Above ground basement shop

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Shop Specs

  • Location: Spotslyvania, Virginia, USA
  • Size: 345sq. ft.
  • Type: Basement
  • Focus: Furniture
  • Heating/Cooling: Central AC and Heating

I'm trying to use just half the basement. The inside door is actually strips of plastic hanging from the top of the door frame. This keeps the dust out but makes it easy to move through the door when your hands are full.

The sliding door leads to a patio and my back yard. Give's me some natural light and a little scenery when working at my bench.

My work flow is from the inside door to the workbench. I store wood and projects drying just outside the this door.

Just outside the inner door I have a small drafting table; this is also where I keep my shop references.

The center and back of the room is for machining. The table saw being the center piece. I have a common dust collector under my general bench (this is also my table saw out feed bench) with hoses along the floor. However, the hoses do not cross where you normally walk. I'm able to do this because all the equipment it supports is central to the table saw. I do have a shop-vac under my general table that supports my miter saw, band saw and shop cleaning. Being under the table also keeps the vac noise down.

At the far end of the shop opposite the inner door is assemble and detail work. Here my workbench is next to a wall where my hand tools are stored and support tools and consumables for non machinery work.

To give me more counter workspace, I mounted a kitchen counter top along one wall. This is where the miter saw, bench drill press and bench mortiser sit. Under this counter I have storage for wood and some small power tools.

I joined to mechanic cabinets on wheels and mounted my dimensional planer on it. This gives me a movable platform for my planer and tons of storage drawers as well as a place next to the table saw and router extension to store blades and router accessories.

My band saw is on wheels so this enable me to roll it from the corner when I need it. This enables me to have a large clear area between the table at the end of the table saw and my workbench.

For safety I keep my shop chemicals in a dedicated cabinet outside the shop. The only chemicals in the shop are what I am currently using. However I keep my adhesives and glues in the shop all the time.

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