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Reed's Woodshop

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MarkAReed MarkAReed, member
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Shop Specs

  • Location: Grayslake, Illinois, usa
  • Size: 920 sq. ft.
  • Type: Garage
  • Focus: Cabinetry
  • Heating/Cooling: 80K BTU house furnace, AC unit

Welcome to my little world. The shop is always open.

Thanks to all of you for giving me a reason to finally clean my shop and photograph it.

This shop has been a small work in progress for the last 20 yrs. I’ve produced well over 2 mil. in cabinetry and furniture so far, which isn’t much compared to some of you guys but this is my side company to a remodeling business.

I've wanted a CNC machine, a panel saw, a full size 3 sided shaper, a drum sander, a bigger drill press, a full size planer, a downdraft sanding center, a spray booth, shall I go on?
After all these years, turns out I didn’t need any of those tools. But I sure wanted them.

If I had gone full scale and opened up a commercial shop (I almost did) I would have lost everything and gone bankrupt by now. My full time remodeling business is what makes this part time shop possible.

Best part is, I can work on a project late and the “boss” doesn’t mind. I’m home.

If it gets too hot, I can jump in our back yard pool. How many commercial shops have a pool?

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Comments (5)

JimLankford JimLankford writes: what kind of clips or fastners do you use for this?
Posted: 8:15 pm on April 19th

ThreePuttJoe ThreePuttJoe writes: Hey Mark -
We are very close. I'm in Hunters Ridge. Love to stop by for a beer this spring or summer.
Posted: 7:51 pm on March 20th

MarkAReed MarkAReed writes: Hey Joe,
Basement shops are great in the winter time. Free heat!

I'm at the corner of valley view and willow point in Wildwood. Always glad to know a neighbor who likes woodworking too. If you want to stop by for a beer, give me a call. 847 204 9575.


The slat board brackets are just regular H.D. peg board double hooks. After everything is in place, I used bolt cutters to trim them back so they don't stick out.

Slat board is so much better looking than pegboard.

Posted: 7:30 am on March 19th

zephyrblevins zephyrblevins writes: Very impressive. I'm contemplating a reorg of my own. Thinking of a modular design approach. What did you use to hang the hand tools on those horizontal wood slats?
Posted: 12:46 pm on March 16th

ThreePuttJoe ThreePuttJoe writes: Hey Mark -

Great shop. I'm also in Grayslake (near 120 and 45). I have a basement (hobbyist) shop that is a work in progress.
Posted: 8:51 pm on March 13th

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