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Stanley/LN Totes for Veritas Bevel-Up Bench Planes

comments (3) November 4th, 2010 in Reader's Gallery

mikewischmann mikewischmann, member
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I really like the quality and cut of my Veritas Bevel-Up Bench planes except for the fact I can only use them for a short while before the rear tote gets annoyingly I made my own.
I have seen a few other people out there that have done something similiar so I figured I would show off my totes. They are a hybrid between the old Stanley totes and the current LN #5 tote.
Have to say this has revived my pleasure of planing with Veritas planes.

I have made several variations of these based on the my hand size and my sons's (slightly smaller). What I have discovered is it really makes a big difference in the fit and feel of the plane and why LN or Veritas or others don't offer different tote sizes to fit the users hands....

The one on this plane is made out of Hard Maple and the other is Paduk.  I have also made others out of Walnut and Cherry

Design or Plan used: My own design - Mike Wischmann (

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Comments (3)

mikewischmann mikewischmann writes: My son and wife both like the original design better (of the two bolt style, I assume it is due to their smaller size hands as that has been the trend from them and from customers with small hands. However that being said, they (and most) prefer the single bolt version over either two bolt designs. I do sell the totes both through Ebay and independently. I can sell you anyone you want and would gladly send you the others, feel free to pick the one you want and return the rest. Typically I sell these unfinished (sanded to 220 grit), but can finish them for additional cost. I charge $16.00 + shipping ($3.75) for a Bubinga wood tote

Email me at if you are interested and we can take it from their


Posted: 1:03 pm on June 26th

MKWerman MKWerman writes: Looks interesting. I am a female and I have small hands. I just bought a Veritas BU joiner which I really like, except it is painful to use after a while. I have begun trying to push more with a forward pressure instead of the usual downward pressure. It is better, but I still think the handle is too large for my hand. How does your son like the smaller tote? Are you selling these?
Posted: 6:16 pm on April 25th

4545 4545 writes: Exactly! This has been a sore point for me for ages. Do we all wear the same size shoe? I'm not competent to say whether different size totes should be offered, but I think you are 100% right about a custom fit. Good looking work too.
Posted: 7:02 pm on November 15th

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