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The Editors Mailbox

UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Tables You Can Make, from the editors of Woodworker's Journal

comments (108) March 14th, 2010 in blogs

BetsyE Betsy Engel, contributor
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 - CLICK TO ENLARGE Photo: Courtesy of Fox Chapel Publishing

Tables You Can Make: From Classic to Contemporary (The Best of Woodworker's Journal series) from the editors of Woodworker's Journal.
Fox Chapel Publishing, 2008.
$19.95; 160 pp.

Tables You Can Make: From Classic to Contemporary (The Best of Woodworker's Journal series) includes plans for 20 different tables. Each project includes instructions, materials lists, and technical and exploded drawings. Most even come with a quick tip to help with the particular project. Some of the tables you can make include a butcher block kitchen table, a classic tea table, an arts and crafts side table, and a shaker sewing stand.

Lucky doreps is the winner. His comment was chosen at random.

Check back later to see what he has to say about the book.

And see our latest giveaway, Wood Science & Design, a DVD set from Hendrik Varju.

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Comments (108)

mpcx mpcx writes: Ii want to make a dinning room table.
Posted: 3:47 pm on March 21st

Zips Zips writes: I am in the process of building 6 chairs in the Sam Maloof style, and I need some good advice about the table.
Posted: 2:25 pm on March 19th

Earthwood Earthwood writes: Hi Folks, I have been on a roll making tiger maple bureaus. Please help me transition to tables :) Nan
Posted: 7:00 pm on March 17th

methods methods writes: I'd love to see how that book would look on my table.
Posted: 6:54 pm on March 17th

Drbabar Drbabar writes: I want to build a table
Posted: 3:48 pm on March 17th

TopspinD TopspinD writes: Looks like an interesting book. Please sign me up.
Posted: 1:01 pm on March 17th

lsteed lsteed writes: I was just looking for a project for the shop- maybe this book would give me the perfect idea!
Posted: 12:51 pm on March 17th

OsageAge OsageAge writes: Sure, always interested in the ideas of others.
Posted: 12:49 pm on March 17th

jojojellybean jojojellybean writes: Looks like a good read. Thanks
Posted: 12:43 pm on March 17th

Kevin_Smith Kevin_Smith writes: Please don't give me this book. I need a table, but I can't afford the extra power tools I'd need to make one.
Posted: 12:27 pm on March 17th

Obeeswax Obeeswax writes: come on mama, baby needs a new table :)
Posted: 11:35 am on March 17th

JeffS JeffS writes: sign me up, wish me luck! I can always use a resource for my next projects...

Posted: 11:34 am on March 17th

nealaron nealaron writes: This is just what I need now. I've made small tables, but am hesitating at the prospect of building a full sized dining table.
Posted: 11:16 am on March 17th

chri7s chri7s writes: Always eager to learn more. My Mom could use a new table, maybe one of these is just what's needed.
Posted: 11:12 am on March 17th

JimFuller1 JimFuller1 writes: Come on baby, papa needs a new book to read...
Posted: 11:03 am on March 17th

doreps doreps writes: I'm new to this hobby and the offer would sure move me to the next level. I am not yet skilled in project design, so this book would allow me to hone my interpretive and technical skills ... not to mention the end date of the contest is my 24th wedding anniversary. Surely, I could finish a project for the 25th!!
Posted: 9:57 am on March 17th

frankburns frankburns writes: Many of us have built items of our own design but occasionally to have a new piece laid out before us expedites the project (a gift, an impending show, etc). Sounds like this would be useful to many of us.

Posted: 8:46 am on March 17th

woodeye1 woodeye1 writes: wish me luck
Posted: 8:02 am on March 17th

KonaPilot KonaPilot writes: Anyone know where there is a good plan for a boat top table? I have a dining room that is 16'x 12' and am looking for a table to suit it.
Posted: 6:45 am on March 17th

manu31 manu31 writes: win this book before build a table ; a chance !
Posted: 6:18 am on March 17th

bojo7364 bojo7364 writes: I am new to woodworking and would love to build a new table for my next project!
Posted: 9:37 pm on March 16th

TedFurlong TedFurlong writes: There's two bedside tables, an end table, a coffee table and a kitchen table on my to-make list, so this would come in very handy! Sign me up!

