The Editors Mailbox

The Editors Mailbox

UPDATED: Giveaway and Poll: The Most Requested Woodworking Gifts of 2009

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Post a comment for a chance to win a DriftMaster Bandsaw Fence from Laguna.
Post a comment for a chance to win LT Ceramic Bandsaw Guides from Laguna.
Post a comment for a chance to win a Lie-Nielsen Brass Cross Peen Hammer.
Post a comment for a chance to win a Lie-Nielsen 60-1/2 Adjustable Mouth Block Plane.
Post a comment for a chance to win a Leigh 18” Dovetail Jig.
Post a comment for a chance to win an Oneida Dust Deputy Deluxe.
Post a comment for a chance to win a DriftMaster Bandsaw Fence from Laguna. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Post a comment for a chance to win a DriftMaster Bandsaw Fence from Laguna.

UPDATED January 11, 2009 - 1:30 p.m. (EST)
Our winners have been selected. Find out if you're on the list!

*This event has now ended. Many thanks to those of you who participated.


Vote in our polls and let us know what you put on your woodworking wish list for 2009.

What's on your holiday wish list? Vote in one or all of our polls:

Hand tools
Power tools
Shop gear, jigs, accessories, etc.

THEN post a comment below for a chance to win one of the prizes listed below.

DriftMaster Bandsaw Fence
LT Ceramic Bandsaw Guides 

60-1/2 Adjustable Mouth Block Plane
Brass Cross Peen Hammer

18” Dovetail Jig

Dust Deputy Deluxe

Over the last few weeks, more than 200 individuals let us know what they put on their wish lists this holiday season. We’ve rounded them all up into a collection of polls.

Our goal? To find the most requested woodworking gifts of 2009.

Note: These polls are thoroughly unscientific (but, we hope, entertaining).

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Comments (483)

cr17 cr17 writes: My list would have a few more turning tools. The 14" bandsaw would work also.
Posted: 3:35 pm on January 14th

jflyfish2002 jflyfish2002 writes: My list started with the Lie-Nielsen low angle plane 62. It is so smooth to use, I figured it would shave the list in half if it found it's way into my shop. Thanks Santa.
Posted: 7:22 am on January 11th

akmarty akmarty writes: Would really like a good dovetail saw, the time to turn some chisel handles for my old chisels and a good plunge router. A shoulder plane is pretty high on the list as well along with several books and DVD's on handtool work.

Posted: 5:44 am on January 11th

Roshambo Roshambo writes: World peace would be nice along with a slow down on global warming...a Laguna bandsaw 14SE-L would be nice if those are too expensive. You can throw in the Driftmaster fence, too. Thanks
Posted: 3:52 pm on January 10th

cirelloman cirelloman writes: Some fine suggestions already - world peace, 20" jointer, pony...

My top Christmas season dream - to be an elf working in any of many shops profiled over the years in FWW. From the very latest crop, Doug Mooberry's Kinlock woodworking looks as if it could use a jolly red-headed worker.

And some ginormous flitch cut logs of anything nice.

And a resaw fence for my currently fence-less Yates Y-30.

And some coopering planes, and a travisher. Sheez, once you get started it's hard to stop!

Posted: 12:13 am on January 10th

Jestex Jestex writes: Wow, until I went through all 4 of the catagories I didn't realize my wish list was soooooo... long! Better not tell my wife. So many choices in each catagory it was hard to just pick a few. My only problem when it comes to tools for my shop is that I have a Champaign appetite on a Beer income. Takes me a while to save up for the next thing on my ever increasing list. Of all the choices, a new tablesaw would be my most desired. I'm still using a old ShopSmith Tablesaw that they stopped production on shortly after it was introduced. I'm one of the early adopters that has worked for years without being able to run a dado blade or cut wood thicker than about 1.5 inches. It's limitations like this that make a woodworker think of new ways to achieve things when he doesn't have the optimal tool to achieve the task. Sometimes it works and sometimes well, let's just say some projects don't turn out the way we thought they might.
Posted: 6:28 pm on January 9th

dhyton dhyton writes: I really just want peace on earth and a 20" jointer/planner. Both seem just as likely.

Posted: 4:34 pm on January 9th

Malc_R Malc_R writes: Every time I pick up the magazine I go green with envy not only because of the quality of the work, but also the choice and beauty of the timbers available to you over on that side of the world, not to mention the aircraft hangers that some of you have for workshops.

Here in England most of us make do working in shops the size of shoe boxes by comparison. Taking on a small mortgage to buy exotic (plain) oak (European not English) that has been growing for all of ten minutes. Working hours in sub-zero temperatures on a project, that when finished, bursting with pride you present to your wife, who lovingly and all so gently places it in the fire where it belongs.

I’ll just keep reading and dreaming.

Posted: 7:19 am on January 9th

Runcina Runcina writes: My water stones are wearing awfully thin...
Posted: 11:53 pm on January 8th

mbbrogan mbbrogan writes: On my list is a Porter Cable 577 joiner, wooden spokeshave, planer, and shoulder or rabbet plane.
Posted: 8:23 pm on January 8th

loveww loveww writes: Best of luck to all!

I could always make room for and use more LUMBER!!!!

Best wishes!
Posted: 5:27 pm on January 8th

Indy_Dan Indy_Dan writes: Good Luck to all..........
Posted: 2:46 pm on January 8th

mcnervy mcnervy writes: Really i just want everybody to be safe and enjoy being creative.
And also that bandsaw fence
Posted: 2:02 pm on January 8th

mcnervy mcnervy writes: I already got some great presents
ridgid table saw (in 2032 when my youngest is thru college i will get a real cabinet saw)
I also got a delt band saw.
So my only current wish is some time in the shop and higher temperatures.
Oh yeah and i want to win that fence for my band saw.
Pick me please I have 3 kids and i use a 48' strait edge clamp as a band saw fence it is ungainly
my shop area is only 9'8" x 14'6" please pick me.

