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The Editors Mailbox

UPDATE: Building Doors & Drawers by Andy Rae

comments (109) October 4th, 2011 in blogs

BetsyE Betsy Engel, contributor
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Building Doors & Drawers
The Taunton Press, 2007.
$24.95; 192 pp.

Building Doors & Drawers by Andy Rae is divided into 2 sections: Doors & Drawers. In each section he includes chapters on Designing, Building, and Fitting and Finishing. There are also chapters on Special Drawers and Details (including, among other things, curved, tapered and hidden drawers) as well as Special Doors and Details (pocket doors, sliding doors, and more). The book is full of color photos and illustrations to show you how to design and build the perfect doors or drawers for your projects. Building Doors and Drawers is also a winner of a 2008 Golden Hammer Writing Award.

Lucky TNakr in the winner. His comment was chosen at random and he has won a copy of Building Doors & Drawers.

Stay tuned for more giveaways.

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Comments (109)

KenHANGITALL KenHANGITALL writes: I would love to win a copy of this book, count me in. Doors and drawers are so challenging I would love to learn more.
Posted: 6:51 pm on October 4th

awlab awlab writes: Most piece of furniture either needs a drawer or a door with few exceptions. Anyway once you master the skill, the sky is your limit.
Posted: 11:23 am on October 2nd

Leapop Leapop writes: I will probably buy this book if I don't win it as I am in the middle of a project that will have two drawers and I really could use the professional's tips and experience helping me to build them. Thanks for the chance to win and for all of the great books I already have as well as the magazine. I have almost every issue of FW since the beginning.
Posted: 9:36 am on October 2nd

mtnman49 mtnman49 writes: This would be a great book to hone my drawer and door making skills. Nothing like drawers that close smoothly and doors that hang right.
Posted: 8:40 am on October 2nd

jtpop jtpop writes: Garage storage, here I come!
Posted: 8:23 am on October 2nd

user-4297722 user-4297722 writes: If I could win that book, I might get up the nerve to build Mr. Rae's beautiful tool chest.
Posted: 8:08 pm on October 1st

gmeyers gmeyers writes: This would really help me. My doors are terrible!
Posted: 7:02 pm on October 1st

1100stx 1100stx writes: I could use this.
Posted: 5:02 pm on October 1st

TNakr TNakr writes: This sounds like a great addition to anyone's library. Thanks for this opportunity!
Posted: 4:51 pm on October 1st

lindhrr lindhrr writes: Sounds like a Great publication.
Posted: 11:13 am on October 1st

The Artful Codger The Artful Codger writes: Just what I need! Since Hurricane Ivan flooded our home I've rebuilt a number of cabinets -- all but the doors and drawers.
Posted: 10:57 am on October 1st

buffal1130 buffal1130 writes: I think it would be a great boost to my wood working skills.
Posted: 10:39 am on October 1st

Tarponjpm Tarponjpm writes: How to books are not only a look into the past but a look into the future. You can gain knowledge from each one you read even if it is on the same subject. There is always a tip or or solution to make one a step closer to become a better craftsman. Thanks for the chance to increase my library for free!!
Posted: 9:02 am on October 1st

rmpater rmpater writes: If it would help me to design and build a door to keep my twin 3 year old boys in their room then I'm in!
Posted: 7:14 am on October 1st

BA3 BA3 writes: This would be a darn good reference for my how to library.
Posted: 5:11 pm on September 29th

fatherson fatherson writes: looks like exactly the book I need at the moment.
Posted: 5:02 pm on September 29th

biggen008 biggen008 writes: Thank you for the opportunity!
Posted: 1:38 pm on September 29th

lvpetersen lvpetersen writes: Put me in, Coach, the hat that is!

