Shop Tour: Furniture Maker Greg Paolini

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Take a video tour of furniture maker and Fine Woodworking contributor Greg Paolinis North Carolina workshop. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Take a video tour of furniture maker and Fine Woodworking contributor Greg Paolini's North Carolina workshop.

Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains, furniture maker Greg Paolini's 800 square-foot workshop is a model of efficiency. From simple lumber racks that sport effective, easy-to-read marking systems—to mobile bases on just about everything and two back-to-back tablesaws, Paolini's shop offers woodworkers plenty of great shop tips and tricks.

Step Inside Greg Paolini's Workshop

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Joan Tski Joan Tski writes: I am a novice femaler woodworker(5 yrs).
I was very fortunate to be able to take a woodworking class with Paul Anthony several years ago at a local Vo-tech school which got me totally hooked on the art of woodworking.
My husband saw a potential investment opportunity in my newly aquired skills and converted one bay of our garage, 800 sq. feet, into a dedicated workshop for me; He went all out and insulated, installed a great vacuum system, adequate lighting, a wood storage area, and with a woodstove and airconditioner I am set for any season. I hope sometime soon to post some pictures of my "shop". Hes a "keeper".
I have been buying tools and equipment at local yard sales and have found some great deals and have managed to acquire every imagineable piece of equipment a good workshop should have. Now instead of gettig jewelery as gifts I ask for tools!
I am currently in the process of making jigs and fixtures to assist my woodworking. I have recently retired from the real world and am looking forward to starting on projects for friends and family, and to hone my skills so I can eventually sell my work. I avidly devour all woodworking articles from my Fine Woodworking magazine and cant wait for the next months issue to arrive.
I am only sorry it has taken me so long to discover the joy of woodworking and cannot imagine where I would be if I had started earlier in life. Oh well!!
Posted: 2:00 pm on May 22nd

Posted: 11:26 am on May 21st

mccarthyjp mccarthyjp writes: Don't we get to play games commenting on regs picture again?
Posted: 10:51 am on May 21st

Stu in Tokyo Stu in Tokyo writes: Very nice set up, I love your spray room, that would be so very nice to have!
My Dungeon workshop is about 320 square feet and accessed through a hatch in the floor of my parking area, still, it is sure nice to have my own shop.
I really like your lumber rack, I need to modify mine, it holds too much lumber, in one large pile, so getting anything out of it is a real chore.
Thanks for the tour!
Posted: 8:23 am on May 21st

cblouin cblouin writes: I feel you pain, lpower, as I have most of these tools in half a single garage. There is some material around for small shop, such as this article ( ) and I remember my wife getting me a book from the library called I think woodshop lust which had a chapter on single garage shops.

My "problem" is going to get solved as I'm about to get a new house with 700 sq.ft. shop under the double garage. It's going to take a while before I manage the money to make this space look full...
Posted: 5:52 am on May 21st

lpower lpower writes: i' ve stopped drooling long enough to write this . unfortunately few of us have 800 sq. ft to spare . i work in the front of a two car garage in a space approx. 120 sq. ft. in which i have a saw table , drop saw , router table , drill stand and bench . i would love to see an article aimed at my situation .
Posted: 7:00 pm on May 20th

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