Posted: 2:00 pm on January 8th

chri7s chri7s writes: I could really use a moisture meter. Getting into turning and I have jumped the gun on some nice lumber. I would be nice to know when it is seasoned enough.
Posted: 11:59 pm on January 7th

Shop_Dog_Paul Shop_Dog_Paul writes: Wood
Posted: 9:07 pm on January 7th

canepole canepole writes: I have one L/N chisel and I love it. I would like to get a complete set.
Posted: 7:45 pm on January 7th

Eriewood Eriewood writes: 60 1/2 "Low Angle" block plane is on the top of my list as I inherited an ole Stanley 60 1/2 that is damaged. I have been watching eBay for parts for it with little luck so far.
General, makes a nifty "dovetail jig" that would come in handy occasionally, and for around $55 is very affordable.
Nothing can match hand-cut, but like I say, occasional use wise, it would be a nice gift.
Other than that, anything woodworking related is always welcome, and never look a gift horse in the mouth !
Posted: 12:35 pm on January 7th

Shoguntuck Shoguntuck writes: First on my list of desirable items are the new bench blades from veritas. Iam also keen on the new 'puck' system of work holders.
Posted: 10:29 am on January 7th

bcbutler36 bcbutler36 writes: As a new woodworker, and much research, I have found that the one of the most important things that a newbi can do is learn how to work with handtools before picking up power tools. My thought is that if you can learn how to plane a board down with hand tools, then when you get that new 20" 3HP planner, you will really appreciate what it is doing for you. Therefore, this year, and next year I have hand tools on my wish list!
Posted: 8:32 am on January 7th

JSMD JSMD writes: I spent the last several years building a workbench in my spare time using as a start Frank Klauz's design from an article he wrote in the July/August 1985 issue of FWW. The completed bench is even more fun to use than I thought it would be, and building it introduced me to the use of mortising chisels and Japanese handsaws for making the required massive dovetails and mortice and tenon joints. I still can't believe I actually built the thing when I look at it. These days I am drooling over several Lie-Nielsen and Veritas handplanes, and a recent addition to my wish list is one of their backsaws.
Posted: 5:24 am on January 7th

GianniB GianniB writes: The new Delta Unisaw would be great or a cordless finish nailer.
Posted: 4:02 am on January 7th

juau4 juau4 writes: I would love to have a powerful scroll saw.
Posted: 1:12 am on January 7th

bill117 bill117 writes: I would like a lathe. I used my first one back in Jr High. We turned ash trays out of walnut rifle stocks from surplus WW2 rifle butts.
Posted: 11:59 pm on January 6th

timrowledge timrowledge writes: A router Boss setup might be nice. And a pony. Pink.
Posted: 11:30 pm on January 6th

FWBuilder FWBuilder writes: Almost any other plane/s from Lie-Nielson. Great products.
Posted: 10:51 pm on January 6th

shaker49 shaker49 writes: The L-N 60 1/2 sure would be nice. No more feddling to get a plane to work.
Posted: 10:12 pm on January 6th

mojomark mojomark writes: Mortise Pal with a Sorby corner chisel would be a sweet combination...!
Posted: 7:25 pm on January 6th

SkierHans SkierHans writes: I was lucky enough to receive the Fine WoodWorking archive DVD for Christmas, now I just need the time to put some of that inspiration to work! I'll have to revisit the Lie Neilsen catalog as a birthday wishlist now...
Posted: 6:36 pm on January 6th

Ray_S Ray_S writes: I had the Verita large scraper plane and small router plane on my list and got both for Christmas. Now I just have to find the time to sharpen them :-(

Everything else on the list just moved up for next year.

Happy New Year to everyone.
Posted: 4:55 pm on January 6th

MarkLaraNielsen MarkLaraNielsen writes: I hoped to get af set of Two Cherries chisels, insted I got a Makita belt sander. Wich i nice too.
Happy new year to all.

Posted: 4:51 pm on January 6th

Robtbaum Robtbaum writes: Lie-Nielsen tools are so nice looking it is almost tempting to display them like small sculptures.
Posted: 4:36 pm on January 6th

Robinwood1 Robinwood1 writes: A week at school with Brian Boggs in North Carolina would be top of my list. For the workshop??.......... Laguna bandsaw, anything Lie-Nielsen, Veritas or Ray Isles care to favour us with. It's a joy to see how many fine tools, hand or power, are being produced in this "new age" of woodworking. Last year I bought a rip tenon saw from Wenzloff and Son out of Oregon (through Lee Valley). Anyone who likes working with traditional back saws will LOVE this one.
Keep up the good work FW and Happy New Year to all.
Posted: 3:49 pm on January 6th

smeghead smeghead writes: A LV 4" double square (which I actually got!). This is the perfect WW gift. Non-woodworkers can recognize what it does without explaining (as opposed to something like a resaw fence or shelf hole jig), it fits within most budgets, and it's small enough to ship. Oh, and it's pretty darn useful too!
Posted: 3:19 pm on January 6th

oldewood oldewood writes: Lots more wood! Santa brought me a new plane, but no wood.
Posted: 3:18 pm on January 6th

RayRoc RayRoc writes:
This year my sons made Dads Christmas, very tool worthy,
for which I am greatful. Heres to all woodworkers, to have an accident free 2010, and beyond,

