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Czappa Czappa, member
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Just thought I would make a pencil holder out of a paper coffee cup. The base is Ash and the cup and base are covered in polymer resin so it will last awhile. I let the resin drip down the side to make it have a more interesting wet look

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Comments (11)

Oakheart Oakheart writes: I have friends at the Museum of Modern Art - I also have friends at the State Mental Institution. Heads or Tails?
Posted: 4:28 am on May 8th

Floydflame Floydflame writes: Anybody know how to get rid of Prjctmangr comment? I can't seem to find an email address for this junk.


Posted: 4:52 pm on February 1st

WollemiPine WollemiPine writes: Timeless beauty! Is it a limited edition? $ ?
Posted: 10:57 pm on January 22nd

Prjctmangr Prjctmangr writes: ...Fuckin Mornons
Posted: 7:56 pm on December 27th

Czappa Czappa writes: TTo CW ownes, The cup is just glued to the base with the resone. Thanks Bill
Posted: 3:11 pm on December 14th

goodguy goodguy writes: Excellent use of curvilinear form and gravitational selectivity to hold your carbon-centered sharp-pointy sticks! The engineered-wood shaped in a section of a cone shows dynamic geometry, especially with such thin material. I particularly like the artistic finish with its waterfall nature. That is the kind of advanced zen-like craftsmanship to which I aspire.
Posted: 8:04 am on November 8th

CWOWENS CWOWENS writes: Is the cup glued or screwed to the base?
Posted: 5:48 am on October 22nd

CooperDBM CooperDBM writes: I tried a very similar project once, though being Canadian it was a Tim's cup. Instead of the extravagance of a wooden base I just kept it half full of coffee (the bottom half) for stability. I gave up on it when scraping the mold off the pencils became an inconvenience.
Posted: 9:37 pm on August 18th

danielwhite2 danielwhite2 writes: good i Tim!
Posted: 5:07 pm on June 28th

Tim O Tim O writes: I particularly like the asymmetrical aspect. Setting the cup slight off center from the base was brilliant! I can't wait to see more of your work!
Posted: 9:01 am on June 18th

TexasBelliott TexasBelliott writes: Where can I find the plans for this? hahaha :-)

Looks great, and you've taken recycling to a whole new level.
Posted: 10:31 am on June 9th

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