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MDF Is ......

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danmosheim dan mosheim, contributor
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painted mdf rocker and table base
curly maple veneers on mdf
painted mdf and steel sculpture ...
again with the curly maple on mdf panels
laminated mdf door stiles
section of a commercialTruStile mdf door...not shown solid poplar inset on vertical stile edges
one of a pair of 79 x 25 x 1.375 doors
couches and chairs
finished chairs in my offie ... two are mdf, one is solid mahoagny ... surely you can see the difference?
natural mdf vew do board stands .. more than a hundred of them
an mdf mirror frame
white gold leafed mdf ... you gotta love the concept
painted mdf rocker and table base - CLICK TO ENLARGE

painted mdf rocker and table base

Photo: all photos by dan mosheim

ok ... we've had a run of mdf projects that have come out of the blue here lateley ... when we first 'discovered' mdf a few years back we were, at first, resistant and felt it had no place in 'fine furniture' .. now, a couple years later, hmmm, not so sure ... it's got some serious pros, some serious cons, but at times, it seems as if it is actually the perfect product for certain applicationis .. I recently wrote a long blog post with pictures similar to these, but with more descriptions.  I also asked for comments here on the subject ... 'mdf ... what would the Shakers do?'... discuss please ....  i have to admit, it's a slippery slope, but sometimes i feel like i'm sliding ... comments?  thanks ...dan

Design or Plan used: My own design - dan mosheim

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Comments (5)

kokisaki kokisaki writes: I´ve never used MDF on any of my projects, but I´m about to put to test on an audio cabinet.
Posted: 5:13 pm on February 23rd

ClayDowling ClayDowling writes: It makes excellent table and counter tops if you seal it properly. It's not fine furniture for me, but something I can build and sell at a reasonable price.
Posted: 11:51 am on February 8th

MarkAReed MarkAReed writes: I remember when MDF came on the scene and Architects wanted to use it for everything including exterior grade trim. I've read that it's gotten better. But they seem to have gone back to hardwoods and primed finger jointed trim. Good.

I am an old dog and haven't used MDF or particle board on any of my projects. But I'Ve torn out and replaced plenty.
It soaks up moisture and expands, it's heavy, breaks easy, and doesn't hold a screw.

I've accidentally broken IKEA style furniture just trying to move it on my remodeling projects enough to swear never to use it.
But, my shop is small and I seldom glue veneers. I prefer to order high quality hardwood plywoods. One less step for me.
I'm sure there are projects where it's the best choice.
Great blog.
Posted: 11:04 am on January 23rd

mokusakusensei mokusakusensei writes: MDF is about the only thing that I will use to laminate on because of its stability and flatness. When the panels are sealed then I would suggest that it is a superior material to plys or solid. I like the look of your furniture. However, I do not think that as a structural component (such as a chair or furniture base),that MDF would be a viable product.
Posted: 9:22 am on January 23rd

zbop zbop writes: MDF - Pretty darn good for making jigs and patterns. I've never used it in furniture and probably never will. I'm more of a purest than that.
Posted: 3:06 pm on January 22nd

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