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The Editors Mailbox

FWW Introduces New iPad Woodworking Apps

comments (23) April 3rd, 2011 in blogs

Ed_Pirnik Ed Pirnik, Senior Web Producer
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Be sure to check out our latest woodworking app for the iPad on Bandsaw Basics.
Be sure to check out our latest woodworking app for the iPad on Router Basics.
Be sure to check out our latest woodworking app for the iPad on Tablesaw Basics.
Be sure to check out our latest woodworking app for the iPad on Bandsaw Basics. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Be sure to check out our latest woodworking app for the iPad on Bandsaw Basics.

Well, you've spoken and we've answered.

For several months now, folks have been sending us emails asking about the future availibility of woodworking apps for the iPad as well as video integration for Apple Computer's newest, coolest product. Fact is, we've been hard at work creating three new woodworking apps for Apple's iPad and they've just been released through the iTunes Store


Three Apps for Three Tools
While for some folks, the idea of bringing an iPad into the workshop might seem odd, it's actually a great way to have a wide variety of how-to and technique articles and videos right at your fingertips, right when you need them. Here's the scoop on our first three titles:

Router Basics from Fine Woodworking
Are you getting all you can from your router? With this power-packed app from Fine Woodworking, you can master all the fundamentals on setup, essential bits, and using both handheld and table-mounted router models. Plus, you'll discover a variety of techniques for using this versatile tool that may surprise you.

Tablesaw Basics from Fine Woodworking
If you use a tablesaw, this is your must-have app for ensuring tablesaw safety, accurate setup, and proper use. Learn exactly what you need to know about safety, correct alignment, and essential cutting techniques, all brought to life with videos, touch screens, and more, from the experts at Fine Woodworking.

Bandsaw Basics from Fine Woodworking
Want to get the most from your bandsaw? Then this is your essential app for learning all about bandsaw safety, correct setup, and proper cutting techniques through videos and interactive features from the experts at Fine Woodworking. Includes a handy safe-start checklist for quick and easy checking before starting work.

More Apps on the Horizon
The big news on these three new apps comes on the heels of our recent announcement concerning the retooling of Fine Woodworking videos for viewing on the iPad. You can be sure we'll be releasing new woodworking apps in the near future. And don't forget about these iPad goodies from other Taunton magazine titles:

Cooking for the Holidays
Packed with festive recipes and great ideas, the Fine Cooking: Cooking for the Holidays app is everything you need for a delicious holiday season.

Recipes from Harvest to Heat
Here's your free sneak peak into the cookbook hailed as "one of the most compelling cookbooks of the year." Join America's leading chefs and food artisans on the journey from farm to kitchen, where together they create delicious recipes.

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Comments (23)

rick1 rick1 writes: I'm sorry, I thought you said APPS. Most of us have these in book form or the Magazine Archive. I can use the Archive with my LAPTOP, but wanted something a little smaller that could run real APPS in the shop.
Posted: 10:13 pm on April 19th

planejoy planejoy writes: Please make your digital publications, apps, and videos accessible from the major common platforms: Android, Windows as well as iOS. I was really disappointed to discover I can't use your app to enjoy the advantages of the mobile format of your magazine and tool apps on my Android tablet.

I understand that accomodating more than one platform is challenging, but by choosing only one, you're excluding the rest of your subscribers and risk alienating them. Many of us for one reason or another have limited choice in the digital devices we can purchase.
Posted: 11:14 pm on February 9th

Ron_Craftman Ron_Craftman writes: Router basics looks nice.
F.Y.I. Not sure if any of you gentlemen have seen this yet but at the shop here we just grabbed another iPad app for woodworking that is really a knock out. Like the kitchen sink of woodworking do-dads, calculators and whatnot. Called WoodMasterHD. Been tinkering around with it and it's got some really handy tools there.

I'm with Dave regarding the Windows 7 phone platform. Will you all be doing versions for that as well?

Posted: 6:40 pm on August 17th

cholme cholme writes: I got the DVD with all the issues through 2010 and love having it as a resource. I would really LOVE to have the option to subscribe to the magazine via the iPad. Especially considering Apple announced the iNewsstand (I think that was the name), that seems like a perfect delivery system for FWW.
Posted: 3:13 pm on August 9th

cechief26 cechief26 writes: Do you have any plans for developing any APPS for Scroll saw??
Posted: 10:48 am on April 22nd

davecook davecook writes: This is the first that I have seen regarding i-pad apps in woodworking. Will these also work on the iphone and itough platforms?

I have a Windows 7 phone. Will you also consicer aming apps for the Windows 7 platform?

