Bend a Solid Oak 2x6 on Edge? Yup!

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Vlad_S Wolodymyr Smishkewych, Guest Contributor
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Video Length: 1:20
Produced by: cpmroz

Since I am now the editor of the Q & A department at Fine Woodworking magazine, I got to thinking about how to spice up the column. One option is to include drama into the formula. Here's one I hope you'll enjoy.

Q: How do you bend a 6 in. thick piece of solid white oak into a radius of just 30 in. along its axis? I mean, without having it splinter into a million pieces.

A: Well, the answer is compressed wood. For those who know about how this works, it's old hat. But the suspense of hearing the rack pulling the wood into that tight shape had me on the edge of my seat, wondering if somebody was going to have an unexpected and violent surprise. These folks have more videos up on YouTube; in one of them, you can see thinner pieces of compressed wood being tied into knots. Literally!

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We've actually covered Chris Mroz's wood-bending techniques before, but this video was new to us. Read all about how he creates spaghetti out of hardwood!

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