Posted: 3:16 pm on January 6th

SteveR1 SteveR1 writes: Anything from Festool
Posted: 1:54 pm on January 6th

paivey paivey writes: I wait with open arms
Posted: 1:43 pm on January 6th

paivey paivey writes: I wait with open arms
Posted: 1:42 pm on January 6th

paivey paivey writes: I wait with open arms
Posted: 1:42 pm on January 6th

paivey paivey writes: I wait with open arms
Posted: 1:41 pm on January 6th

canut canut writes: A blue spruce marking knife woul be very nice or a low angle apron plane from Lie-Nielsen also would be fantastic. But money is tight so anything for the shop is always welcome.
Posted: 1:19 pm on January 6th

bradf52 bradf52 writes: OK anything from Lie-Nielsen would be awesome!!
But for something I would get a lot of use out of would be the Dust Deputy!! I make enough dust well my poor shop vac and it's filter I need to clean out at least twice a day.
Having the Dust Deputy sure would cut down on the work by at least half!!
Posted: 12:59 pm on January 6th

PineSap PineSap writes: After many years of wood butchering using a Sears Radial Arm Saw for just about everything I finally got a dream tool: a General Cabinet Saw with a Delta Unifence. Then, the Saw Stop came out and the overall technology for safety devices took a giant leap forward, leaving my standard General anti-kickback and blade guard devices in the realm of the dinosaur. Still, it's a great saw that could be better if only there was a good, off the shelf retrofit available for an updated, more functional blade guard and riving knife.
Posted: 12:48 pm on January 6th

drllucas drllucas writes: Santa stinks! I got a note in my stocking saying the PM 66 wouldn't fit in the sleigh. I guess this note will put me on his naughty list for next Christmas, lol.
Posted: 12:47 pm on January 6th

drllucas drllucas writes: Anything from Lie-Nielsen would be great -- but I am sure getting tired of the mdf I clamp to my Delta 14" bandsaw for a fence. It makes that Laguna Driftmaster fence give-a-way look very intriguing.
Posted: 12:42 pm on January 6th

DDolphin DDolphin writes: Okay, I've voted on all the individual lists and made a few comments just in case my loved ones read these blogs and want to make up for the socks and underwear that I found under the tree this year. Though I hold out no real hope for this since my plea for contributions to a family table saw fund fell on deaf ears. Obviously reading bedtime stories from the tool catalogs to my son failed to make an impression. I was hoping for a bonding moment but at 19, he seemed to be less impressed than he was with those pop up books we used to read together. (Granted, that was a few years ago.) And the wife seems to prefer reading Oprah over those insightful articles in FW.

Speaking of which - here's my real question!!! Is Fine Woodworking going to extend that big sale to the archive dvd of past issues???? There's no way the wife is going to believe I need $150 for lunch money this week.
Posted: 12:40 pm on January 6th

southernhickory southernhickory writes: You can never have too many tools, there's always a use for something. Anyhow I would have no problem taking some tools off you're hands!
Posted: 12:33 pm on January 6th

Matt2009 Matt2009 writes: Lie-Nielson block planes are the best. This would be a fine giveaway!
Posted: 12:29 pm on January 6th

Corusco Corusco writes: I was hoping for a nice plane and some router table components, but we had to keep it extra simple this year. Instead we made up for it with some extra time with the family, which was really nice.
Posted: 12:28 pm on January 6th

ewdysar ewdysar writes: This Christmas had a smaller budget than usual so I kept my list to just a few items; marking tools, scrub plane and a Termite end-grain turning tool. It turned out to be an effective list... :)

I own a Lie-Nielsen block plane like the prize, and it is one of my favorite hand tools. My Mini Max MM16 could surely use the fence and guide upgrades and the dovetail jig has been on my "if I won the lottery" list for a while.

I hope that everyone's holidays were great, now it's time to get back into the shop to work on my list instead of presents.

Have fun, make stuff.
Posted: 12:27 pm on January 6th

Splinters55 Splinters55 writes: I have a lot of the stuff that has been on wish list. I am
just starting out with handplanes and I love them. Planes, spokeshaves and drawknives have cast the bug at me and I am hooked. Anything along those lines are appealing. I am looking at making some of my own as well. There is a lot of pride in the handmade jigs and tools in my shop. A major problem (really cool) is my wife loves woodworking and she makes many of her own tools as well.
Posted: 12:23 pm on January 6th

PineSap PineSap writes: Well, after many years of flipping thru years of past, paper issues of Fine Woodworking to find that article I knew was in there somewhere, I found 208 issues of Fine Woodworking in a neat little, searchable package under the tree this year. Hooray!
Posted: 12:18 pm on January 6th

hoag627 hoag627 writes: Any low angle veritas or Lie Nielson plane would be incredible!
Posted: 12:08 pm on January 6th

almartin almartin writes: Found an old Fulton jointer plane under the tree. A little cleaning and the mandatory iron tweaking will have it going like new.

That L-N block plane looks nice. And the hammer, and the dust deputy, and ...
Posted: 11:57 am on January 6th

bkcollins bkcollins writes: Santa has come and gone, and no Rikon 10-325 Bandsaw for me. I put a way a cash gift as a savings start, though, so maybe this month? It's a shame Grizzly discontinued its sale of its 2HP 17" saw ($715 in some advertisements). Are you listening, Grizzly?
Posted: 11:44 am on January 6th

Skindem Skindem writes: For this year, I surely need some good sharpening gear to sharpen all of the tools I recieved last year!
Posted: 11:37 am on January 6th

donk123 donk123 writes: Can Santa get me to the top of the waiting list for the turning course at Palomar College?
Posted: 11:30 am on January 6th

royalbull royalbull writes: I really want a good dovetail jig like this one.
Posted: 11:11 am on January 6th

flairwoodworks flairwoodworks writes: Who doesn't need more clamps? Good quality ones are relatively inexpensive item to buy, so they're always on the list.
Posted: 11:02 am on January 6th

pvanwa pvanwa writes: Happy New Year
Posted: 10:57 am on January 6th

Broker593 Broker593 writes: I asked for and received:

20 TPI Dovetail saw - Veritas
Medium Shoulder Plane - Veritas


Posted: 10:54 am on January 6th

d3miller d3miller writes: i wish i had asked for more insulation and better furnace.
Posted: 10:47 am on January 6th

Drange Drange writes: Santa got me a SawStop ICS! :-)
Posted: 10:45 am on January 6th

HarveyWildes HarveyWildes writes: Trying to finish up beds for the granddaughters, needed an assembly bench and some large clamps, both of which I got. Hoorah!
Posted: 10:15 am on January 6th

jarowil jarowil writes: I asked for an LN low angle block Plane and got it. It work good right out of the box and with a touch up on the blade it was great
Posted: 10:02 am on January 6th

boomerzimm boomerzimm writes: Maybe I was bad but when Santa can't get there there is always UPS.

