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New Plane from Bridge City Tool Works

comments (4) April 19th, 2010 in blogs, videos

patrick_mccombe Patrick McCombe, contributor
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Video Length: 1:43
Produced by: Bridge City Tool Works

The stainless-steel CT-17 block plane from Bridge City Tool Works is perhaps the best-looking plane I've ever seen. And the beauty is more than skin deep because the new plane doubles as both a conventional and low-angle model.

My description really can't do this tool justice, so you might want take a look at the video. Just keep in mind the plane costs $860, so if you have a weakness for this kind of thing (like I do) you might want to lock up your credit cards first.



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Comments (4)

madison_mike madison_mike writes: I had the shoulder plane in my hands at the IWF show in Atlanta. A beautiful piece for sure. I'm not sure that it will cut tenons any better than my L-N planes and the cost is 5 to 6x.
Posted: 8:15 pm on October 5th

Teton_Bound Teton_Bound writes: I have always enjoyed the Bridge City Tool catalog. The primary inspiration I have taken from Bridge City though, is to make some of my own tools and refurbish good finds. My $1.00 #60 1/2 low angle block plane (flea market find) is a sweet tool when razor sharp and properly tuned. Along with my 9 1/2 (w/Holtey iron) I'm in pretty good shape.

Over the past 15 years I have learned how to sharpen, tune and use handplanes well enough to thickness and flatten guitar plates down to 2.00mm +/-0.05mm. I use a variety of Lie-Nielsen planes, vintage Bailey pattern planes, scrapers and home made tools to do this. I find it infinitely more pleasurable to running them through a thickness sander. For me the order of importance for hand planes is: RAZOR SHARP iron of adequate thickness, ability to adjust throat of plane, mass of plane and ease of depth of cut adjustment.

Please don't get me wrong, the CT-17 is no doubt a wonderful tool and I wish I had the disposable income to buy an $860 block plane. I just doubt I could discern a $700 difference in with my eyes closed.
Posted: 11:47 am on October 5th

dboetb dboetb writes: What’s next a metallic oxide ceramic nanoparticle blade with self sharpening attributes, incased in a all titanium body with an embedded Gold American Eagle?


Posted: 1:36 pm on April 22nd

forummfg forummfg writes: Patrick,

I agree with you 100%! This plane is absolutely beautiful and will soon be a addition to my tools. I can't wait to try it out. Bridge City Tools are truly one of a kind. Pictures don't do it any justice because whenever you get any of their tools in your hands whether it be a rule, square, plane, whatever, you can see and tell how much thought, care, and craftsmanship went into each tool. John, the owner, says he designs his tools to inspire others to do their best work. When I first heard that I really didn’t understand it “how can a tool inspire you to do your best work?” but I quickly found out what he meant!

Posted: 7:18 am on April 20th

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