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The Editors Mailbox

UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Woodworking Techniques, from Fine Woodworking magazine

comments (72) April 18th, 2010 in blogs

BetsyE Betsy Engel, contributor
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Woodworking Techniques (Essentials of Woodworking), from Fine Woodworking
Taunton Press, 2000.
$17.95; 192 pp.

Woodworking Techniques (Essentials of Woodworking) is a collection of articles on construction techniques necessary to assemble, decorate, and complete fine furniture. Theses articles, from Fine Woodworking magazine, cover topics such as table joinery, fitting drawers, building doors, veneering and inlay. The articles are written by some of our contributing editors including Garrett Hack, Christian Becksvoort, and Gary Rogowski. This book would be a good addition to any woodworking library.

Lucky BirchHillWoodcrafts is the winner. His comment was chosen at random. Check back later to see his review of the book.

And take a look at our current giveaway, Tree Craft, for a chance to win.


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Comments (72)

kevmc_Samm kevmc_Samm writes: Great reference book to have.
Posted: 12:09 pm on April 26th

MrC MrC writes: I would love to add this book to my collection. Thanks for the opportunity!

-Floyd (MrC)
Posted: 10:45 am on April 26th

timquinn timquinn writes: I want, no, need this book.

Posted: 10:35 pm on April 25th

Oldtyme Oldtyme writes: pick me, pick m
Posted: 7:00 pm on April 25th

CMacLeod CMacLeod writes: It has been four decades ago, and I still remember helping my father with a variety of woodworking projects, and fell in love with woodworking. Today I continue to enjoy what very little woodworking I can find time for. And it wasn't too many years ago I could find my father reading your articles. There is just something about working with wood, its ...

The magazine is inspiring, but doesn't leave me overwhelmed. You get better every year.
Posted: 6:27 pm on April 25th

toobguy toobguy writes: Ah, if only!! I would really - really - like to add this to my collection of books - and perhaps learn a trick or two.....
Posted: 5:46 pm on April 24th

Charlgush Charlgush writes: Hi Guys & Dolls,
I would love to win this book, perhaps it can bring me up above amateur, ( if that's possible !!

Thank You,
Chuck Gushue
Posted: 10:43 pm on April 23rd

manu31 manu31 writes: hello woodworking, hello techniques, goodbye hassle
Posted: 9:22 am on April 22nd

BUILDERS695 BUILDERS695 writes: Father's Day is coming. It would make a nice gift.
Posted: 7:20 pm on April 21st

pazln pazln writes: The more knowledge I can gain the better. Learning from masters of wood working would be awesome!
Posted: 4:36 pm on April 21st

Rick in Bothwell Rick in Bothwell writes: Sign me up. I'd love to have another source of knowledge. Started woodworking when I retired, wish I had started 40 years ago.
Posted: 9:11 am on April 21st

winman winman writes: I'm 72, only started woodworking 1 1/2 years ago and want to become as good at it as I am able to be. Time's a wastin' and this book would add nicely to my small but growing store of knowledge. Thanks for the opportunity!!
Posted: 5:30 am on April 21st

Oldtyme Oldtyme writes: sign me up
Posted: 7:24 pm on April 20th

GoRedsUS GoRedsUS writes: Looks like a good book to me, count me in too.
Posted: 6:24 pm on April 20th

richardfrancis richardfrancis writes: Having lost my entire library (over 2500 books and many on woodworking) to a fire, I'd love to add this one to my new and growing collection. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 3:31 pm on April 20th

gary d gary d writes: I'm always on the lookout for better methods. The "best" would surely be better.
Posted: 1:27 pm on April 20th

Edswoodshop Edswoodshop writes: I am not very knowledgeable about woodworking but what little I have done I really enjoy it, any help would be greatly appreciated, and a book of this caliber is certainly a big help.
Posted: 1:03 pm on April 20th

user-394202 user-394202 writes: Books have been my woodworking teachers. Virtually all I know about working wood has come from books and the internet. To me, there is nothing quite like paging through a book, absorbing the knowledge that the author is trying to impart.

