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Some times it seems so small but I get things done

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Sandhill_bob Sandhill_bob, member
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Here is a view from the main pathway in and out of the shop
View looking to the back of the shop from outside
Here is a view from the main pathway in and out of the shop - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Here is a view from the main pathway in and out of the shop

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There are times when I could just explode from the lack of room and other times I am as happy as a clam and feel truely blessed with what I have to do all the work I love to do here.

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dbouch dbouch writes: bob,

i've just divided my garage in half, so my new (first) shop is basically 19 X 9 feet. i can barely get a 4X8 sheet through the door. But i stand in there and look around and "grateful" is the only word. i just love the smell of the place. i'm now into my first project and i wake up every morning thinking of what i might be able to get done today. i'm not retired yet, so the "day job" continues to demand time. i'm still mostly building jigs to help with yet-to-be-determined projects. but even that process is filled with a wonderful anticipation.

thanks for sharing your shop with us.
Posted: 11:59 am on November 8th

Scadaboy Scadaboy writes: For the past 20 years I have been working in a too small basement shop. Mid December, I am moving into a new home and I was able to eek out 450 Sq Ft (With a 9' ceiling!) of space in the footprint. Heat, Light, Windows, HVAC, My Own Sink, Man Door to Outside, Back Up Area Right at the Door for loading and unloading...

Not bragging, just grateful that often things change for the better. I can now build things bigger than jewelry boxes!

Blue Skies!
Posted: 10:24 am on November 7th

markmech2002 markmech2002 writes: John - remember - the most important thing is you are doing - not talking about it. I can only use my garage shop from April to October as it is unheated in Alberta and I have frost the rest of the year. So every year it is take all freezable stuff indoors to the basement and then I carve at the dining room table in the winter when my wife doesn't have an art project on it LOL
Posted: 10:17 pm on November 1st

Sauroman Sauroman writes: Hey John, I have the same problem in my shop. first, I'm 14, and my shop is crawlspace with 6ft high joist, and i just can't keep from bumping my head into pipes and utility lines that over hang, but it keeps my dad of using my tools.LOL

When I buy(or build) my house, that will not be a problem

Posted: 4:28 pm on October 26th

jverreault jverreault writes: I hear you Bob. I'm in the same boat but I would kill for the amount of headroom you have...the joys of a basement shop in a 97 year old house. You'd think they planned to just send the shortest members of the family down there. Sigh.

Great shop and thanks for sharing.


Posted: 10:05 am on October 21st

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