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Restore, repair, and renew: Don't let go of cherished furniture before its time

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CustomMade CustomMade Staff, contributor
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Antique Buffet Restored by Eighteenth Century Finishing on - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Antique Buffet Restored by Eighteenth Century Finishing on


Individual personality: for furniture, it's not about walking, talking, and smiling. Yes, a one-of-a-kind piece of custom furniture designed to the customer's specifications may have a personality all its own.  But, there is another way furniture can acquire a sense of individuality.  Over the course of time in a home, furniture can seemingly take on a life of its own and even become a member of the family. 

However, whether an item has been an heirloom in the family for generations or just a comforting presence for a few years, the time may come when storied furniture needs new life. Custom restoration and repair can transform these treasured pieces in the most surprising ways. Here are three examples of surprising restoration, repair, and renewal... 

In the hands of Michael Meyer of Michael Meyer Fine Woodworking, a broken down piano that had been in a family for generations became a piano/cabinet bar, a unique combination of concealed bar and bookcase.  The bar interior was finished in maple with glass shelves and features a repurposed, decorative keyboard.  The lower portion of the cabinet provides ample space for photo albums.  

Piano Bar/Cabinet by Michael Meyer Fine Woodworking at

Take a look at this stylish, contemporary glass and aluminum dining room table by Glass Impressions.  It didn’t always look like this.  Artisan Mark Selleck recalls when the customer came to him tired of her old dining table:

After she approached me with an interest in purchasing a new table, I suggested a “makeover:” we broke the corners off of the previously square table, after which we finished the edges with a broken-edge treatment, and then gave areas along the original flat edges the same treatment, that was ground to a satin finish to tie it all together. The solid pedestal base was disposed of, and a custom aluminum base was made to accept glass panels that were etched to create a geometric pattern, with broken edges and an irregular hole carved into the centers, to allow access with a vacuum cleaner to the inside of the base.


Dining Room Table by Glass Impressions at

John Rose of Custom Furniture Creations re-ceated this rowing boat bar .  Its life began, believe it or not, as a 57-foot 8-man rowing boat.  Cut down to 14’, the boat was transformed into a most unusual and striking bar.  A glass countertop and interior lighting show off the antique rowing mechanisms.  The stools, made from period style rowing seats, complement the bar beautifully.

Rowing Boat Bar by Custom Furniture Creations at

You will feel like a fool if you let go of cherished, albeit worn out, furniture before you consider custom restoration and repair as an option for adding years to its life.  Get a second opinion on that special piece of furniture with a big heart.


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