Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac

Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac

Help name Tommy MacDonald's new woodworking show

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MKenney Matthew Kenney, special projects editor
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Not too long ago, I told you that Tommy MacDonald and WGBH (the PBS station in Boston, Mass.) are trying to bring a new woodworking show to the airwaves. That post provoked a lot of discussion. Some of you are excited, while others think Tommy is not the man for the job. Well, things are moving along for them and they've put together a survey to get feedback on possible names for the show. So here's your chance to have your voice heard. Click here to take the survey.

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cahudson42 cahudson42 writes: D J Marks Full Episodes

Thanks Marckostac,

Great to watch the full episodes!

Just FYI everyone - you will need to modify Marcostac's URL with the show number - not only '210.asp', but 211.asp, 212.asp - whatever. The number list and project title is on David's website. Under 'TV' tab.

Unfortunately, David does not have DIY video links to every one. But what there is - is top rank!

You can also print out cut lists for each project. And in some cases full plans are available to be purchased from David.
Posted: 10:54 pm on April 30th

mvflaim mvflaim writes: That survey does suck. Who cares what it's called, just give it a simple name.
Posted: 8:43 pm on April 28th

marckostac marckostac writes: David J.'s full episodes are available on his website:

This links you back to DIY, where you can watch the full episode, not in 5 minute chunks.
Posted: 8:48 am on April 28th

308defense 308defense writes: It sounds like somebody or a group has already picked a name for the show. Name it, and start filming as well as showing Tommy to everybody on television besides woodworkers that have found him on the internet.
Thank you
Posted: 8:13 am on April 28th

Bowis Bowis writes: Regardless of what you think about Tommy as a "personality" you can't deny the guy is an incredibly talented woodworker. I chuckle at the comparisons to Norm because this guy has built stuff Norm could only dream of. That being said, it sounds like PBS is positioning him to be an intro-level "DIY" woodworking coach, which would be a shame.
Posted: 9:22 pm on April 27th

BStev BStev writes: That's one annoying survey.

Which one do you like best?
Are you sure you like that one best?
Does that mean you don't like the other ones?
How much don't you like the other ones?
Which one did you like best again?

I got bored after the four or fifth question and just left, very poor survey design, I hope it's not indicative of the quality of the show.
Posted: 8:23 pm on April 27th

Anji12305 Anji12305 writes: I'm less inclined to watch a show with focus on the personality of the presenter... particularly one that looks like a professional model. GR or Mario unavailable?
At least those two have some history with FWW.

I think this show will be pitched to the ladies.
(And some of the daddies.)

After taking a few classes, I'll stick with the FWW videos when I need a pointer.

I would be more inclined to watch a show that needs less than $50K in machine tools to emulate their process.

Posted: 6:00 pm on April 27th

montewoods montewoods writes: Tommy deserves a chance as we need to get more young people into the craft and this may attract some of them. I'm trying to get one of my kid's interested in the craft. Who else am I going give all my WW tools to. Ive seen Tommy on his shop video series...a bit of a smart a**, but he has good skills. His and the viewers will improve as the shows go on. Remember Norm the first year or two? I cringe when I look at those first few episodes. But at he same time I wasn't that advanced my self. David Marks is very talented and an excellent woodworker but it's probably too late for him to get into the weekly grind of a woodshow.
Posted: 5:33 pm on April 27th

cahudson42 cahudson42 writes: Since its been a few years since WoodWorks was last run on DIY Network, possible some new FWW/Knots readers have not seen it.

As far as I know, complete streaming episodes are not available on DIY Network (others know differently?) - but segments of shows are. For example, here is the beginning segment of an Arts and Crafts Spice Rack:

Put 'David Marks in the Search Bar 'Find Projects, How-tos, and Experts advice - and I get 143 of these segments.

Here is the Search result when I did this:

You can piece the segments together with a bit of browsing thru all of them.

WoodWorks is - for me - the 'standard of comparison' for Tommy's new over-the-air TV show.

The only other videos that I think are equal are FWW's own 'member' project series, Matts Garden Bench and Boxes, Garrett Hacks recent Tool Cabinet, many others..
Posted: 8:34 am on April 27th

cahudson42 cahudson42 writes: Has a pilot been done? If so, where can we view it?

As mentioned above, 'hammer and chisel' sounds disappointing, to say the least.

Where is this show going to be positioned? Nearer 'Woodsmith Shop'? Or 'WoodWorks' (David Marks)?

IMHO, WoodWorks is the best woodworking TV series ever made - Norm included.

I have nothing against Tommy McDonald - don't know anything about him. But if WGBH might re-think - why not Marks for the new show?

West Coast the problem? Maybe we petition KQED..:>)

Posted: 3:43 am on April 27th

JimmyD. JimmyD. writes: IF he can emulate Norm and his easy going style, Tommy will make a go of it. The problem is, People like Norm and with his skills are few and FARRRRRRRRRRR between.
Posted: 11:11 pm on April 26th

RobMcCleave RobMcCleave writes: Picked up a "hammer and chisel," eh? The marketers have ahold of this. Do the survey, folks. Help is needed.
Posted: 9:30 pm on April 26th

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