Keep up the great work w/ FW & FH.
Posted: 9:06 am on September 29th

yannick yannick writes: I would love one copy of this book.
Posted: 9:04 am on September 29th

Lyptus Lyptus writes: My wife wants me to build cabinets for our kitchen remodel. I'll need all the help I can get and Andy's book might make the difference between my wife thanking or resenting me.
Posted: 7:11 am on September 29th

MacGregorWoodWorks MacGregorWoodWorks writes: If you saw my work you would probably send me the book as a charity case. Thanks.
Posted: 11:43 pm on September 28th

MacGregorWoodWorks MacGregorWoodWorks writes: My bribery check is in the mail. I look forward to winning.
Posted: 11:41 pm on September 28th

Larrythewoodguy Larrythewoodguy writes: Thanks for a chance to win.
Posted: 10:12 pm on September 28th

Toml899 Toml899 writes: Hi - I am a drawer from Tom's latest project. He left his laptop out in the shop and I had to sign him up for this. I mean, just look at me. I am not quite square in any direction and my joints are more wobbly than his old knees. The poor guy tries hard, but he could really use the help. Uh oh, here he comes and it's time for finishing. Maybe if he gives me a rubdown with some nice shellac, I will feel a little better.

Thanks - Drawer #4 in the changing cabinet project.
Posted: 9:53 pm on September 28th

Bear_Scout Bear_Scout writes: This is just what I need to get started on a major kitchen project.
Thanks for everything you do for woodworkers.
Posted: 8:48 pm on September 28th

jb12 jb12 writes: I'll give it a try
Posted: 6:44 pm on September 28th

woodenhorse woodenhorse writes: I should put the books down and keep building. But there's so much to learn and so little time.
Posted: 12:46 pm on September 28th

hkb hkb writes: Getting tight full insert drawers is not easy. This book should be a good reference in anyone's library.
Posted: 12:24 pm on September 28th

D11RDozer D11RDozer writes: Thanks for the chance to expand my modest library.
Posted: 11:41 am on September 28th

drllucas drllucas writes: With eleven passage doors to build, this book may give helpful information.

Posted: 11:21 am on September 28th

jimraines jimraines writes: The odds of winning are better than the lottery and cheaper also.
Posted: 10:39 am on September 28th

caub caub writes: Would love a copy, thanks.
Posted: 9:55 am on September 28th

homebrook homebrook writes: I love reading books, especially on woodworking. Put me on the list too.
Posted: 9:50 am on September 28th

rondeal rondeal writes: Good Books are always nice to have!
Posted: 9:26 am on September 28th

Mark Hulette Mark Hulette writes: I have Andy's "The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture & Cabinet Construction" book and have learned much from it; would love to read his take on Doors and Drawers, too.
Posted: 6:46 am on September 28th

utbigrod utbigrod writes: Book would be great
Posted: 9:14 pm on September 27th

jdfriesen74 jdfriesen74 writes: I enjoy Andy's writing. Add me to the hat!
Posted: 6:02 pm on September 27th

Mikecorwin Mikecorwin writes: Hey, I need a book like this!
Posted: 4:35 pm on September 27th

rennX rennX writes: Looks like a great book. I love to win it.
Posted: 2:51 pm on September 27th

Rockyh Rockyh writes: Yes, I would like to win this book. Over the years I have enjoyed Andy Rae's articles in Fine Woodworking.
Posted: 2:42 pm on September 27th

John_Schaalje John_Schaalje writes: I would also love to have the book.
Posted: 2:25 pm on September 27th

mickey49 mickey49 writes: Please add me to the list as well. It's almost never too late to get good information.
Posted: 10:29 am on September 27th

Halz57 Halz57 writes: Can never have too many woodworking books. Sign me up.
Posted: 9:31 am on September 27th

Halz57 Halz57 writes: Can never have too many woodworking books. Sign me up.
Posted: 9:31 am on September 27th

marshville01 marshville01 writes: I am sure it is another book filled with ideas to make one more successful in their buinding of fine furniture and cabinets. Another reason FWW is such a succcessful magazine.
Posted: 7:53 am on September 27th