I would be very happy to win this book and add it to my growing collection.

Posted: 12:46 pm on April 20th

daclgr daclgr writes: Would love to add this to my shop.
Posted: 11:26 am on April 20th

jalambert jalambert writes: the road to knowledge starts with the first...comment :)
Posted: 7:53 pm on April 19th

abmoore abmoore writes: Sign me up,

thank you

Posted: 6:47 pm on April 19th

rodk1 rodk1 writes: Thanks for the chance, I'd love to check out this book.
Posted: 5:37 pm on April 19th

dianavvm dianavvm writes: As a novice woodworker, Finewoodworking has become my mentor,my collegue, my workmate, and my best friend. To win this book would allow me to take all this wonderful source on holiday, to my workshop, on my doctors visits and read it at will as each project it in its infancy.

Posted: 4:33 pm on April 19th

dpaulstone dpaulstone writes: Thanks for the offer!
Posted: 4:07 pm on April 19th

RBHolden RBHolden writes: Please count me in! My kids are interested in starting woodworking and it would be a great book to have for some vision casting and good foundational work.
Posted: 3:59 pm on April 19th

jbartaber jbartaber writes: I would like to have this book for my grandson and myself
he is at a point in the road where he can go down the right
or wrong road I am teaching him all I know about woodworking
so he will have enough nowledge to take the woodworking road
Posted: 3:52 pm on April 19th

drllucas drllucas writes: Woo Hoooo!! Freebie. Count me in.
Posted: 3:43 pm on April 19th

308defense 308defense writes: Thanks for asking, I always need help. I alway need to learn something new or old that I don't know. This book is for me.
Thank You
Posted: 3:02 pm on April 19th

customwoodwork customwoodwork writes: Sign me up
Posted: 2:11 pm on April 19th

jojojellybean jojojellybean writes: Count me in.
Posted: 2:08 pm on April 19th

daus daus writes: Hoping to expand my woodworking library.
Posted: 1:56 pm on April 19th

D11RDozer D11RDozer writes: Looks like a winner.
Posted: 1:25 pm on April 19th

davecook davecook writes: I too would like to be considered for this book! Thanks! :)
Posted: 1:15 pm on April 19th

sadie170 sadie170 writes: Looks like a fine book that I should add to my collection.
Posted: 12:56 pm on April 19th

sk2tobin sk2tobin writes: I would love to win this book
Posted: 12:52 pm on April 19th

k2112 k2112 writes: Please count me in for the giveaway!
Posted: 12:38 pm on April 19th

NikonD80 NikonD80 writes: This sounds like a great book - count me in.
Posted: 12:03 pm on April 19th

Triumph1 Triumph1 writes: There is always room for more knowledge..sign me up!
Posted: 11:24 am on April 19th

Thorngren Thorngren writes: Wow, sounds nice...count me in.
Posted: 11:12 am on April 19th

RalphBarker RalphBarker writes: I'll add my name to the hat for this one.
Posted: 11:00 am on April 19th

eoinsgaff eoinsgaff writes: Hey there,

I think this would be a great and welcome book to win.

Posted: 10:56 am on April 19th

Guy From RI Guy From RI writes: I've been teaching my son woodworking since age 5 and today he's transitioning into understanding technique. This would be a great next tool in his hand. Thanks for the chance!
Posted: 10:45 am on April 19th

jaypeak jaypeak writes: Screws $5.49, glue $7.50, a book like this one, priceless.
Count me in!!
Posted: 10:26 am on April 19th

Chrislac Chrislac writes: I am always loking for the right way to do things.
Posted: 10:11 am on April 19th

tlpmap tlpmap writes: This one would look good in my startup woodworking library!
Posted: 9:55 am on April 19th

