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The Editors Mailbox

The Kids Have Spoken: I Have a Cool Job

comments (4) January 27th, 2010 in blogs

Tom Tom McKenna, Managing Editor
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Last week I posted a blog about telling my son's 4th-grade class about my job as an editor for Fine Woodworking magazine. Yesterday I received a wonderful thank-you booklet from the kids. I wish I could post all of the great hand-drawn pictures, but I don't have the space. So I picked a few and posted them. The notes were classic, too. Here are some quotes from each 4th-grader. As I said in my previous post, these kids rock...

"The whole class liked getting the magazines you brought in." --Ryan
"I like [your magazine] because it shows you how to be safe when you work with drills and other tools" --Jaxson
"I think your camera is the coolest." --Elizabeth
"I can't believe it takes you 6 months to do an article." --Lindsay
"Unfortunately, I was out sick on Friday... Everyone is saying it was really fun." --Brianna
"I gave the magazine to my grandpa because he likes to make woodwork." --Benny
"Thank you for coming to our class. By the way, I saw you at Target." --Anthony
"I'm going to build stuff that's in the magazine." --Ken
"I hope you had a fun time coming in and sharing your job with us because I sure did." --Hannah
"I think I might be an illustrator when I grow up." --Harry
"I wouldn't mind making stuff. Maybe I would want to do that. Maybe not. Thanks for everything." --Michael
"I think your job is really complicated, but even so, I like it." --Mackenzie
"I can't believe how many steps there are for making magazines." --Josef
"The picture on the internet was really cool." --Kendra
"It's awesome how you get to travel to all different places." --Shane
"The outlining you showed us looks hard." --Jonathan
"I liked when you told us about the [camera] lenses. Thank you for coming in. I hope you come back." --Tyler

Thanks again, kids. I did have fun visiting.


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Comments (4)

elizh elizh writes: Great artists! I think the portrait of you is darn good.
Posted: 3:55 pm on February 2nd

Tom Tom writes: I'd love to go back and talk about woodworking, shrogers. I think it would be fun.
Posted: 9:21 am on January 29th

renaissanceww renaissanceww writes: Poor Brianna, she was out sick. You have to go back now Tom, she could be the next Maloof or Krenov just waiting for your inspiration!
Posted: 1:49 pm on January 28th

GEide GEide writes: I like this one... "I can't believe it takes you 6 months to do an article."

I like this one too... "Thank you for coming to our class. By the way, I saw you at Target."
Posted: 1:38 pm on January 28th

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