PurdueDan PurdueDan writes: Would love the book. I always enjoy his articles.
Posted: 7:26 am on September 27th

Dahlbergia Dahlbergia writes: I'd learn from this one!
Posted: 6:32 am on September 27th

hlaf hlaf writes: I'd love a copy. Thanks!
Posted: 4:56 am on September 27th

michelpoirier michelpoirier writes: I would love to learn a few tricks from that book. Please pick my name.
Posted: 4:55 am on September 27th

cahudson42 cahudson42 writes: Add my name into the hat...Thanks!
Posted: 2:52 am on September 27th

rodk1 rodk1 writes: I'd love a copy, Thanks
Posted: 9:39 pm on September 26th

Spilperson Spilperson writes: Count me in. I would love the book.
Posted: 9:12 pm on September 26th

Tye154 Tye154 writes: Looks like a good book.
Posted: 8:41 pm on September 26th

B_Wolf B_Wolf writes: If you don't enter, you can't win... would love to have this book! Consider this my entry!!
Posted: 8:11 pm on September 26th

jiggy246 jiggy246 writes: If I was to win this book out of as many responses that have posted then there really is a santa claus Good luck to all and congratulations to whoever wins. Fine woodworking is awesome for all it's knowledge.
Posted: 7:31 pm on September 26th

kevmc_Sammamish kevmc_Sammamish writes: Sure would like a copy of this book.

Posted: 6:23 pm on September 26th

lharriman lharriman writes: I'll take it -- thanks!
Posted: 6:04 pm on September 26th

JeffB JeffB writes: I too am planning a kitchen reno. I'll need a few doors and drawers. :)
Posted: 4:56 pm on September 26th

bko bko writes: Looks great! Love to win it!


Posted: 4:46 pm on September 26th

Dean7 Dean7 writes: I would really like to have this book.
Posted: 4:09 pm on September 26th

keleigh keleigh writes: Thanks in advance for a copy of the book . . . okay, that was wishful thinking! But seriously, thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 2:21 pm on September 26th

MGWOOD MGWOOD writes: wood love a copy!
Posted: 1:39 pm on September 26th

jockcameron jockcameron writes: I would really like to have this book - like his videos and passion for woodworking - so include me in please.
Posted: 1:22 pm on September 26th

judgewood judgewood writes: Andy's a great teacher & author; I'd love to add this book of his to my collection .... especially for free! thanks!
Posted: 1:11 pm on September 26th

pcoleman525 pcoleman525 writes: Great reference book - count me in
Posted: 1:01 pm on September 26th

TrippRegister TrippRegister writes: Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.
Posted: 12:38 pm on September 26th

tailvise tailvise writes: Sign me up!
Posted: 12:25 pm on September 26th

RobertWhiteneck RobertWhiteneck writes: Sign me up!
Posted: 11:50 am on September 26th

TColtrin TColtrin writes: Awesome opportunity!
Posted: 10:52 am on September 26th

trantj trantj writes: I own a copy of Andy Rae's The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture and Cabinet Construction, and I really love it. It would be great to have another great book to improve my skills!
Posted: 10:35 am on September 26th

mkarafa mkarafa writes: This book would "open up" many new possibilities for me .
Posted: 10:34 am on September 26th

aaronpetersen aaronpetersen writes: count me in for the book
Posted: 9:44 am on September 26th

jdm92562 jdm92562 writes: This would be a nice addition to my growing collection.
Posted: 9:41 am on September 26th

jdmaher jdmaher writes: I'd love to have a copy!
Posted: 9:27 am on September 26th

JMcVagh JMcVagh writes: I cannot read enough about how to make drawers, I'm in.
Posted: 9:16 am on September 26th

the_wild_lucy the_wild_lucy writes: Looks like a great book.
Sign me up.

Thank you!

Posted: 9:01 am on September 26th

LBF LBF writes: Sounds great!
Posted: 8:21 am on September 26th

chucktown chucktown writes: Thanks for another great chance to win, I'm in!

