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The Editors Mailbox

UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Esherick, Maloof, Nakashima: Homes of the Master Wood Artisans by Tina Skinner

comments (102) November 7th, 2010 in blogs

BetsyE Betsy Engel, contributor
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 - CLICK TO ENLARGE Photo: Courtesy of Schiffer Publishing

Esherick, Maloof, and Nakashima: Homes of the Master Wood Artisans by Tina Skinner
Schiffer Publishing, 2009.
$49.99; 160 pp.

If you can’t visit the homes of Wharton Esherick, George Nakashima, or Sam Maloof, this book, Esherick, Maloof, and Nakashima: Homes of the Master Wood Artisans by Tina Skinner, might be the next best thing. The book is chock full of large, color photos (by Steven Paul Whitsitt) showing details of the houses that might otherwise go unnoticed. For example, there is a close-up photo of the hand crafted windowsill over the kitchen sick at the Esherick home; hinges and latches crafted from wood at the Maloof home; and close-ups of door and drawer pulls from the Nakashima home. This is a pretty book and is filled with inspiration for today’s woodworkers. The book also includes some biographical info about each woodworker.

Lucky frank T is the winner. His comment was chosen at random.

Another giveaway will be posted this Sunday (November 21, 2010). Be sure to check it out.

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Comments (102)

FrankinAz FrankinAz writes: This is one thats going on my Christmas list.
Posted: 9:52 am on November 22nd

FAmigo FAmigo writes: We have visited the Esherick house and seen pictures of both Nakashima's and Maloof's houses. They are very impressive. As long-time woodworkers we feel that books that show great woodworking can only help create collectors and woodworkers who will strive towards greatness. I would love this book for my collection.
Posted: 10:29 pm on November 14th

dave100 dave100 writes: This would be a great addition to my library
Posted: 12:04 pm on November 14th

jvelez jvelez writes: Living next to the great country in USA, is not easy for me to have access to the super world of woodworking because here in Mexico this activity is not as well distributed as in USA, however having electronic access to the great material available on the FWW WEB page, this gave me the opportunity to learn in to great techniques of woodworking which is my passion! I love to just grab my tools and make something out of a rough lumber.

I had travel few times to USA just to get more tools and information, but this is really expensive for me, costing the trip, but I see the recompense when I look at the great tools I own and think, this are not available in Mexico, it’s a shame not having easy access to all this information relatively easier, since other than this great WEB page of Fine woodworking, I wouldn’t have such a great teaching

Thank you for the opportunity to own such a wonderful, inspiring, and gold mine of information. Please put my name in the hat to win this book. I would really like to win!

Jorge Vélez
Mobile +521 333 200 1480
From Guadalaraja, Jalisco, Mexico
Posted: 8:50 am on November 13th

easynow3 easynow3 writes: Very interesting book. It looks like a treasure trove of ideas to help advance woodworking skills to a higher level. It also gives insights into these great masters in getting to know them as people a little bit.
The opportunity to win this book is appreciated.
Posted: 8:14 pm on November 12th

wwdentist wwdentist writes: Me, me, pick me. It looks wonderful and fully of inspiration
Posted: 3:00 pm on November 11th

Derryhick Derryhick writes: Looks like just what I need - hope I'm one of the lucky ones!!!
Posted: 11:03 am on November 11th

donyurges donyurges writes: Thank you for the oportunity to own such a beautiful, inspiring, and gold mine of information. Please put my name in the hat to win this book.
Posted: 10:44 pm on November 10th

DPDavis DPDavis writes: Yes, I would like an opportunity to win a copy of the book.
Thank you.
Posted: 10:17 pm on November 10th

Chans Chans writes: FineWoodworking is an amazing tool to use when learning new things and especially when the economy is down you can fine tune you skills when the market comes back.
Posted: 11:22 am on November 10th

sruss sruss writes: I've been doing a lot of research on Maloof recently. The more I look at photos of his chairs the more I appreciate the work. The continuity and flow of the chairs boggles my mind. There certainly is a "soul" in these chairs. They are amazing. I would love to read this book and learn more about his house.
Posted: 11:09 am on November 10th

buddyjudyshouse buddyjudyshouse writes: Buddy Stewart
I have a 30x30 two storey shop, the top floor is used mostly for wood storeage.Everyone calls it Buddy's man cave.I truly need some orginizing help thanks for the oppertunity.
Posted: 10:09 am on November 10th

forestt forestt writes: Great woodworkers, looks like a great book.
Posted: 8:40 am on November 10th

splurgewood splurgewood writes: I'm in too and would love to get this book.

