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AWFS Tool News: Put this amazing toggle clamp on all of your jigs

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Tom Tom McKenna, Managing Editor
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This toggle clamp, made for shopmade jigs and fixtures, was among our editors favorite new tools.
There is a built-in adjuster that fine-tunes that pressure setting. After that, you just push down on the handle, and you get the exact same amount of pressure on workpieces of almost any size. Amazing.
The inline clamp self-adjusts for workpieces of different width.
This toggle clamp, made for shopmade jigs and fixtures, was among our editors favorite new tools. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

This toggle clamp, made for shopmade jigs and fixtures, was among our editors' favorite new tools.

Sometimes a small tool is the next big thing. The FWW editors' favorite tool at the huge AWFS show in Vegas was the new Bessey toggle clamps, made for securing workpieces on shopmade jigs. Somehow, Bessey has come up with a De-Sta-Co-type clamp that self-adjusts for almost any workpiece! The horizontal version comes in two sizes, one that handles workpieces up to 2 in. thick, and another than can stretch to grab workpieces up to 2-3/4 in. thick!

We tried the smaller one at the show, and it applied the exact same amount of pressure on a piece of paper as it did on a 1-1/2-in.-thick block! Say goodbye to fussing with your jigs, screwing down different-sized riser blocks under the clamps for different workpieces, and fussing with the bolt above the clamp pad.

The Besseys also have bigger, more confortable handles than the De-Sta-Cos, and a built-in screw that adjusts clamping force. And they offer an inline version of the same clamp.

These clamps aren't cheap, at about $20 a pop, but I will buy just one pair of each and screw them on and off my jigs as needed. By the way, I love toggle clamps in general, and use them very often. They lock pieces down safely onto jigs, and at the same time act as handles for moving the whole jig past the bit or blade.

Just when you thought a toggle clamp was a toggle clamp! The Bessey Self-Adjusting Toggle Clamps are available now, and the Bessey reps say they can’t keep them on the shelves. For more information, go to For a cool video on how they work, go to

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