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Practice your dovetails while making dinner

comments (13) July 13th, 2010 in blogs, videos

MKenney Matthew Kenney, special projects editor
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Video Length: 3:15
Produced by: Georgia Dent

I subscribe to an eletter published by the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine. It keeps me up to date on what is happening at the school. In the most recent eletter, there was a short YouTube video made by a former student, Georgia Dent. It turns out that she does not have a shop of her own and so  had nowhere to practice the skills she recently learned. She didn't let that stop her. Dent is an avid cook and figured that she could practice her dovetails and mortise-and-tenon joinery in food rather than wood. If your dovetail cutting skills are well-seasoned, you'll notice that some of Dent's tails are cut backwards, but don't get hung up on that . The one's cut in sweet potato are great and the idea as a whole is fantastic. This is a fun video, so enjoy.

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Comments (13)

FarRed FarRed writes: What's the background music?
Posted: 2:39 pm on December 26th

HerbyH HerbyH writes: Georgia, I had thought of doing just this, but my Mon told me never to play with my food!

Herb H.
Posted: 5:58 pm on December 24th

HerbyH HerbyH writes:
Posted: 5:57 pm on December 24th

frankburns frankburns writes: Well Done Georgia - and just in time for holiday dinner prep!
Thanks, Frank
Posted: 8:45 am on December 24th

OldShavings OldShavings writes: Was waiting for you to pull out a brace and bit. Fun video.
Posted: 9:53 am on July 26th

WillGeorge WillGeorge writes: Everyone needs a bit of fun every day. You made my day.. I loved it!
Posted: 10:34 am on July 21st

glh17 glh17 writes: Practical!!!
Posted: 2:33 am on July 21st

lpower lpower writes: very funny but i worry that little w'work will be done and at the same time the family will starve (that's a joke , Joyce) if you are interested e-mail me and i'll explain what that last part means
Posted: 12:39 am on July 21st

SnoogthePoog SnoogthePoog writes: This is really cute and fun, but half the tails are cut the wrong way around, a melon and a piece of cheese jointed this way would not make it to my cocktail, no maam!

Pierre, Montreal
Posted: 5:02 pm on July 20th

ATorrez ATorrez writes: I love it! Great idea and it makes me hungry!
Posted: 1:07 pm on July 20th

jyang949 jyang949 writes: This is absolutely brilliant!
Posted: 7:52 am on July 20th

videoguy videoguy writes: Lots of fun and very clever. Should share it with Fine Cooking.

Posted: 3:42 pm on July 16th

Tom1942 Tom1942 writes: Very clever and most entertaining! Thanks much.
Posted: 9:52 pm on July 13th

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