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How to Handle Small Parts Without Losing any Fingers

comments (0) July 29th, 2010 in blogs, videos

GEide GEide, Contributor
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Video Length: 6:48
Produced by: Gina Eide, Gary Junken

Sizing small parts can be very dangerous with power tools. Ripping or cutting up a box side on the tablesaw could get your fingers uncomfortably close to the blade. It's also hard to keep a firm hold on small workpieces.

That's why Matt Kenney likes to use a combination of jigs and hand tools. He's found that the safest, fastest, and most precise way to make and fit small parts is using a backsaw, hand plane, planing stop, saw hook, and shooting board.

Matt wrote about this technique in an article in the latest issue of Fine Woodworking. He also demonstrated his methods in a box-making video workshop that we published in March. Watch an excerpt from the series in the video above where Matt shows how to make and fit small trays for a box.

For more, you can watch the complete box-making series. It's free to everyone for this weekend only. After August 1, it becomes a member-only feature.

Now that you've seen and read about Matt's technique, what do you think? How do you like to handle small parts in the shop?

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