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Another Bench Vise Revolution from Hovarter

comments (2) January 11th, 2011 in blogs

woodheat Roland Johnson, contributor
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Hovarter offers an optional wheel kit for the bottom of the long leg vise.
Hovarter quick-action leg vise short-leg style.
Hovarter offers an optional wheel kit for the bottom of the long leg vise. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Hovarter offers an optional wheel kit for the bottom of the long leg vise.

Photo: Len Hovarter

Len Hovarter has added another vise to his heavy-duty quick-action vise line-up.  Using the technology and parts from his revolutionary face vise he's created a quick-action leg vise that doesn't require the traditional peg and tenon to locate the bottom end of the leg.  The twin shafts of the leg vise push in opposite directions, the upper shaft pulls in while the bottom shaft pushes out insuring parallel pressure as the vise is tightened.  Tapered or odd-shaped items can be clamped securely and the quick-action shafts save the time and frustration of a typical threaded-shaft vise.

Face Vise Revolution
Les Hovarter's first new invention was the threadless face vise. Be sure to read our previous post on this knee-slapping invention.

The shafts slide easily without the need for any lubrication so the vise won't leave residue on your work or become caked with dust. The clamp's tightening direction can be set up for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation at installation.

The leg vise is available from Hovarter's website,, and sells for $345.00.

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Comments (2)

old saw old saw writes: I'm not sure what is so revolutionairy about a twin screw leg vise - at least one American manufacturer was making them for blacksmiths more than a hundred years ago - not that many smiths could afford such a "new-fangled" improvement to their standard version vise at the time.
Posted: 4:42 am on March 17th

JBJBJB JBJBJB writes: This is really impressive - I was curious when he'd bring his innovative vise concept to a leg vise. I will definitely give this leg vise a look when I build my next workbench.
Posted: 6:41 pm on January 13th

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