: Ha! You'd be a perfect candidate for a Workshop Hoarder reality show. :-)
Posted: 11:24 pm on November 6th

rf58 rf58 writes: i had to show my wife this one.
she thought i was a loner.
Posted: 10:01 pm on November 6th

505guy 505guy writes: I love it!
My shop get trashed and a couple time a year I have to muck it out. I tend to be a pack rat too.
I will often have a bunch of tools out, and can't find the one I need...Then I know its time to put everything away....Thats when I find the tool I was looking for.
Back to work...
Posted: 9:49 am on November 5th

ButchGMacDonald ButchGMacDonald writes: Yes, mine looks just like that too and up until a couple years ago I knew where everything was at. Now I have to go get my glasses first.

Posted: 8:52 am on November 3rd

markmech2002 markmech2002 writes: I love it Czappa - looks like my Garage shop which I can only use late April to October because I live in Canada so I have no heat and lots of cold LOL

Stacked to the rafters with my stuff on one side and my wife's stuff on the other LOL about 220 sq feet to work in, everything but the 6 foot bench is on wheeels so I can roll it out of the garage on a sunny day
Posted: 10:23 pm on November 1st

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