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The Editors Mailbox

Built-in Buildoff Update

comments (11) February 18th, 2010 in blogs

Ed_Pirnik Ed Pirnik, Senior Web Producer
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Two for One: Its not easy covering a project with still and video at the same time. Here, FWW senior editor Tom McKenna (C) and web producer Gina Eide (R) cover OMalleys work in our machine room. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Two for One: It's not easy covering a project with still and video at the same time. Here, FWW senior editor Tom McKenna (C) and web producer Gina Eide (R) cover O'Malley's work in our machine room.

Catch a behind-the-scenes look of the FW vs. FH Built-in Buildoff with the inaugural edition of Fine Homebuilding's Lunch Pail Podcast.

(Stay tuned for more on the buildoff, we will publish videos and two magazine articles on the topic later this year. For more details read a post from day one of the buildoff or read a preview here.)

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Comments (11)

John1910 John1910 writes: Yes, I have. Been out of touch for over a month and expected to see it loaded up. Been about 3 months now, I would have thought this could have been ready by now. The teaser was frustrating enough but to wait this amount of time seems a little unreasonable. I don't know if I missed a disclaimer about it being in print first or not. If that is the case I would suggest not doing the quickie podcast deal as the time in between is unreasonably long.
Posted: 8:57 pm on May 23rd

DustyFace DustyFace writes: Anybody else wonder what happened to this build-off, did it finish. I thought it was going to highlight an article in one of the magazines?????????????????????
Posted: 10:51 pm on April 4th

malconst malconst writes: Again I enjoyed the discussion with the guests and information given.
I'm sorry I missed the live Podcast.
I do want to note the video production quality. Please have the production crew read a "how to shoot a video" 101 primer book.
Audio mixing was not to be heard, does anyone listen? Please read the manuals for the equipment your using, IE: the PZM was facing backwards.
Please turn off the cameras' auto iris, you light the scene, it's not sports or ENG.
I saw back lights over the set but what where they doing? I didn't see the back light on the subjects shoulders or hair.
The digital still photo'g work was professional as in your print material.

Posted: 11:48 am on February 23rd

John1910 John1910 writes: I understand it is a behind the scene event, but only 3 photos? Spring for about 6 photos to give us more to look at. Can it be that difficult?
Posted: 5:38 pm on February 22nd

Abnormal Abnormal writes: You guys may be woodworkers, but you're not video producers.
One mike on a table for 4 guys. The sound of the guy farthest away is almost inaudible. Could n ot hear it well so I just clicked it off!

Norm Musur
Posted: 8:43 pm on February 21st

sailor68 sailor68 writes: Thank you for the video, interesting to hear about the different approaches from real guys in the real world. I agree that the sound quality is not perfect but its the first one and I expect that all will improve as time and built ins move on
thanks again Cheers!
Posted: 11:10 am on February 20th

GEide GEide writes: Hi kenalley, Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like the concept... Interesting about the audio... I listened just now and could hear just fine. Anyone else notice audio trouble?

But overall, this was an attempt at a quick, low-maintenance production. Since we had these two experts here at Taunton, we wanted to take advantage to do a fast Q&A session. But feedback from you folks will help us determine what we want to do with this technology in the future.

Thanks, Gina,
Posted: 2:41 pm on February 19th

kenalley kenalley writes: I really like these video events, but the production is challenging to watch. You might want to have a couple of cameras, but more importantly, the sound is just awful. Perhaps a sound design and production class would help, and having a sound person on staff during these recordings.

I had to turn this one off, after not being able to hear many of the responses with the sound on the player and my computer turned as high as it would go. I know that these are new to your publication, and I'm sure they will only get better, but perhaps spending some time trying out some of these methods before recording them "live" would help the overall quality.

The conversation sounded interesting, but the presentation needs greater attention.
Posted: 2:23 pm on February 19th

MBerger MBerger writes: John and Ron: This is just behind-the-scenes coverage. The fully edited articles and videos won't be published for a few months. We just thought you might enjoy some photos of our work in progress.
Posted: 1:21 pm on February 19th

John1910 John1910 writes: Am I missing something. All I see is 3 photos for each day. Is that it? Certainly there would be close-up photos. Are there storyboards or plans being used in the build? If so can we see them?
Posted: 9:33 am on February 19th

RouterRon RouterRon writes: Where are you hiding the other episodes? Can't find them. And also this should be more prominent on your front page. I just happend to click on the link and I go there everyday.
Posted: 9:05 am on February 19th

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