Tilt router # 2

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Underside. the brownish post is the height adjustment VIA hex key through the top.
Top view. The lifting adjustment is by a hex key through a hole on the top.

This is the second router insert I made. I made this one to fit into my regular router table.

It has a lead screw and chain lift and it tilts.

This only took me a year on and off at lunch to make this. Hardest time was to find the small chain and sprockets to make the height adjustment.

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ShopBear ShopBear writes: Oakleafjoe.....beautiful mechanism! ! As a former steering column designer, I know a lot of time and thinking went into that mechanism...and it looks top notch to me...good job! Will it be going into production soon? ? ?
Posted: 4:51 pm on January 9th

pvanderlugt pvanderlugt writes: So Oaklear,

What's the possibility of you offering these to some other woodworkers?

It's beautiful.

Posted: 10:55 am on October 14th

RobisonPark RobisonPark writes: Good looking project; as for the difficulty in finding chain and sprockets, in the future try:Small Parts Inc, William M Berg, or many of the various suppliers to the FIRST Robotics organization.
Posted: 8:25 am on August 1st

Eaton474 Eaton474 writes: That is a super nice piece of equipment! I wish I could get my father to help me make some stuff like that (he's a machinist of 30+ years) but he really doesn't like machining anymore, and if it isn't for work, he doesn't want to do it. I can't say I blame him!

But that really is super nice. I like that way you have it set up to tilt as well as lift, it would be nice if some of the big name lifts did that as well.
Posted: 11:00 am on June 26th

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