TheLeftHand TheLeftHand writes: Count me in!
Posted: 9:30 am on April 19th

wood4jim wood4jim writes: Hey I'm in. I'd love to read this book!
Posted: 9:00 am on April 19th

chucktown chucktown writes: Sign me up!
Posted: 8:11 am on April 19th

justjohn49 justjohn49 writes: There is always room for improvement, but the true skills are developed by jumping right into the fire. The approach sometimes may elude you, I trust this book can add a few pointers to move through a project with ease.
John e
Posted: 7:43 am on April 19th

justjohn49 justjohn49 writes: There is always room for improvement, but the true skills are developed by jumping right into the fire. The approach sometimes may elude you, I trust this book can add a few pointers to move through a project with ease.
John e
Posted: 7:43 am on April 19th

forummfg forummfg writes: Sign me up for the book please!
Posted: 7:19 am on April 19th

YonedaD YonedaD writes: This is my magic comment that will destroy all man!
Posted: 2:58 am on April 19th

JimFuller1 JimFuller1 writes: This is gonna be the one...
Posted: 2:26 am on April 19th

Rob948 Rob948 writes: Thanks - this book would be a great addition to my Woodworking library.

Posted: 1:40 am on April 19th

Lori K Lori K writes: I beleive this book would definitely help to improve my skills (and they definitely need improving). I am enjoying getting books to read/learn from and add to my collection.
Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 1:37 am on April 19th

jg0258 jg0258 writes: It took me two years to learn how to make perfect handcut dovetails. If this book can teach me other techniques in less time then you will be doing a good deed by sending it to me. You will be sparing me some gray hairs and acid stomach and my neighboors the screaming and cussing... :)

Posted: 1:18 am on April 19th

gdblake gdblake writes: Count me in, you can never read enough good books on woodworking.

Posted: 10:19 pm on April 18th

nznix nznix writes: this looks like a great book for the collection.
Posted: 10:05 pm on April 18th

woodworker52 woodworker52 writes: just what I need in my quest to do better woodworking projects.
Posted: 9:15 pm on April 18th

Jollyroger Jollyroger writes: I know my library is one book short and this must be it.
Posted: 8:54 pm on April 18th

dfairne dfairne writes: I am going from machining CNC to woodworking specifically furniture making,and know this publication would be of great assistance.
Posted: 8:39 pm on April 18th

barville barville writes: Count me in. Thank you!
Posted: 8:03 pm on April 18th

JLYoung JLYoung writes: looks good, count me in
Posted: 7:31 pm on April 18th

9619 9619 writes: You never outgrow your need for milk or for good woodworking techniques.
Posted: 6:36 pm on April 18th

Zoggdogg75 Zoggdogg75 writes: I am just starting to build furniture and am extremely interested in learning good techniques. I have been looking for a book like this. Sounds just like what I have been looking for to teach me how to be a good wood craftsman.
Posted: 5:55 pm on April 18th

highpro highpro writes: Who couldn't use more schooling on technique? Sign me up!
Posted: 3:51 pm on April 18th

putwll4 putwll4 writes: This would be a great book to have in my library right now since I'm been out of work for awhile, have the material and time to play with my toys.
Posted: 3:48 pm on April 18th

remyers remyers writes: Also would love to have this title.
Posted: 3:07 pm on April 18th

BA3 BA3 writes: This would be a great -- and greatly appreciated -- addition to my woodworking library.
Posted: 2:14 pm on April 18th

deerfielder deerfielder writes: I've not seen that book before. I'd love to have it in my collection.
Posted: 2:10 pm on April 18th

Dean7 Dean7 writes: I'd love to have this book. Good techniques are timeless.

Posted: 12:25 pm on April 18th

BirchHillWoodcrafts BirchHillWoodcrafts writes: When it comes to woodworking and techniques, it's difficult to tell what's from an older or newer publication.
Posted: 11:17 am on April 18th

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