Posted: 9:57 am on January 6th

ned000 ned000 writes: I asked for, and received a L/N gift certificate. In my dreams I would like a high end heavy work bench, but I think I will use it on a new dovetail saw.
Posted: 9:47 am on January 6th

rhenton rhenton writes: My tools are fine. My shop is small, but workable. All I want is a fun and safe (injury-free) year - again!
Posted: 9:21 am on January 6th

emmitt272727 emmitt272727 writes: I have never met a plane I didn't like. don't own a L/N, but would love to. I am partial to the flea market/antique store planes, that like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, just need a little love and attention to make them acceptable users.
Posted: 9:21 am on January 6th

Dadzor Dadzor writes: I would love to have a Kreg R3 Pocket Hole Joinery Kit.

Actually I would love to have a lot of tools, (Veritas planes come to mind)but I would gladly settle for this kit.

Posted: 9:20 am on January 6th

SCMedLion SCMedLion writes: It's sometimes hard to decide what is the most necessary next tool purchase. I am trying to get tools primarily as individual projects demand. I have enjoyed developing some handtool skills over the last year and acquiring planes and saws gradually in the process. It's nice to limit the loud dust-producing power tools to initial dimensioning of lumber and then enjoy the quiet action of fine hand tools, whether a tuned old Stanley or a new Lie-Nielsen product.

I do have trouble with drift when using my older model Kreg fence, so I hope my name comes out of the hat!
Posted: 9:18 am on January 6th

Chrislac Chrislac writes: was hoping for a L/N workbench. It sure is a nice one.
Posted: 9:17 am on January 6th

FBCII FBCII writes: I have coveted the Lie Nielsen low angle adjustable mouth block plane for a long tome. That said the fence on my bandsaw now is a block of wood clamped to the table
Posted: 9:05 am on January 6th

Choban Choban writes: Looking to aquire more equipment and jigs this next year. Need a bandsaw fence.
Posted: 8:54 am on January 6th

randyklein randyklein writes: I would like a bigger shop, but that may not be practical.
Posted: 8:33 am on January 6th

illron illron writes: lie-nielsen #7 jointer under the tree... now i just need the 4.5 smoother.
Posted: 8:25 am on January 6th

tighter tighter writes: I enjoy building custom artisan furniture and a Lie-Nielsen low-angle Jack, smoothing and low angle block plane would allow me to move to the next level!
Happy Woodworing Everyone!
Posted: 8:14 am on January 6th

akreid akreid writes: A number 5 Lie-Nielsen block plane, low angle jack plane and a Delta Uni-saw would likely make my shop a little more square.
Posted: 8:07 am on January 6th

benito benito writes: geez, should I tell you what I *don't* want? Might be quicker...
top of the list, though is a couple of nice saws--crosscut and rip.
Posted: 7:47 am on January 6th

wkerNwood wkerNwood writes: This year was all about hand tools for me. I got a Lie-Nielsen crosscut backsaw and a Tite-Mark marking gauge from Glen Drake. Both excellent tools and joy to use!
Posted: 7:42 am on January 6th

w5 w5 writes: Every year my family laugh when I have clamps on my list. They just dont understand how many time I run out of clamps.
Laugh if they wont,but they will always be at the to of my list.
Posted: 7:28 am on January 6th

SDJ13 SDJ13 writes: Last year I got a gift card, but, alas, no woodworking gifts this year. This may be attributable to the fact that my tastes in tools is growing exponentially more expensive as I learn that high quality (hand) tools really DO make a difference. My Dad used to say "Blame the craftsman, not the tools." Apparently he never tried to smooth a board with a cheap plane and then got a chance to try it with a Veritas. Good tools make a difference, excellent tools make a HUGE difference.
Posted: 6:55 am on January 6th

dlrooky dlrooky writes: Bad news is that there were no tools under the tree this year. Good news is that there were a couple of nice gift cards. My philosophy still is that if you cannot afford good tools, it is far better to save up until you can rather than buy cheap tools immediately.
Posted: 5:30 am on January 6th

bnichols bnichols writes: Got a set of waterstones for Christmas. Never thought I needed to sharpen my hand tools but I realize now how wrong I was. What a huge difference.
Posted: 5:23 am on January 6th

jgayhardt jgayhardt writes: Norton waterstones showed up under the tree! DVD had easy-to-follow basics for technique; hand chisel work has moved to the next level.
Posted: 4:45 am on January 6th

GregS GregS writes: I'm just glad there are still quality companies making quality tools these days.
Posted: 11:20 pm on January 5th

Stu in Tokyo Stu in Tokyo writes: Love the Lie Nielsen stuff!
Posted: 10:48 pm on January 5th

Haanzig Haanzig writes: I love to collect hand planes & the Lie-Nielson low angle block plane is a beaut! The only thing I love more is using them ! My collection includes many antique wooden planes that belonged to my granddad {an English Carpenter/Cabinet Maker} I still use his tools for projects throughout my circa 1883 home .
Posted: 9:29 pm on January 5th

customlaplante customlaplante writes: ooooh i really need a shoulder plane. although i would love to have anything on that list. i do have a nice Laguna band saw that i still c-clamp a plywood resaw fence on the table. dust collection is always a good thing also.
Posted: 6:55 pm on January 5th

cutshurt cutshurt writes: Although I enjoy cutting dovetails by hand, the Leigh dovetail jig looks pretty nice. I am also intrigued by the Oneida Dust Deputy and I really like the L-N brass cross peen hammer.
Posted: 5:19 pm on January 5th

cjh20 cjh20 writes: Short list this year - SawStop. Looks like it will be my list next year too.