Posted: 3:57 pm on April 15th

BFarrar BFarrar writes: It's nice to see more woodworking related content in the App Store. It would be nice to see some of your books in the iBooks Store. Even though these particular apps may not be for the journeyman wood worker there are alot of people out there just getting familiar with the tools and techniques that may love these apps. Apps dont have to be limited to serving a function, there are plenty out there that just distribute content. I havent bought any of the FWW apps, but $6 seems a little steep. Time will tell.
Posted: 1:52 pm on April 15th

rnadeau77 rnadeau77 writes: The concept is good but I have Google Books, Kindle Reader and Nook Reader on my Android so I don't think getting an iPad for this is necessary. Make it available through on of the readers on an Android device. I have had a notebook in my shop for years and can read books on the Google Books app for Chrome. Hope you will explore other options.
Posted: 11:56 am on April 13th

docholladay0820 docholladay0820 writes: To add to my previous comment, based on comments from a programmer friend of mine, it is cheaper and easier to develop apps for Android than for Apple. Just a thought. Recent figures show Android OS having approximately 47% of the wireless handset market. Apple only 24% and the gap is widening.
Posted: 4:46 pm on April 5th

docholladay0820 docholladay0820 writes: Any chance of you guys offering these things available for Android devices. There is a lot more Android devices out there than Apple. I know, I work in the industry.
Posted: 4:44 pm on April 5th

samblundell samblundell writes: Are you going to make the entire collection of Fine Woodworking available this year for the iPad. I own the collection on disk and it would be great to have it in my shop on the iPad.
Posted: 11:44 am on April 5th

Ed_Pirnik Ed_Pirnik writes: There's a lot of good food for thought here, folks. Thanks for the comments!

Posted: 9:18 am on April 5th

PORC PORC writes: WOW, talk about agitating the hornets nest.

Well done Tauton for staying on top of the publishing shift. I also agree that this is more an ebook than app. A bit misleading for sure. Reusing the same material over and over again is not uncommon with your company, and it's for that reason I have not subscribed in several years. However, I fully admit that an actual app that allows the user to browse old magazine articles would be invaluable. I would buy that up in a second. Cheers!
Posted: 8:10 am on April 5th

Texfire Texfire writes: I applaud the concept and the need to stay relevant in a dead tree publishing industry. Perhaps video content is good added content, but I admit to apprehension at the though of exposing my iPad to airborne dust particles. However for someone who doesn't have this material already, it might be worth getting instead of a paper copy at the $6 price point.

I would encourage more innovation than just re-wrapping previously published content in an electronic wrapper, interactive content is where tablet comping shines.
Posted: 7:44 am on April 5th

jay_kreger jay_kreger writes: Why not offer the entire mag in digital format? Either be in the digital market or not. Please stop with the half-hearted efforts.
Posted: 7:18 am on April 5th

Dennis in Mtl Dennis in Mtl writes: First off, FWW is in the publishing business. It is not hard to understand that the more they can re-purpose the same article across many medias, the better their reach and return on investment. I'm not sure I would call the series 'applications'. They are more like e-books. Of course you should never buy something if you feel it does not suit your needs. But there are surely people out there where these products fill such a need. If you want a free cut list program that plugs-in to google sketchup, it's out there and I use it in all my projects.
Posted: 6:39 am on April 5th

BoredInOttawa BoredInOttawa writes: Another one with the "Yawn"

There is already far too my "newbie" and "Basics"
type content out there, and with Taunton "reusing"
their content relentlessly, I too will be giving
these apps a pass. (The same article initially appearing
in FWW or FHB, followed by one or two special issues,
then showing up again in a couple of different books?
and now in an iPad app? )

For the folks looking for a sheet layout program,
look for 'Ambisaw' in the app store. Expensive, but works,
and at $20 is far less than something like 'CutList'
Posted: 6:20 am on April 5th

mwgroth mwgroth writes: What about making these same offers available for Android?
Posted: 6:12 am on April 5th

rsetina rsetina writes: When I first read that FWW had some apps for the iPad I thought they'd be something new and useful. I too already have enough of the basics on how to use my tools. How about something like a sheet layout program so I can take it to my local wood supplier or an email of a materials list. Not stuff I already have. FWW can do better than books.
Posted: 2:37 am on April 5th

rsetina rsetina writes: When I first read that FWW had some apps for the iPad I thought they'd be something new and useful. I too already have enough of the basics on how to use my tools. How about something like a sheet layout program so I can take it to my local wood supplier or an email of a materials list. Not stuff I already have. FWW can do better than books.
Posted: 2:37 am on April 5th

tropicalww tropicalww writes: Am I reading this right? FWW is asking for $6.00 for a book that is being sold through the app store? I don't have a problem paying for a book through amazon or ibooks, but a book isn't an app. A subscription to FWW with the ability to make in app purchases would be cool, but buying a book doesn't seem all that special. Of course, I could totally be misunderstanding what this "app" is supposed to do
Posted: 2:42 pm on April 4th

pureamerican pureamerican writes: I agree with James. Why not put some functional apps up? Reprints for a cost is no deal in my book.
Posted: 1:55 pm on April 4th

Jamesryan Jamesryan writes: Seriously $6 for what I currently subscribe for, I love the idea you are trying to break into a market but please don't serve me with the same content I already pay for, why not give a huge discount for members or better still make it free. Honestly I mean not harm but I need to be honest - I feel a little ripped off.

Posted: 9:43 pm on April 3rd

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