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How to Get Published in Fine Woodworking

comments (4) June 7th, 2010 in blogs

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Learn how to submit your work to Fine Woodworking magazines Readers Gallery, Q&A section, and more! - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Learn how to submit your work to Fine Woodworking magazine's Readers Gallery, Q&A section, and more!

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We get that question a lot. Whether its via a phone call from a loyal subscriber, a comment left in a blog post at, or an email sent to an editor, there are lots of folks out there wondering how to get their work seen online or in print at Fine Woodworking magazine.

Article Submissions
Every week, our managing editor receives between ten and fifteen article submissions, each of which is thoroughly reviewed as a potential piece of content for Fine Woodworking magazine. While sometimes it's just a matter of making the right pitch at the right time, you can increase your chances of success by following a few simple guidelines.

Submitting an Article Proposal to Fine Woodworking:

  Summarize your topic in a few paragraphs that outline what you plan to cover
•  Include a paragraph on yourself and your woodworking background  
  Take care with your photos and visuals-they help us to understand your idea
  Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for us to return your material in

Once we've received your proposal, we'll send you a letter acknowledging its arrival. You'll hear from our editors again within a month or two, once we've come to a decision.

More on Article Submissions

Author Guidelines
Ten Tips for Getting Published
Behind the Scenes at Fine Woodworking

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Comments (4)

gateexpectations gateexpectations writes: Brilliant - I've just added a post and look forward to reading everyone's feedback :)
Posted: 5:12 am on December 9th

howdy25 howdy25 writes: and whenever i type in the main body it gets erased as soon as I attempt to publish it. Anyone else experience this?
Posted: 7:26 pm on February 22nd

howdy25 howdy25 writes: where is this summary info? I cant find it and therefore the site will not let me post my photos of projects. A little help would be appreciated, thanks
Posted: 7:10 pm on February 22nd

sundogenterprises sundogenterprises writes: post your project photos

Please enter Summary information.

Where is this (Summary information) located. I don’t see it anywhere on the form!

Posted: 7:37 pm on September 23rd

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