Posted: 4:15 pm on January 5th

Rjones25 Rjones25 writes: I would love a set of Veritas saws. I'm pretty new to the craft and would like to work with some quality tools.
Posted: 4:09 pm on January 5th

twodot twodot writes: What I wanted and received was a Veritas scraping plane. what I also wanted but knew I wasn't gong to get was a Festool miter saw.
Posted: 4:01 pm on January 5th

twodot twodot writes: What I wanted and received was a Veritas scraping plane. what I also wanted but knew I wasn't gong to get was a Festool miter saw.
Posted: 4:00 pm on January 5th

sbrantley sbrantley writes: I must have been good this year. I got several hand tools, from bench chisels to saws. Now I've got my eye on a new bandsaw.
Posted: 3:28 pm on January 5th

TopGunnerDecoys TopGunnerDecoys writes: Its sad - my wife is on a first name basis with all the guys at Lie Nielsen - she buys more from them than I do - fortuantely I get it all and thanks to their wishlist she always gets me the right tools. And I like that anything from Lie Nielsen will be passed on to future generations - We recently attended the Open House in Maine - a worthwhile trip for any wood worker, the people there are really proud of their product and it shows
Posted: 3:27 pm on January 5th

rollo1 rollo1 writes: Asked for a bunch of Lee Valley gear:
Detail chisel set
Router plane
Saddle squares (straight and DT's)

I've been good! Honest!
Posted: 2:53 pm on January 5th

CaseQuarter CaseQuarter writes: Well, my hoiliday needful thing was a jointer. I actually did get one. So now I guess a drill press is going to have to be it.
Posted: 1:18 pm on January 5th

jween jween writes: OOPS, sorry about the multiple posts. No way to delete.
Posted: 10:26 am on January 5th

jween jween writes: This sounds like fun! Hope I win!
Posted: 10:25 am on January 5th

jween jween writes: This sounds like fun! Hope I win!
Posted: 10:24 am on January 5th

jween jween writes: This sounds like fun! Hope I win!
Posted: 10:24 am on January 5th

jween jween writes: This sounds like fun! Hope I win!
Posted: 10:24 am on January 5th

jween jween writes: This sounds like fun! Hope I win!
Posted: 10:23 am on January 5th

jween jween writes: This sounds like fun! Hope I win!
Posted: 10:23 am on January 5th

jween jween writes: This sounds like fun! Hope I win!
Posted: 10:22 am on January 5th

ScienceTeacher ScienceTeacher writes: Most definitely would like the dovetail jig. I've been doing larger pieces and I am moving to some smaller work - such as clocks and boxes - with finer details.

Posted: 8:07 pm on January 4th

chucktown chucktown writes: Didn't get it, but still looking for my new cabinet saw...Honey!!! It was back ordered...that's it.
Hope everyone had a great holiday.
Posted: 11:25 am on January 4th

boloman boloman writes: A drill press with mortising attachment and a good 14" or bigger band saw would round out my shop nicely. Of course any L/N or Veritas Tool would be a treat to have!
Posted: 10:13 am on January 4th

reeltime1 reeltime1 writes: Well-- I just started tooling up for my next 2 projects-- screen door and a workbench. So anything to help me build them would have been great-- but my stocking was a little empty-- so I just bought my first L/N smoothing plane-- can't wait to use it.

Posted: 9:20 pm on January 3rd

reeltime1 reeltime1 writes: Well-- I just started tooling up for my next 2 projects-- screen door and a workbench. So anything to help me build them would have been great-- but my stocking was a little empty-- so I just bought my first L/N smoothing plane-- can't wait to use it.

Posted: 9:20 pm on January 3rd

Emmrys Emmrys writes: I would love to have any plane actually in a working condition. What I asked for and got was quick grip clamps and panned to buy myself but also got was a new dremel to replace the one that disappeared.
Posted: 11:27 am on January 3rd

Nunzino Nunzino writes: Man I would love one of those prizes it would be great.
Posted: 11:22 pm on January 2nd

dccase dccase writes: It would be great to get a new high quiality L/N plane.
Posted: 10:05 pm on January 2nd

TonySic TonySic writes: I really want a band saw. I have a small, garage-based shop, and I have been collecting essential tools over the course of ten years. I don't have much, but what I do have I make the best of. I'm looking at a Grizzly G0555 "The Ultimate" 14" Band Saw. Saving my pennies...
Posted: 9:17 pm on January 2nd

mgreene93 mgreene93 writes: It would be great to have a brand new, well made plane, instead of buying used planes that need a lot of work.
Posted: 11:21 am on January 2nd

riley_g riley_g writes: I asked for a set of L-N planes, chisels, and/or a new table saw. What I got was pajama bottoms and a's a pretty nice hat, though.
Posted: 8:25 am on January 2nd

KirjothRamah KirjothRamah writes: Any product by Lie-Nielsen would be a welcoming gift! They make the best tools (in my opinion), in quality and beauty, I've seen for the common man today!

Thank you Fine Woodworking for a great woodworking magazine and website! I love the Fine Woodworking Video Projects and the associated downloads. I hope in the near future we will be able to download the videos for those of us with less reliable internet (like those of us deployed to Iraq).

I believe 2010 will be a FINE year for woodworking!
Posted: 5:54 am on January 1st

KirjothRamah KirjothRamah writes: Any product by Lie-Nielsen would be a welcoming gift! They make the best tools (in my opinion), in quality and beauty, I've seen for the common man today!

