Fast Fix: Keep Your Router Bits Sharp and Safe

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Ed_Pirnik Ed Pirnik, Senior Web Producer
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Learn how to build a simple storage device that will help keep your router bits safe-and-sound. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Learn how to build a simple storage device that will help keep your router bits safe-and-sound.

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Despite the image of being really finicky folks, not even woodworkers are immune to "junk drawer syndrome." If you use a router, or a router table to cut joinery and profile edges, it's easy to toss your bits into a drawer when the work day's done. Lets face it, sometimes we're lazy. The trouble is, router bits left to their own devices in a drawer full of bric-a-brac quickly lose their sharp cutting edges.

The solution? A simple T-shaped drawer built from a couple of scraps. Learn how to build one in the latest episode of's Fast Fix video series. And be sure to visit the home of Fast Fix for even more time-saving tips and techniques.

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