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AWFS Tool News: General International Rolls Out Beefy Bandsaw and Affordable CNC

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Tom Tom McKenna, Managing Editor
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General Internationals beefy new bandsaw seems promising.
Blade guide adjustment can be dialed in without the aid of an allen wrench, simply turn the micro-adjust knob.
Push straight through the end of your cut with this innovative push stick.
The push stick device moves far enough past the blade to ensure an easy finish to cuts.
General Internationals smallest CNC machine is so simple, an elementary school child could use it.
General Internationals beefy new bandsaw seems promising. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

General International's beefy new bandsaw seems promising.

General International has introduced a few new tools at AWFS this year. The two that caught our eyes are the new 18-in. bandsaw (model 90-290M1) and an innovative, affordable CNC carving machine (model 40-913).


Bandsaw is a 600 lb. Beast

The 18-in. saw looks to be a woodworker’s dream machine. It has more than 12 in. of resaw capacity, with a 3-hp motor that should power through the hardest woods a home shop could hope to see.



Hopefully, more and more manufacturers will do away with adjustments requiring allen wrenches. click to enlarge 


It also features massive cast-iron wheels and a 24 in. by 20 in. cast iron table, and a tall fence ideal for resawing big boards. The upper guide post felt super strong, which should make for accurate resaw cuts. The guide system is a combination of blocks and bearings, with 10 points of contact that help keep cuts accurate.

The saw also comes with an innovative safety push stick device, that engages a workpiece at the end of the cut. No more push stick to reach for, and no worries about the blade popping through the end of the cut and into your hand or fingers. The saw will is available now, with a street price of $2,999.


CNC Easy Enough for Elementary Kids

According to General International reps, I-Carver CNC machine is being purchased by a good number of elementary and middle school woodshops. It basically is a CNC carving machine in a small footprint (13 in. by 18 in.), and looks to be very easy to use.


It combines your computer with your shop, with software that can take any electronic image and reproduce it in wood. You copy an image into the software, set the size parameters and the carving coordinates, then transfer that to a flash drive that gets plugged into the carver. All you have to do then is align the bit with the center of the workpiece, and you’re good to go. It cuts up to 1/8 in. deep, with claimed accuracy of .001 in.

This could be a great tool for people who want to incorporate carvings into door panels or even table aprons.
The carver will be available early November and will sell for around $2,000.
Visit for more info about both tools.

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