Posted: 9:26 pm on March 16th

MikeIke MikeIke writes: I am blessed with a wonderful shop, a settee nearing completion, and a signficant number of prospects who want me to build them tables. I'd love to have another source of ideas, design guidance, and readily available knowledge.
Posted: 6:58 pm on March 16th

philsfire philsfire writes: Just happen to be looking for a corner table in the hall.
This will come in handy.
Posted: 6:39 pm on March 16th

staffanh staffanh writes: Looks to have lots of good ideas not only for myself but my daughter who needs everything for her home.
Posted: 4:58 pm on March 16th

dadnukum dadnukum writes: To read, or not to read. That is the question.
Posted: 4:23 pm on March 16th

D11RDozer D11RDozer writes: Throw my name in the hat.
Posted: 4:05 pm on March 16th

Cyclismo Cyclismo writes: I'm in.

Posted: 1:34 pm on March 16th

Doug1944 Doug1944 writes: Interesting book and would love to have it in my library and to use.
Posted: 12:49 pm on March 16th

BillAnton BillAnton writes: Demilune, demilune, demilune!
Posted: 12:27 pm on March 16th

Ahavens Ahavens writes: Would love this book.
Posted: 10:53 am on March 16th

jandrewyang jandrewyang writes: Looks like a great book for someone starting out!
Posted: 10:42 am on March 16th

Smokerbbq Smokerbbq writes: Looks like lots of excellent tables! My fiance would love to have some of these in our home!!
Posted: 9:37 am on March 16th

VegasHiRoller VegasHiRoller writes: Sounds like a lot of fun for me, and my wife is excited for some new tables. Would love to have the book!
Posted: 3:47 am on March 16th

RalphBarker RalphBarker writes: I have a bare spot on my shelf that's just the right size for this book. ;-)

Posted: 2:16 am on March 16th

barville barville writes: What fun! Count me in. BTW I really appreciate this website.
Posted: 12:49 am on March 16th

CWS1 CWS1 writes: I've just spent alot of $$ setting a new shop, If I don't produce something soon (like a table) I am going to be in hot water with my spouse. This book just could save my new shop as well as my marriage!
Posted: 12:09 am on March 16th

tc5617 tc5617 writes: Always looking for additions to my library, please count me in.Thanks
Posted: 12:09 am on March 16th

steve3624 steve3624 writes: Hi, I would love to have this book.
Posted: 11:42 pm on March 15th

roblow roblow writes: roger dodger. count me in!
Posted: 11:33 pm on March 15th

tombar tombar writes: Looks like a good book with lots of ideas.
Posted: 10:47 pm on March 15th

woodworker52 woodworker52 writes: some interesting table designs here. I would love to try a couple of them out.
Posted: 10:32 pm on March 15th

Daveinud Daveinud writes: Looking to make a table for our kitchen. This could be just what I need
Posted: 10:16 pm on March 15th

JLYoung JLYoung writes: count me in too
Posted: 9:46 pm on March 15th

daus daus writes: I'd like a book to help guide me in making my next table.
Posted: 8:51 pm on March 15th

ROBMASS ROBMASS writes: I'm planning on building a meeting/work table for my office and this could be the trick. I've never done one before so I'm in a heavy learning mode.
Posted: 7:05 pm on March 15th

paytonsopa paytonsopa writes: I have just recently joined the online group of Fine Woodworking and am looking forward to being a part of the other side of Fine Woodworking as I have always enjoyed reading the articles in the magazine. I built a table for our family when I was much younger and would enjoyed building my daughters a more contemporary piece of furniture.
Posted: 6:38 pm on March 15th

sk2tobin sk2tobin writes: sure count me in!
Posted: 6:00 pm on March 15th

steve123c steve123c writes: I'd love it. Count me in!
Posted: 5:33 pm on March 15th

