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Grizzly's Polar Line Freezes High Tool Prices--For Now

comments (3) December 2nd, 2010 in blogs

Tom Tom McKenna, Managing Editor
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A beefy bandsaw at a bargain price.
The Polar Bear hybrid tablesaw. We have it for testing.
Step up to an 8 inch jointer without breaking the bank.
A beefy bandsaw at a bargain price. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

A beefy bandsaw at a bargain price.

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Last summer Grizzly Tools introduced a new tool line, the Polar Bear Series. A few the tools may look familiar, as the company simply took some machines from their existing line-up and changed the paint from the familiar Grizzly green to arctic white and updated the model numbers.

But there are some tools of note, like the hybrid tablesaw (model G0715P). It's a new version of the older Grizzly hybrid but with some convenient features, like a quick-release blade guard. The guard has antikickback pawls, which I find annoying because they scar wood, but the pawls can be pushed away from the work. That point should be moot, however, with the addition of a true riving knife, a feature that virtually eliminates kickback. We have the saw in our shop, and we'll tell you how it all works soon.

The big news, though, are the low prices of these tools, making them a steal just in time for the holidays. A good number of heavy-duty tools can be had for under a grand. The hybrid tablesaw sells for $758. You can get a monster 17-in. bandsaw for $698. Ready to mill a boatload of lumber? You can buy an 8-in. jointer for $728, or you can upgrade to a model with a spiral cutterhead for $270 more.

According to Bill Crofutt, quality control manager at Grizzly, new tools will be added to the line. He also says most of the "introductory" prices will remain in effect through 2011. Good news for the cash-strapped.

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Comments (3)

mpsterner mpsterner writes: Dear Fine Woodworking,
Have you had an opportunity to review these machines yet? I am looking to outfit my new shop, and am interested in these but would really like to hear about their performance from the source.
Posted: 9:29 am on February 8th

az9 az9 writes: I'm sorry but he must be on drugs or Grizzy is paying him to say that. I purchase two bandsaws from Grizy, and they only gave me problems one 14" and a 16" could not resaw or the blade would not stay on track. Their equipment is crap and I will never again perchase anything from them again. Very angry for all the time spent and going through all the problems with them. I now have a powermatic and with no problems. Sorry but there it is.
Posted: 9:34 pm on December 8th

canoebuilder2010 canoebuilder2010 writes: I bought the 8" jointer. What a pleasure to work with. I built an end table and entertainment center with it. Everything side matted up perfectly.

Purchase was well within my budget!!! The 15" planer is on my list for 2011. A 15" bandsaw for 2012.

I hadn't heard of Grizzly prior to my jointer purchase. When I compare them side-by-side with Delta, Powermatic, Jet, etc., I can not see much of a difference, except price.

What a huge selection they have. I wish they had one of those show rooms in Dallas!!

I happy thus far!


Posted: 7:34 am on December 8th

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