Thank you Fine Woodworking for a great woodworking magazine and website! I love the Fine Woodworking Video Projects and the associated downloads. I hope in the near future we will be able to download the videos for those of us with less reliable internet (like those of us deployed to Iraq).

I believe 2010 will be a FINE year for woodworking!
Posted: 5:53 am on January 1st

KirjothRamah KirjothRamah writes: Any product by Lie-Nielsen would be a welcoming gift! They make the best tools (in my opinion), in quality and beauty, I've seen for the common man today!

Thank you Fine Woodworking for a great woodworking magazine and website! I love the Fine Woodworking Video Projects and the associated downloads. I hope in the near future we will be able to download the videos for those of us with less reliable internet (like those of us deployed to Iraq).

I believe 2010 will be a FINE year for woodworking!
Posted: 5:53 am on January 1st

KirjothRamah KirjothRamah writes: Any product by Lie-Nielsen would be a welcoming gift! They make the best tools (in my opinion), in quality and beauty, I've seen for the common man today!

Thank you Fine Woodworking for a great woodworking magazine and website! I love the Fine Woodworking Video Projects and the associated downloads. I hope in the near future we will be able to download the videos for those of us with less reliable internet (like those of us deployed to Iraq).

I believe 2010 will be a FINE year for woodworking!
Posted: 5:53 am on January 1st

matt_ww matt_ww writes: I'll take 'em all, but what I really need is a thickness planer!
Posted: 9:53 pm on December 31st

woodenhorse woodenhorse writes: Tools are always welcome gifts. I received a very nice tenon jig this year and it is sure to get a full workout in my shop.
Posted: 7:43 pm on December 31st

Red_F Red_F writes: I have a young kid so all gifts this year revolved around him. We had a wonderful Christmas!
Posted: 12:41 pm on December 31st

mrfixitnow mrfixitnow writes: There is no such thing as having too many tools.
Posted: 11:46 am on December 31st

DustDragon DustDragon writes: Just got a new sharpening system. I couldn't afford the tormek, so I got a Work Sharp WS3000. Surprisingly good results. I need a big ol' bandsaw and more floor space to put it. A bigger lathe would be nice, too...

Posted: 11:10 am on December 31st

junderw5 junderw5 writes: Received a Barracuda 2 Special Edition Lathe Chuck and love it. Just started turning this year on an old Shop Smith 10-ER that my dad picked up used. That was probably 45 years ago or more. It is delightful to say the least. Turning some small bowls and some drum sticks. Also picked up a Bosch 1617 Router Kit and using it in a kitchen remodel job here at home. What versatile and useful tool. Looking forward to using it on some projects after the kitchen gets finished. Thanks FW for a great magazine and a very useful website.
Posted: 10:37 am on December 31st

hightechz hightechz writes: I gave my mom every Veritas ad I could find and circled all the stuff I wanted (shoulder plane, mini shoulder plane, super mini shoulder plane, etc). She ended up getting me a Stanly block plane from Home Depot. I needed one anyway, and it was actually honed from the factory (although I'll redo it anyway). But she really just heard plane, not Veritas, shoulder, or mini shoulder, or anything. Oh well, there's always next year.....
Posted: 10:50 pm on December 30th

gary45 gary45 writes: I got a low angle jack plane and a scraper set from Lee Valley. Santa must have thought I was a very good boy!
Posted: 8:44 pm on December 30th

mortisermouse mortisermouse writes: I don't think Santa could fit the Sawstop down the chimney, but I would be more than happy with a Lie-Nielsen medium shoulder plane.
Posted: 8:43 pm on December 30th

WoodLess WoodLess writes: Didn't ask for anything related to woodworking. I did get a tape measure from my granddaughters. Just posting on the outside chance I could win one of the prizes.
Posted: 7:50 pm on December 30th

shoev shoev writes: A new set of japanese carving chisels, a Powermatic lathe for large turnings, a new Delta Unisaw, a Lie-Nielsen hand plane....Oh, and some fabulous wood to work on with them, and while we are at it a nice power and dust collection upgrade for the shop so I can quit tripping over the extension cords and dust collector tubes. We can dream can't we...
Posted: 6:19 pm on December 30th

dczh dczh writes: I asked for a table top bandsaw, which is not in your list. So I can't vote for one of the tools, if you had listed "other" I could have selected it.
Posted: 4:24 pm on December 30th

CLamb CLamb writes: Any of the first four items would be a great addition to my shop. I did receive the Dust Devil which was on my wish list, and it works great. Just one caution. The hose fittings are non-standard, and as I discovered neither Rockler, or any other source has a true standard regardless of size stated. I had to jerry-rig the fittings to my Shop-Vac, and the hose to my Shop-Vac do not fit the intake port so had to do some more jerry-rigging. Thank goodnes, Rockler offers a tape specifically for vacuum lines and with enough wraps I was able to make things fit.

Posted: 2:48 pm on December 30th

mstrrktek mstrrktek writes: It was interesting to see that one of the highest, if not the highest, voting was for lumber of the four polls. Of course, this is somewhat obvious since without that, we would not be woodworkers, but tool collectors! Oh wait, I'm a tool collector (probably more than a woodworker!)! Okay, guess we don't need lumber!
Posted: 2:05 pm on December 30th

paulmouse paulmouse writes: All of the items would be great for anybody's wish list. I would put the Leigh dovetail jig at the top of mine.
Posted: 12:14 pm on December 30th

flyinrebel flyinrebel writes: I had most of this stuff on my wishlist, and didn't get a one.
Posted: 12:49 pm on December 29th

butchf18a butchf18a writes: Wow the list could be endless, still I'd settle for some Lie-Nielson planes to round out my selection.
Posted: 11:44 pm on December 28th

tomcarver tomcarver writes: Hello, I need some good quality squares. I'm tired of the big box trash. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Posted: 5:36 pm on December 28th

seabear seabear writes: I'm almost done renovating an old 20" Delta bandsaw. I have been gathering interesting figured wood from the northwest area to resaw veneers and panels for a variety of projects including a tool cabinet, chests and boxes.
Any Lie Nielsen or Veritas plane would be wonderful.
Posted: 3:58 pm on December 28th