Thanks Fine Woodworking!
Posted: 7:49 am on November 10th

Kevin888 Kevin888 writes: count me in...want that book!
Posted: 2:56 am on November 10th

Kevin888 Kevin888 writes: Put my name in...want to have that book!
Posted: 2:54 am on November 10th

oledolle oledolle writes: I was lucky enough to meet both Nakashima and Maloof years ago in their studios, when I was new to custom woodworking. Those meetings helped to inspire my own creativity and determination. Now, as I move my shop to a 130 year old church in the Adirondack Park, (hopefully my last move!), I would love to get my hands on the book to rekindle my memories of those visits. Peter Dolle
Posted: 1:17 am on November 10th

howard7 howard7 writes: I would love get a copy of this book.I look at the wood working ideas that these true woodworking Masters show in there works.When I see there ideas my head fills up with new ideas inspired by what I have seen through there masterfull workings.
Posted: 11:25 pm on November 9th

JTonks JTonks writes: I have seen the Maloof documentary on TV here in Auatralia, it would be great to have a chance adding this book to my collection
Posted: 10:44 pm on November 9th

Victor Victor writes: Nice proposal. Will be a nice Christmas gift for my son anyway.



Posted: 6:53 pm on November 9th

franco88 franco88 writes: I haven't won anything tangible lately! The book would be a nice start....
I have visited the homes of Frank Lloyd Wright but the work there was carried out by students and faculty so the workmanship is lacking. Visual learning is the most permanent kind. Seeing is believing...or something like it.
Posted: 3:48 pm on November 9th

kite kite writes: I've been to Eshericks studio/home many times and would love to see comparable pictures of the homes of other crafters I greatly admired.
Posted: 3:05 pm on November 9th

QA QA writes: I'm from Finland and not familiar with these artisans. The precentation of the book aroused my interest. I would love to read it.
Posted: 2:47 pm on November 9th

Holry7778 Holry7778 writes: Should be a good read
Posted: 2:27 pm on November 9th

maple&wallnut man maple&wallnut man writes: Nakashima, Maloof, Esherick, Tage Frid and Krenov are trend setter cabinet/woodworkers (Goods of woodworking) so places where they worked and created their fantastic pieces are in my opinion places of retreat and inspiration for the future generations of woodworkers.
Having this book is a must for the one who seeks and gets inspiration and follows also the philosophy embedded in the masterpieces created by the above mentioned master wood artisans.
Thank you
Posted: 1:48 pm on November 9th

AirTiger AirTiger writes: I'm sure looking forward to reading about all my heroes in one book.
Posted: 1:27 pm on November 9th

gorguts gorguts writes: These woodworker are the inspiration why I go to work in the morning!!!!!!!!
Posted: 12:58 pm on November 9th

kevmc_Samm kevmc_Samm writes: Would love a copy of this book!
Posted: 11:58 am on November 9th

rollo1 rollo1 writes: I've been to Maloof's house. Would love to get this killer book.
Posted: 11:50 am on November 9th

olwynn olwynn writes: love Maloof's rockers, rounded case frames and set back drawer fronts. I'm looking forward to seeing whether he treated his home differently than his commercial work.
Posted: 11:22 am on November 9th

twigpe twigpe writes: I learned "woodworking" from neighbors and friends, beginning when I was very young. I fell in love with the craft after reading "The Soul of a Tree", by G.N., seeing a loveseat in a friends house and meeting him at Morikami Park, in Palm Beach County FL. I continue to learn & produce!
Posted: 11:21 am on November 9th

Fiveoaks Fiveoaks writes: Hey, just the book for the new table I'm building.
Posted: 11:18 am on November 9th

12pinebeetles 12pinebeetles writes: A book of awe and inspiration---who wouldn't want a copy!!!

p.s. check your spelling--typo in sentence "windowsill over kitchen SINK--currently it says sick!
Posted: 11:07 am on November 9th

michaelmouse michaelmouse writes: I wood leave a barked comment
except knot for the limb
I feel I'm out on
when viewing these masterpieces
I leaf you now deciduously
as I do every fall
like the nuts that succumb
to the pull of the mother
Posted: 10:57 am on November 9th

yohann yohann writes: would love to have that book.
Posted: 10:16 am on November 9th

Water_Doc Water_Doc writes: Looks great. Thanks
Posted: 10:04 am on November 9th

cer cer writes: Hope I win!
Posted: 9:58 am on November 9th

MattOwen MattOwen writes: I'm in! Looks like a great book!
Posted: 9:34 am on November 9th

