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Super bright LED floor standing light

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Rich67 Rich67, member
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Hi Folks, I thought I'd share this. I bought some strips of super bright LED's to make a floor standing light with them. Mainly to use up some scraps I had and to be able to read during the winter months while in the chair.

Its composed of 3 strips of walnut in a liminate form. The grove for the LEDS and the wire are done using a router. A recess was made to bring in a small strip of Ebony which I thought would look well. I did some of the base in Ebony too. I had to dry clamp the lot to be sure the whole thing was a snug fit.

To my horror at one stage I found out that the strip of 12 LEDS were not equally spaced on the simi-rigid pcb backing. Just goes to show...check Anyway, just as well I hadent glued everything. Half a mill out in some cases, quite a lot when the hole for the light is only 4mm, thats 0.157 inches to you american folk!!

Lead base for support and weight. I still have to find some lenses for the LEDs as they are a bit too glaring, but do the job. However, I still prefer the incandesent light, it gives a warmer glow!

Fininshed in Lacquer from a spay tin, after some sealer initially.

Design or Plan used: My own design

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