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Chikita Chikita, member
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Workshop straight ahead with carport to the right.  Native cedar posts for the porch and for the shed roof to the right.
Doors are multi-fold (like closets) so, when open, I get nice breezes through both 8x8 openings.  Cabinet doors are clad with whiteboard for thinking outloud.
Instead of plywood for roof sheathing, I used 1x6 T&G.  Looks groovy!  Cheated with Rockler bench bases but made the tops with plywood, formica and cedar edging.  Big windows on the back are re-utilized French doors from Habitat for Humitys Re-Store.
Lots of pegboard!  Need a bit more staining on the T&G on the walls, small ceiling mount heater for the occasional Texas cold days.  6x8 opening for more breeze with sliding barn-door style doors.
My dad is metal man - he made the door hardware that matches the the doors for the tool, garden and bathroom(s) in the carport (its no ordinary carport!)
Workshop straight ahead with carport to the right.  Native cedar posts for the porch and for the shed roof to the right. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Workshop straight ahead with carport to the right.  Native cedar posts for the porch and for the shed roof to the right.

Shop Specs

  • Location: North of San Antonio, Texas, 400 plus porch and shed roof
  • Size: detsq. ft.
  • Type:
  • Focus:
  • Heating/Cooling:

I 'discovered' wood just a couple of years ago when I was unexpected left with a lot of material for planned, but unfinished, remodeling projects.  One thing led to another - new tools, new skills, etc. and I outgrew the carport (which was one of those projects).  I needed a space, more than anything, to protect my tools but also where I could make stuff year-round.  What you see is what I, a forty-something uber-geek single mom, and my then 17 y/o big strappin' boy built from the ground up.  Here north of San Antonio, cedar is king, decorative-wise, so I used it for all the external trim, doors, porch, etc.

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Comments (11)

Chikita Chikita writes: @ Fabuladico: careful what you ask for :)

@jeffsech: lots of air blowing through the front and side doors and the porch and shedroof keep the direct sun off. Wood working isn't always aerobic...
Posted: 12:29 am on April 30th

jeffsech jeffsech writes: This looks totally sweet! But, from a fellow Texan, how are you going to live without AC?
Posted: 1:42 am on April 22nd

Fabuladico Fabuladico writes: You're a single mom? For a workshop like that I'd marry you next week! if you have a good fishing boat too, I'll marry you tomorrow!
Posted: 12:02 am on April 22nd

Chikita Chikita writes: @ DenisD: the first - trusses for the main building and rough cedar rafters for the porch and shed roof. Allows you to see the metal roofing from under and sounds wonderful in the rain. Pier and beam foundation - I know less about concrete than framing :) but much easier on the back. Where the shop is located is all caliche - a bugger to dig in so I had a guy drill the holes - money well spent!
Posted: 7:26 pm on April 21st

ezwider48 ezwider48 writes: Well, I'm certainly jealous of all that natural light and high ceilings. Nice look and great access it looks like too.
Posted: 4:10 pm on April 20th

DenisD DenisD writes: Great job, Karyl. I love the feel of the place. Did you use clear-story trusses for the whole roof and rafters for the long porch, or half trusses for the high roof and rafters for the lower roof that carry through to the long porch. I really like the clear-story windows idea. very effective way of bringing in indirect light. Also, what type of foundation did you use?
Posted: 11:57 am on April 20th

Pezzi Pezzi writes: mainerustic,

it is not polite to ask a Lady about her dimensions !

Posted: 11:47 am on April 16th

Chikita Chikita writes: @mainerustic: The main building is 20x20 with 10' walls, the front porch is 6x18 and the shed roof to the side is about 9x16.
Posted: 10:54 pm on April 14th

Ship1969 Ship1969 writes: Great open design. I like the sliding doors and warm feel of the inside. Those front porch posts are excellent.
Posted: 9:48 am on April 14th

mainerustic mainerustic writes: Looks like a great design, especially your use of doors. I was wondering what your overall dimensions are?
Posted: 6:38 am on April 14th

RCWW RCWW writes: Awesome! Love the design! Lots of natural light and ventilation! I really like the look, inside and out. Nice work!
Posted: 2:11 am on April 13th

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