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Jet's New Spin on Dust Collection: The Vortex Cone

comments (4) March 24th, 2011 in blogs

Tom Tom McKenna, Managing Editor
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The Vortex Cone technology will be available on both 1 1/2-hp and 2-hp dust collectors (prices range from about $530 to $742).
Heres how it works and the benefits.
Less clogging will mean your system will be more efficient.
The Vortex Cone technology will be available on both 1 1/2-hp and 2-hp dust collectors (prices range from about $530 to $742). - CLICK TO ENLARGE

The Vortex Cone technology will be available on both 1 1/2-hp and 2-hp dust collectors (prices range from about $530 to $742).

Photo: Courtesy Jet

Jet Tools has put a new spin on single-stage portable dust collectors, with what they call the Vortex Cone Technology. It looks like a small addition that will do big things for your dust collector.

According to Jet, the spiral action of the Vortex Cone improves the dust and chip separation in the collector, causing more of the heavier chips and dust to fall into the collection bag rather than clog the filter bag or canister up top. That means you won’t have to clean the filter as often, and you won’t see a drop in the collector’s performance.

The Vortex Cone will be available on several Jet 1 1/2 hp and 2 hp dust collectors, starting April 4. We’ll be taking a look at the system in an upcoming issue. For more information, visit Jet’s web site.

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Comments (4)

docsimm docsimm writes: From another site saw someone had used a 14 inch wok, so I got one at, Walmart, placed similar to their version, couldn't be happier with it. No loss of suction, less cleaning.
Posted: 12:24 pm on January 21st

IMFNNUTS IMFNNUTS writes: im going to try to make the center vortec i will update when complete with pictures.
Posted: 10:43 pm on August 12th

mdciii mdciii writes: This is new? For several years, Lee Valley Tools has sold a well-designed plastic lid to be placed on some sort (virtually any sort) of barrel or trash can. The hose from the dust collector goes into the centre of the lid, the hose from the tool(s) goes into the outer edge of the lid, and away you go. I've used it with a 1/2 hp single stage collector for a couple of years. I have emptied the trash can of shavings, chips, heavy dust, etc. countless times; I have emptied the lower cloth bag on the collector 3 or 4 times. I wouldn't run a collection system without it. No doubt the new Jet unit is very compact and slick, but the Lee Valley rig costs around %50 and works like a charm. It is answer that RVHernandez seems to be looking for, as it works with any dust collector.
Posted: 12:32 pm on April 18th

RVHernandez RVHernandez writes: They should sell the center of that unit as an upgrade for the thousands of customers that have a compatible unit.
Posted: 1:38 pm on April 1st

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