TopspinD TopspinD writes: I'm really horrible at grinding my plane/chisel blades. I need a veritas grinding rest/jig combination. That's #1 on my list. #2 is a 890 plunge base. The 890 I have came as part of a lot in an estate auction - with incra fence, router lift, rockler router table top, and fixed base but not the plunge base... best $100 I spent last year. Added steel legs (on sale now) recently and a table switch... just need that plunge base for other uses of the motor.
Posted: 2:39 pm on December 28th

toolmanjh toolmanjh writes: I started out with power tools under the maxim, "if I can clamp it and hold it still, the power tool will do the work for me." After much sawdust eating, and ringing ears, I'm appreciating hand tools, and fine planes and dovetail saws are something I'm beginning to need.
Posted: 11:48 pm on December 27th

WLOplustic WLOplustic writes: I'm new to woodworking, so any one of the prizes would be grade.
Posted: 7:28 pm on December 26th

customwoodwork customwoodwork writes: or anyone of the other tools.
Posted: 1:56 pm on December 26th

customwoodwork customwoodwork writes: Sign me up I could use a DriftMaster
Posted: 1:55 pm on December 26th

calouche calouche writes: Witty repartieeee. Sign me up.
Posted: 10:04 am on December 26th

lsteed lsteed writes: The Lie-Neilson low angle block plane would also be a fabulous addition to my shop. Up to now I have concentrated on building up an arsenal of power tools at the expense of good hand tools. I am beginning to see the light though , and would like to get a really good block plane and a good smoother. What better choice could there be than Lie-Neilson?
Posted: 7:55 pm on December 25th

lsteed lsteed writes: Since I am in the process of ordering a LT18 3000, the Driftmaster would be a fabulous accessory to go along with it. In keeping with the spirit of the season, I suppose that I should be wishing this great product on someone more deserving, but I just can't honestly think of a better candidate for it than me!!!
Posted: 7:28 pm on December 25th

jfew jfew writes: As a beginner, I am working on starting my hand tool collection. The block plane would be a great start.
Posted: 12:49 pm on December 25th

2dtenor 2dtenor writes: I have collected enough OLD Stanley planes so that the block plane is not my highest priority (even though I hear everyone saying that the L-N tools are light years ahead of the old Stanley planes.) My next power tool needs to be a jointer; it needs to be at least an 8" model, preferably with a spiral cutter system. However, I'd be might happy to find one of those Leigh dovetail jigs under the tree tomorrow morning.

Posted: 7:49 pm on December 24th

yannick yannick writes: As a beginner, my first plane will be a block plane. No matter what. :)
Posted: 6:01 pm on December 24th

icomba icomba writes: i would love to get a drift master fence cuz im gonna get a laguna bandsaw the new LT14SUV the best bandsaw so i need the best fence to go with it. i doubt i'll win with all these other comments but good luck to everyone and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :-)
Posted: 4:25 pm on December 24th

Eireannach Eireannach writes: I think a shoulder or rabbet plane would be really useful. I have had several opportunities to use one lately, although I have never used one before.
Posted: 2:01 pm on December 24th

Kennando Kennando writes: I would definitely have to go with the block plane as #1 on my Christmas wish list.
Posted: 12:09 pm on December 24th

tjhart tjhart writes:
nothing beats a quality chisel or block plane to finish the last details on a project. I would love a new set of LN chisels or a LN block plane.
Posted: 11:17 am on December 24th

Croc Croc writes: I have been woodworking for oover 40 years and my wish list is just as long today as it ever was. Still don't have one of those nice Lie-Nielson block planes though.

Posted: 10:53 am on December 24th

waffledodger waffledodger writes: Merry Christmas woodworking. I'm sure Santa has a few extra tools in his shop that he would be willing to pass on this year...
Posted: 9:53 am on December 24th

Emmrys Emmrys writes: There are so many things I would love to have. However, what I am going to get is some Irwin clamps. I don't have any that I can use one handed. I am also getting a replacement for my dremel that disappeared a few years ago. I have really missed being able to use the router attachment with the dremel.
Posted: 8:36 am on December 24th

Taigert Taigert writes: How do people likr these L/N hammers. They almost look like the hammer user for doing sheet metal, just on a smaller scale. I wouldn't mind having one, I could see a few places it would come in handy.

Posted: 3:11 am on December 24th

Taigert Taigert writes: The Dust Deputy would be a real help in my shop. I get tired of dealing with clogged filters all the time. It would pay for it self in a short period of time. I wonder how many filters, I wouldn't have to buy in a year.
Posted: 3:07 am on December 24th

Rhysling Rhysling writes: If Lee Valley Tools were Santa and his elves in disguise my Christmas list would be very short. I'd just say, "One of each, please."

Merry Christmas everyone. To the staff and contributors at Fine Woodworking a special thank you for another really great year. It's as if Christmas comes eight times a year.
Posted: 12:17 am on December 24th

JerrySats JerrySats writes: Santa
I'm not picky you can bring me anything. I'll be just as happy with a new shop as I would be with chisel. Well I would be a little more happy with a new shop .
Merry Christmas you all

Jerry Sats
Posted: 5:05 pm on December 23rd

sharonlev sharonlev writes: Incra positioner would be nice, and the Laguna driftmaster
Posted: 4:14 pm on December 23rd

GoRedsUS GoRedsUS writes: The block plane is on my list and would be a great addition to my shop. Thanks for the chance to win it.
Posted: 3:58 pm on December 23rd

vrmike vrmike writes: Awesome for you guys to give back. That dovetail jig would be pretty sweet!
Posted: 2:56 pm on December 23rd

JimKirkpatrick JimKirkpatrick writes: If friendship is the bread of life, money is the honey!
Posted: 2:19 pm on December 23rd

trchrlnd trchrlnd writes: It is nice to see you share the holiday spirit and give to you subscriber a little holiday cheer. I "wood" love the driftmaster fence if you were so inclined. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and keep up the great work.
Posted: 1:55 pm on December 23rd

Blackwill Blackwill writes: After a little consideration, I've decided that the hand saws, planes and chisels on my list are probably going to have to move to the top. I work really odd hours, and I'd love to be able to work in the shop without waking the family or neighbors (anymore). That would make a nice Christmas present for me AND for them :)

Happy Holidays, everyone! It's been nice woodworking with you this year!!

