Tilt router and mortiser

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Unit removed from table. side view.
Side view showing trunions.
Unit removed from table. side view. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Unit removed from table. side view.

This is a angle router I made about 15 years ago to make straight complex cabinet trim.I almost sold it on Ebay twice but decided to keep it the second time because I needed to do some mortising.

It started years ago when I was taking some scrap aluminum to the recycling yard and I spotted a couple of big aluminum ring flanges and I thought they reminded me of trunions. I got bought them and at the time I had access to a limited machine shop.

i normally have this mounted to a scrap sink cutout I pick up at the local building supply. I removed it from the countertop for the photos.

Well it took about 4 years of on and off playing with them on the mill and picking up some other scrap aluminum i came up with this.

I have since moved on to making another router fixture that does the same work except I can't tilt the new one 90 degrees for mortising like this one.

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pvanderlugt pvanderlugt writes: Oakleaf,

You have GOT to market these things!

Posted: 10:57 am on October 14th

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