GraceAndGrain GraceAndGrain writes: Looks like an awesome book -
Posted: 9:04 am on November 9th

jspickens jspickens writes: Count me in!
Posted: 8:55 am on November 9th

akertesz akertesz writes: Sure would be nice to have a copoy of this fine book!!
Posted: 8:50 am on November 9th

akertesz akertesz writes: Sure would be nice to have a copy of this fine book
Posted: 8:48 am on November 9th

supercoop supercoop writes: This is a book that I have been asking for. I saw it in a book store in Berkley, Ca. when I was on vacation.
Posted: 8:44 am on November 9th

jackhale jackhale writes: would love a copy for my ever growing collection...
Posted: 8:42 am on November 9th

jackhale jackhale writes: Would love a copy to add to my ever growing collection...
Posted: 8:41 am on November 9th

sailed sailed writes: Please include me in the draw for this magnificent book on the homes of three master wood artisans. This would certainly be an inspirational look into their respective craftsmanship and offer a multitude of ideas for my home. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 8:38 am on November 9th

McDonald McDonald writes: Certainly these are three of the master craftsman that deserve to have their homes featured in a book. This book would make a great Christmas present.

Posted: 8:13 am on November 9th

novowood novowood writes: So many of us use our homes to help us build, hone, and display our skills. I suspect that these masters were no different, and I look forward to gaining inspiration for my future efforts. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 7:38 am on November 9th

OldShavings OldShavings writes: Looking forward to reading that book. (Doubly so if you give me a free copy.) I've never seen the inside of their homes, but have had the good fortune of being able to see the inside of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen several times. Creating a unique place to live, that they seem to share.
Posted: 7:09 am on November 9th

erickimes erickimes writes: I purchased the fine woodworking DVD, which profiles Sam Maloof. It went over his design process, philosophy, and gave a little of his history. The thing that impressed me the most about the video was Mr. Maloof himself. His demeanor was so calm and focused. He seemed like the kind of person that you just wanted to be around. His work makes me feel the same way - you just want to be around his pieces. There were a few takes in the video that show case his home, from inspired door locks to the famous spiral stair case. It made me want to watch a whole movie just on the home, now we have the book to page through. I am sure the other masters showcased in the new book will be just as impressive. Bravo - let's all get a copy, sit down with a cup of coffee and get inspired.
Posted: 6:36 am on November 9th

kim761 kim761 writes: I would really love a copy of this book of the Rock Stars of Wood. Or maybe that should be "Wood Stars that Rock!"
Posted: 6:31 am on November 9th

BenHar BenHar writes: I would love to have this book in my library. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 6:26 am on November 9th

ChrisGroves ChrisGroves writes: Count me in.

Thanks- Chris
Posted: 5:58 am on November 9th

danmines danmines writes: I'm always looking for sources of inspiration. Pls enter me in the draw.
Posted: 5:06 am on November 9th

youssefbayoumi youssefbayoumi writes: Hi, I like to read woodworker books, but 50$ is to much!
Posted: 3:40 am on November 9th

Claesd Claesd writes: All I can say is ; who are these guys?
You need to enlighten me with this book.
Posted: 2:45 am on November 9th

John_Cuzzocreo John_Cuzzocreo writes: To progress from a fine craftsman, to an artisan takes patience, study, and the practice of perfection in details. If I were chosen to receive a copy of this book, I'd be searching through a magnifying glass to take it in.
Posted: 6:21 pm on November 8th

jim_darke jim_darke writes: Looks like an interesting book. I would enjoy havung a copy.
Posted: 3:32 pm on November 8th

hodgie73 hodgie73 writes: Looks like a great book count me in.
Posted: 3:09 pm on November 8th

scubastine scubastine writes: I can't see how anybody's library wouldn't benefit from having this book in it. I know as a returning woodworker, that inspiration comes from a variety of sources, with books and photography leading the options.
Thank You,
Posted: 2:37 pm on November 8th

davecook davecook writes: What a truely awesome idea! I would love to gain insight into these masters by studying their own homes.
Posted: 1:56 pm on November 8th

hubiedoo517 hubiedoo517 writes: These type of books are invaluable for finding inspiration for projects. I am constantly looking to my arts and crafts books for inspiration when I am stuck. I think designing an original piece is the hardest part of woodworking and nothing helps more than studying the forms of masters. Thanks for the chance to win a copy....HK
Posted: 1:46 pm on November 8th

dboetb dboetb writes: I would love to review this book.
Posted: 12:47 pm on November 8th

BA3 BA3 writes: Always have wondered what life at home looks like for admired wood artisans.
Posted: 11:21 am on November 8th

Artex Artex writes: Write me down.
Posted: 11:19 am on November 8th

chucktown chucktown writes: This looks like a very cool book to thumb through, I'm in!
Posted: 10:34 am on November 8th

LBF LBF writes: Would love this book
Posted: 9:47 am on November 8th

John_Schaalje John_Schaalje writes: Looks like a good read and good inspiration.
Posted: 9:30 am on November 8th

