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AWFS Tool Update: Rikon Pours its Best Bandsaw Features into a Super Saw

comments (9) July 19th, 2011 in blogs

AsaC AsaC, Contributor
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Rikon has taken the most popular elements of previous bandsaws and incorporated them into one super-saw.
User can kick it up a notch with an Arkansas-made, 3HP Baldor motor if theyre willing to pony up an additional $300.
A super-simple blade-scrubbing flapper helps direct dust into the port.
Rikon has taken the most popular elements of previous bandsaws and incorporated them into one super-saw. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Rikon has taken the most popular elements of previous bandsaws and incorporated them into one super-saw.

With its new 14-in. #10-350 bandsaw, which packs an astounding 14 in. of resaw capacity into its European-style frame, Rikon is attempting to make the best small-shop saw on the market.

We found Rikon's Rod Burrows amid the pre-show construction and chaos and he gave us the low-down on Rikon's biggest AWFS debut. Burrows said the company used parts and features from 4 different Rikon bandsaw's to create the best 14-in. saw on the market, and admitted that the 10-350, which will be on sale in 4 months or less, is at least partly Rikon's reaction to a recent bandsaw review in Fine Woodworking magazine, where he felt the Rikon product was outgunned by 14-in. saws with more power.

The 10-350 super saw (I believe that's what they will be calling it) offers two motor options, a 2.5-hp Rikon motor made overseas for $1,499, and an Arkansas-made, 3-hp Baldor motor that adds $300 to the price. We'll test the machine in the FWW shop, but I can't see how the 2.5-hp motor won't be enough for the tallest resaw cuts, given a sharp blade. Burrow's said he wasn't able to bog down the slightly smaller motor in his tests.


A simple-to-use micro-adjust takes care of guide adjustment. click to enlarge 


But the saw's wow factor doesn't stop at the motor. Unlike its past 14-in saws that we tested, the blade guides have a very user-friendly tool-less micro-adjust, meaning you don't have to scramble for an Allen wrench to dial in the guides for a new blade.  Other key features were borrowed from Rikon's bigger, beefier bandsaws, like heavy-duty trunnions, a stiff upper guide post, a lower-vibration belt, and a much bigger table than other 14-in. saws have.

I also loved the blade-scrubbing rubber flap, which will direct dust to the upper dust port, and a set of LED lights that illuminate the work area.

Only FWW's torture tests will tell, but I really can't see any flaws on this saw. Looks like a great buy at $1,500, for woodworkers tired of struggling with their undersized, unfriendly bandsaws.

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Comments (9)

jmlras jmlras writes: I purchased the 14" #10-325 for under $1000 with 11/2 HP.motor
I asked the dealer if they would exchange the 11/2 HP motor for the 21/2HP which fits on this bandsaw and I would pay the difference but they said they would not, meaning if I wanted more HP on the bandsaw I would end up with two motors.
They agreed this was correct. Poor salesmanship.
Posted: 3:32 pm on February 19th

AsaC AsaC writes: I definitely took the 14-in. Laguna into account when blogging about this new Rikon. We recently reviewed that Laguna and the larger Grizzlies, so I'm looking forward to trying this new Rikon out and comparing it to the others. Stay tuned.
Posted: 10:29 am on July 25th

Mermoz Mermoz writes: It's good to remember, from time to time, that the most important investment a woodworker can make is in the best lumber that s/he can find.
Posted: 6:55 am on July 25th

RAReeder RAReeder writes: The cost of this will run nearly $2,000 (1500+300+8.25% sales tax). Someone tell me how this is a good deal. Admittedly, there are some valuable features on this tool, but there would be a two year cost recovery on this, at least for me. Additionally, let's not forget this is only a 14 inch saw. I don't see how this can be considered to be a "great buy".
Posted: 11:06 am on July 24th

Tom93311 Tom93311 writes: Well, I see a major flaw, the saw is now just as expensive as a Laguna - how is that a "great buy?" I think the better buy is a Grizzly 17 inch at under $1000.00 if you want to talk about most bang for your resaw powering buck.

Attaching sales-gimmicky statements like "great buy" to a new 14 inch saw model that will be more expensive than all the other saws puzzles me. I would expect such expressed enthusiasm only after the tests were complete so as to give a sense of credibility to the judging.
Posted: 12:54 am on July 22nd

Taigert Taigert writes: I spoke with Rod Burrows at length about a year ago when he helped me fix a problem on my 14" Deluxe. It was late on a Friday afternoon and Tech support had already left for the weekend and he was still in the office, so he took the call. I was very suprised by who was helping me, but Rod made sure that I was happy with the support I recieved. He even made a follow up call to me to confirm that all was well. I am impressed that Rikon has actually listened to us the customer. I'm quite sure I am not the only voice he heard. But a lot of whaat we talked about is on this new saw. Way to go Rikon!!!!
Posted: 5:44 pm on July 21st

judgewood judgewood writes: I have the MiniMax E16 and it appears that Rikon has "borrowed" heavily from its design (I don't mean that perjoritavely, just an observation).

My E16 has been an OUTSTANDING machine with great MM design and service.

Wish Rikon luck. Good to see they continue to attempt to improve. We all benefit from that competitive spirit!
Posted: 3:49 pm on July 21st

GrenadaBarefoot GrenadaBarefoot writes: I have the Laguna 14SUV and it is the best bandsaw I have ever used. Coupled with the driftmaster fence and the Resaw King blade I can cut veniers or resaw boardes all day without any trouble. The blade guides are flawless. The qaulity is superb and the folks at Laguna are great.I don't think Rikon comes close for the same money.
Posted: 7:38 pm on July 20th

mt4511 mt4511 writes: Interesting - the Laguna 14SUV bandsaw HAS a 3HP motor (Leeson) for a few dollars more. You don't have to pay a $300 premium for a bigger motor. In my opinion, the Laguna guides are superior.

Woodcraft also sells Laguna as well as Rikon - it will be very interesting to see how this will work out.

Posted: 9:01 am on July 20th

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