Ron_in_OR Ron_in_OR writes: Add me to the list of hopefuls as well.
Posted: 5:08 pm on March 15th

Ledsled Ledsled writes: I love to make tables; however, I have only made one that doesn’t wobble.
Posted: 3:37 pm on March 15th

miniaturehome miniaturehome writes: The butcher block table on the cover looks like just what I need. Would love to have the book.
Posted: 3:11 pm on March 15th

matoch matoch writes: Table building is exactly where my interests are at the moment.
Posted: 2:51 pm on March 15th

Woodsmithy Woodsmithy writes: Like clamps, you can't have too many woodworking books.
Posted: 1:14 pm on March 15th

pizza pizza writes: Looks like just the book I need to my dining table. Looks good.
Posted: 1:03 pm on March 15th

Water_Doc Water_Doc writes: Count me in, looks like a GREAT BOOK!
Posted: 12:55 pm on March 15th

gregpete gregpete writes: Kids are getting away from home and need a kitchen table to eat at, an end table to sit their drink on and a coffee table for their feet. Sure could use some ideas!
Posted: 12:48 pm on March 15th

robl robl writes: Always looking for a good book on furniture construction!
Posted: 12:47 pm on March 15th

kevmc_Samm kevmc_Samm writes: I'm always looking for good table designs. Especially Arts & Craft examples.
Posted: 12:37 pm on March 15th

DaveHarrison DaveHarrison writes: The title is intriguing - how does one make a table from an editor? I've only ever used wood. Count me in!
Posted: 12:23 pm on March 15th

Dave Worsencroft Dave Worsencroft writes: I plan to build a dining room table in a long narrow area. This might have ideas that I can use to meet this need.
Posted: 11:50 am on March 15th

rmpater rmpater writes: I just came in from the shop and saw this. My first "real" furniture project was a table and I would love to build some more!
Posted: 11:41 am on March 15th

mdbuckley mdbuckley writes: I'm about to redesign my whole kitchen and that includes a dining table so this would be great.
Posted: 11:21 am on March 15th

Red_F Red_F writes: Count me in.
Posted: 10:53 am on March 15th

LBF LBF writes: Would love to make a table.
Posted: 10:45 am on March 15th

tlpmap tlpmap writes: Looks like an interesting book. Hope I win it!
Posted: 10:40 am on March 15th

forummfg forummfg writes: i'm actually in the process of designing a library table, I could use this book!
Posted: 10:31 am on March 15th

Sixty_Vette Sixty_Vette writes: Count me in, and THANK YOU for the opportunity!
Posted: 9:51 am on March 15th

gsugg gsugg writes: Thanks for the opportunity. You can never have too many plan books.
Posted: 9:37 am on March 15th

noelhenry noelhenry writes: Free sounds good every time.
Posted: 9:33 am on March 15th

mlehikoi mlehikoi writes: This would be great for starting my dining room set!
Posted: 7:46 am on March 15th

Triumph1 Triumph1 writes: Excellent! Sign me up!
Posted: 6:59 am on March 15th

chlanious chlanious writes: This would be great information since I'm planning to build a table.

Posted: 5:40 am on March 15th

williamchall williamchall writes: Looks like a great read!
Posted: 1:53 am on March 15th

Lori K Lori K writes: This looks like a really interesting book. Who doesn't need more tables.
Posted: 1:46 am on March 15th

JadeEagle JadeEagle writes: Would love to have this book. Thanks for the opportunity to add it to my resource library.
Posted: 1:32 am on March 15th

granite36 granite36 writes: I'm looking for the "perfect" hall table for our new home, and maybe this book would help!
Posted: 1:08 am on March 15th

Buddhawan Buddhawan writes: I'd like the book
Posted: 12:55 am on March 15th

JeffM131 JeffM131 writes: About to start on a table for my dad. We collaborated on the toolbox that will rest on it: I built the toolbox, he chip-carved the top and front panels. Looking for some ideas.
Posted: 12:44 am on March 15th

russ25 russ25 writes: Just about to start on a kitchen table for my Mother - this book would be perfect!
Posted: 11:51 pm on March 14th

DLWoodworker DLWoodworker writes: Always looking for books to add to my library. I would like a copy.
Posted: 11:14 pm on March 14th

spvincent spvincent writes: I would love a copy!