MarkMazzo MarkMazzo writes: This one looks great. Would love to have it!
Posted: 8:54 am on November 8th

frank T frank T writes: Looks like a great book.
Posted: 7:30 am on November 8th

sammuel sammuel writes: Unbelievable. So much talent, vision and attention to details.
Posted: 5:52 am on November 8th

manu31 manu31 writes: It seems very interesting and beautiful
Posted: 5:14 am on November 8th

MP72 MP72 writes: That is an awesome idea for a book
Posted: 1:31 am on November 8th

Lori K Lori K writes: This book would be a great addition to my small woodworking library. It also sounds like it would really help me in the idea department since I seem to suffer from a serious lack of inspiration.
Posted: 1:09 am on November 8th

Circuit Rider Circuit Rider writes: This would be a great book to read.
Posted: 11:24 pm on November 7th

taodmj taodmj writes: I'm in. I have a picture Nakashima's living room as a desktop background.

Posted: 10:13 pm on November 7th

knottyburl knottyburl writes: Amazing stuff!!! Houses like this are what I dream about and aspire too!!!
Posted: 9:28 pm on November 7th

Jollyroger Jollyroger writes: You keep supplyin', I'll keep tryin'.
Posted: 9:18 pm on November 7th

Red_F Red_F writes: A book worth having if I've ever seen one.
Posted: 8:50 pm on November 7th

ISAF2007 ISAF2007 writes: The homes of these fine woodworkers might put fine homebuilding to shame.
Posted: 8:39 pm on November 7th

festag festag writes: Just made a Nakashima inspired hall table this past year. Would love to read more about his work. One of these days will need to make the short drive to visit the Nakashima workshop in Bucks County.
Posted: 6:41 pm on November 7th

Dean7 Dean7 writes: Would love to have this book. Thanks.
Posted: 6:19 pm on November 7th

HayesFurnitureDesign HayesFurnitureDesign writes: I'm in
Posted: 6:01 pm on November 7th

mcsquared mcsquared writes: This would be a good addition to my library.
Posted: 5:18 pm on November 7th

medicinedog medicinedog writes: You can have all the finest tools in the world yet without knowledge and inspiration what you build will still fall short of the mark. It would be wonderful to visit these mens homes and in lieu of that experience though a book. Please count me in.
Posted: 5:15 pm on November 7th

medicinedog medicinedog writes: You can have all the finest tools in the world yet without knowledge and inspiration what you build will still fall short of the mark. It would be wonderful to visit these mens homes and in lieu of that experiernce though a book. Please count me in.
Posted: 5:14 pm on November 7th

Richardsdesignco Richardsdesignco writes: It would be very interesting to see what these fine craftsmen did to their own homes. I am sure there are some excellent suggestions in this book.
Posted: 4:58 pm on November 7th

126 126 writes: would be very cool to see the homes of someone with real talent.
Posted: 4:38 pm on November 7th

casaheil casaheil writes: THis looks like a great book. I would love to read it and keep in my library for refrences.
--- Steve
Posted: 4:35 pm on November 7th

PurdueDan PurdueDan writes: Would love to read and own this book.
Posted: 3:50 pm on November 7th

skay1611 skay1611 writes: A book like this certainly would provide inspiration for letting the creativity flow into the wood, as well as see how the masters worked it into such utilitarian objects as are used in every day home life.
Posted: 2:57 pm on November 7th

benito benito writes: All over it.
Posted: 2:52 pm on November 7th

cahudson42 cahudson42 writes: Would be interesting to see their homes - differences, features, etc.
Posted: 2:44 pm on November 7th

Ckenney Ckenney writes: So valuable to see not just their architectual details, but the Art that they collected.
Posted: 2:00 pm on November 7th

accipiter accipiter writes: Sounds like a very inspiring book---each of the three clearly manifest their art in their surroundings as well as in their work. Thanks for offering the giveaway.
Posted: 1:51 pm on November 7th

davidwharbaugh davidwharbaugh writes: I would love to have the book, especially to see the handcrafted windowsill over the kitchen "sick".


Posted: 1:30 pm on November 7th

Larrythewoodguy Larrythewoodguy writes: Im in. thanks
Posted: 1:21 pm on November 7th

Timberwerks Timberwerks writes: This would be a fantastic addition to the library, count me in.
Posted: 1:12 pm on November 7th

Bruce825 Bruce825 writes: Looks like a great book.
Posted: 1:08 pm on November 7th

JLYoung JLYoung writes: Wow, I'm sure this book would be very inspirational. Please count me in for the draw.
Posted: 1:00 pm on November 7th

tom8021 tom8021 writes: Sounds like an interesting book
Posted: 1:00 pm on November 7th

Castlewerks Castlewerks writes: I would love to have a copy for my ever expanding library of woodworking and furniture/craft books.


Posted: 12:40 pm on November 7th

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