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Left end view.
Right end view.
Left end view. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Left end view.

Shop Specs

  • Location: Ayer, Massachusetts, USA
  • Size: 384sq. ft.
  • Type: Basement
  • Focus: General
  • Heating/Cooling: Always cool, some hot air off heating duct.

This tool wall, with plane and saw tills, replaces pegboards and random drawers and cabinets scattered all over the shop. Now everything is visible right there next to me, no hunting around.

Details and more photos at

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Comments (10)

Greywolfnsl Greywolfnsl writes: Amazing!! I was just thinking of building the tool cabinets they have on the plans section, but I like how you display all your tools and its says "Hey im proud of these!" I may have to steal this idea from you! Thanks
Posted: 1:13 pm on August 26th

blackman blackman writes: very neat SD, but I live in Hobart Tasmania.
I have concerns for rust from high humidity levels.
Are you doing anything to overcome this??
Ron B
Posted: 6:35 pm on May 14th

sdbranam sdbranam writes: I've completed my shop reorg and posted a part 4 entry to the blog link above. It includes a brief shop tour video.
Posted: 8:04 pm on April 4th

Sailing_Bill Sailing_Bill writes: You are the man!!
Posted: 8:38 am on March 22nd

sdbranam sdbranam writes: Thanks, all! The layout was not too difficult. I did it mostly by tool group, laying them on my bench and trying a few different arrangements. The chisels I did in small batches of same-type sets. Once I came up with a hanger method I was happy with, I just repeated that, and attached them to the wall. The key was doing things in modules, rather than trying to do one master layout.

The saw till layout was based on some others I had seen, I just had to work out a way to have them sit securely in place. The 2x3 blocks make great spacers, so things are straight and not in each other's way.

I did have to rearrange a few things as I went. That's what makes the cheap pine wall so nice, a few extra screw or nail holes don't make a difference, unlike if I had done some fancy work with expensive wood. Once I have more experience, I may be able to plan it out more ahead, but this method allows some flexibility and experimentation.
Posted: 8:58 pm on March 20th

Rhysling Rhysling writes: I really like the saw till. I may steal that idea. Great job on the organization. How much did you have to go through to get just the right layout?
Posted: 12:11 am on March 19th

JIM_UTAH JIM_UTAH writes: Oooooh, can I come to your house to play?
I like it!
Posted: 2:51 pm on March 17th

ebergh ebergh writes: Really nice panel! After 25 years as an IA teacher, it looks just right to me, a place for every thing, and every thing in it's place! Nice and close to hand. Well done!
Posted: 9:38 pm on March 15th

Henning Henning writes: Excellent, oh I have to start my quest for more order in my shop!
Posted: 7:17 am on March 14th

MarkAReed MarkAReed writes: Hi Sdbranam,
Very nice collection of planes and tools! Those Lie Nielsen? back saws are one of my favorites.

I like the way you laid everything out. I can tell you put some time in to it. Good job.

In fact, it looks so nice, now you just have to add drywall behind it and paint the wall so it stands out even more.

10 users recommended you, but no comments. I don't get it.

Have you checked out Come on over, post this project there, sit back, and feel the love.

5 bucks bets you will get at least 10-14 comments.

We are very considerate of each other and like to comment. One big happy family. Great blogs too.

Still a fan of Fine woodworking. Maybe the editor should come over and get some love and bring it back here. Ha!

Posted: 10:09 am on March 13th

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