Posted: 10:53 pm on March 14th

jscmd jscmd writes: I never pass up an opportunity for another woodworking book.
Posted: 8:54 pm on March 14th

JeremyMillar JeremyMillar writes: Sign me up!
Posted: 8:46 pm on March 14th

fmarabate fmarabate writes: Looks good and free will make it even better.
Posted: 8:41 pm on March 14th

MullerLake MullerLake writes: Just what I need. Wife has been pressing for a new kitchen table.
Posted: 7:59 pm on March 14th

jpat jpat writes: Tables are always fun to make ... I am always looking for some great ideas.

Posted: 6:48 pm on March 14th

magerbak magerbak writes: A new coffee table is on my long todo list. Would be great to have a book like this to reference.
Posted: 6:47 pm on March 14th

LarryDNJR LarryDNJR writes: Comment! :)
Posted: 6:23 pm on March 14th

LarryMarshall LarryMarshall writes: This looks like an interesting book. I like the kitchen work station on the cover.

Cheers --- Larry
Posted: 4:24 pm on March 14th

brumas brumas writes: Well, would be good to add another good book to my library
Posted: 4:07 pm on March 14th

TheLeftHand TheLeftHand writes: Count me in!
Posted: 4:06 pm on March 14th

Torch02 Torch02 writes: I've got a couple of table ideas in the hopper - this would aid greatly, I imagine
Posted: 4:03 pm on March 14th

JMSidhu JMSidhu writes: Working up ideas for a new dining room table. This would help....
Posted: 3:57 pm on March 14th

nznix nznix writes: you can never have enough tables
Posted: 3:48 pm on March 14th

eoinsgaff eoinsgaff writes: Yeah, I'd love a copy of this to browse through when inspiration is required.

Posted: 2:09 pm on March 14th

Larrythewoodguy Larrythewoodguy writes: Thanks for a chance to win.

Posted: 2:08 pm on March 14th

jcwnr jcwnr writes: I would like to have a copy.
Posted: 2:07 pm on March 14th

MP72 MP72 writes: That would be a great book to add to a woodworkers repertoire. Seems a like a very useful book that many of us could use.
Posted: 2:01 pm on March 14th

baudi baudi writes: Count me in.
Posted: 1:34 pm on March 14th

Hexwerx Hexwerx writes: Interesting. Would love to review and use anything I find of interest.
Posted: 1:33 pm on March 14th

MARKMCKAY MARKMCKAY writes: Have been blessed with our first grandchildren just this past year (TRIPLETS),so for obvious reasons our portable kitchen island butcher block with open botton shelves needs modification. Unit on cover looks ideal.
Posted: 1:15 pm on March 14th

JoeAlpeza JoeAlpeza writes: I'll take one..........please!
Posted: 12:57 pm on March 14th

jockcameron jockcameron writes: Count me in . . . a 'freebie' should never be insulted or ignored - it might go away and never come back!!!
Posted: 12:42 pm on March 14th

KenderCh KenderCh writes: OOOOOO! I need this. :)
Posted: 12:33 pm on March 14th

Dean7 Dean7 writes: I don't have a resource for table building. This would be great!
Posted: 12:10 pm on March 14th

skandic skandic writes: my wife loves tables, this would help me out greatly
Posted: 11:32 am on March 14th

acornbob acornbob writes: I want to remove a penisula in my kitchen and change it into an island. The butcher block island table on the cover of the book looks very nice and would make a positive change to my kitchen.
Posted: 11:30 am on March 14th

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