Posted: 8:16 am on September 26th

1850timberframe 1850timberframe writes: I'm just about to start building doors & drawers for my new kitchen so this would be a great reference!
Posted: 8:06 am on September 26th

APO APO writes: Please add me in
Posted: 7:47 am on September 26th

DaveHarrison DaveHarrison writes: Looks good - count me in.
Posted: 4:16 am on September 26th

Ruben Ruben writes: Nice book, put me in there!
Posted: 3:57 am on September 26th

timwillems timwillems writes: a comment :-)
Posted: 3:37 am on September 26th

charlton charlton writes: I sure could use some drawers. Sign me up!
Posted: 1:59 am on September 26th

montee montee writes: already have his guide to furniture & cabinet construction book
would love this other one!
Posted: 10:24 pm on September 25th

montee montee writes: already have his guide to furniture & cabinet construction book
would love this other one!
Posted: 10:24 pm on September 25th

chicagopete chicagopete writes: I've been looking to build a dining room set for our growing family, part of which will involve building a hutch with 4 drawers and 4 doors. I've flung the dovetailing videos on this site by Mr. Are very helpful, but this book would act as a wonderful reference.
Posted: 10:22 pm on September 25th

Bearw00d Bearw00d writes: This would help me out since I have just started making my own shop cabinets and would like to see where I am going wrong lol
Posted: 10:13 pm on September 25th

SBMathias SBMathias writes: Put my name in the hat for this.
Posted: 10:02 pm on September 25th

Jollyroger Jollyroger writes: Can't win if you don't play!
Posted: 9:21 pm on September 25th

Jollyroger Jollyroger writes: Can't win if you don't play!
Posted: 9:21 pm on September 25th

jacobleefurniture jacobleefurniture writes: That would be great! Count me in.

Posted: 8:41 pm on September 25th

JeanFredBoulais JeanFredBoulais writes: I would certainly appreciate.
Posted: 8:38 pm on September 25th

dmc205 dmc205 writes: Count me in
Posted: 7:50 pm on September 25th

ChanceA ChanceA writes: I've been looking for a good book for winter.
Posted: 7:32 pm on September 25th

Red_F Red_F writes: Count me in
Posted: 7:17 pm on September 25th

Circuit Rider Circuit Rider writes: Sign me up

Posted: 7:13 pm on September 25th

Circuit Rider Circuit Rider writes: Sign me up

Posted: 7:13 pm on September 25th

Giblien Giblien writes: Here is my entry! : )
Posted: 7:02 pm on September 25th

Misfiteye Misfiteye writes: Doors & Drawers. There are so many ways to do them. Some times the hard part is deciding which one to do.
Posted: 5:37 pm on September 25th

GlenRoseBud GlenRoseBud writes: Starting a new project with lots of drawers. Need this book.
Posted: 5:18 pm on September 25th

FoolishSage FoolishSage writes: I'm building a desk and some tips on drawers would be more than welcome
Posted: 4:22 pm on September 25th

benito benito writes: I'm in
Posted: 3:32 pm on September 25th

madsenl madsenl writes: Looks like a great resource! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win!
Posted: 3:12 pm on September 25th

madsenl madsenl writes: Looks like a great resource! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win!
Posted: 3:12 pm on September 25th

madsenl madsenl writes: Looks like a great resource! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win!
Posted: 3:11 pm on September 25th

HighRockWoodworking HighRockWoodworking writes: Great book! Thank you for this give away and all the great articles you publish.

Posted: 2:51 pm on September 25th

Dougvf Dougvf writes: In the process of building kitchen cabinets for parents. This would be a great addition to help me get my custom cabs done right.
Posted: 2:49 pm on September 25th

Paul_C Paul_C writes: I would really love to win this book, as I am soon to embark on a project with numerous draws and doors.

It would also be great to learn how to make curved, tapered and hidden draws.
Posted: 1:03 pm on September 25th

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