Posted: 1:31 pm on December 23rd

bko bko writes: The Lie-Nielsen stuff is great! Tom L-N has been a great friend to the woodworking world by making it possible to keep the hand-tool tradition alive and prospering. With L-N, would you have had a tablesaw vs handsaw tenon shoot out?

It's a wonderful woodworking life!
Posted: 12:29 pm on December 23rd

yohann yohann writes: The Oneida system looks great. I cannot work in my garage in winter simply because there is no heater (well atleast affordable) that can compensate for the great Canadian winter. However i would be willing to brave it out if i had a Dust collection System that would allow me to saw wood with the garage doors closed.
Hope my wish comes true
Posted: 11:49 am on December 23rd

Terry_Leach Terry_Leach writes: I too am very grateful for what I already have in my shop. That's not to say I do not want more "stuff", I do! I think one of the greatest things to happen to me over the past several years is having the time to read articles and comments from my fellow woodworkers and seeing just how clever and ingenious so many of you guys are and I find it inspiring too that so many folks are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with others. Good Woodworking to you all. Terry Leach.
Posted: 10:55 am on December 23rd

mdinterman mdinterman writes: Two words Lie-Neilsen. Or is it on hyphenated word? Who cares, anything from Lie-Neilsen.
Posted: 10:30 am on December 23rd

JDaugherty JDaugherty writes: Anything from Lie-Nielsen would be great. I wouldn't complain about a driftmaster either! I'd like to have a nice set of shapton stones too!
Posted: 9:48 am on December 23rd

Polt Polt writes: I agree, the wife can't complain about something you have won! Now...if I could only find a spot to put another tool...
Posted: 7:58 am on December 23rd

Davebl Davebl writes: I've been informed by the wife that I've got enough tools. She's wrong of course, but I'll be a good boy and get everyone what they want, and forget my own desires, at least for now. So here's where this giveaway comes in! She can't complain about something I won now can she?
Posted: 2:17 am on December 23rd

MrDG MrDG writes: I sure would like a new/better bandsaw.

Posted: 12:45 am on December 23rd

JeffFuchs JeffFuchs writes: A new Unisaw with a riving knife would be a nice addition to the shop.
Posted: 9:49 pm on December 22nd

johnjosiah johnjosiah writes: Lie-Nielsen planes and a saw-stop would be great.
Posted: 8:24 pm on December 22nd

_T_ _T_ writes: If I could only have one item for Christmas...
It would be more TIME to spend in the shop:-)

Merry Christmas everyone,
Posted: 8:15 pm on December 22nd

Gil52 Gil52 writes: Everything on my xmas wish list is from Lee Valley. They are an excellent company to do business with. Fine products and very good customer service. I hope santa gets everything here by xmas.
Posted: 6:54 pm on December 22nd

hiker1rob hiker1rob writes: That veritas plow plane would be amazing
Posted: 6:50 pm on December 22nd

nznix nznix writes: my bandsaw so needs one of these.
Posted: 6:05 pm on December 22nd

Grant_w Grant_w writes: This is my first post to this site, because I just signed up after going to this sight for over a year. My list is really long, but I wont get any of it because my wife gets to confused when I talk about tools. I was talking about a angle grinder one day and she asked me what a ankle grinder was used for. I guess I can always hope Santa will deliver something under the tree. Maybe a nice low angle block plane to go next to my standard one.
Posted: 5:29 pm on December 22nd

Kaz Kaz writes: Everyone,

May you have a safe and happy holiday, filled with family time, love and laughter. May all your shop dreams come true and may you get that special gift you have been longing after!
Posted: 5:14 pm on December 22nd

pbrin pbrin writes: I thought I was making progress in the race to have it all! As I am thoroughly reworking my shop content and layout this proved interesting. I am moving more toward handtools so Santa could leave me a nice, softly glowing LN low angle jack. I would be a very happy shaver with one of those.
Posted: 4:40 pm on December 22nd

idafleetdoc idafleetdoc writes: So many tools, so little time. My one wish would be the Laguna Driftmaster. It would go nicely with my Laguna bandsaw which has been upgraded with ceramic guides and the Laguna resaw king blade. Merry Christmas to you all.

Posted: 4:28 pm on December 22nd

Daryl Daryl writes: I think woodworkers should be able to take one from column A and one from column B. Especially when the columns are full of Lie Nielsens and Festools. But then, even if our tools aren't that great, well, we can read in FWW how to MAKE them GREAT!!!!
Posted: 3:25 pm on December 22nd

ajbergren ajbergren writes: Where is the choice for 1000 board feet of curly cherry? I think I've got the tools covered, I just need materials to make stuff!!
Posted: 2:40 pm on December 22nd

Laliberte Laliberte writes: I think I would like one of each items listed under each category! Happy Holidays to all saw dust makers!
Posted: 2:01 pm on December 22nd

RalphBarker RalphBarker writes: I was really hoping for a #4 workshop expander, but I didn't see it on any of the polls. ;-)
Posted: 12:55 pm on December 22nd

christhebarr christhebarr writes: Oh how I long for tools for Christmas! A Porter Cable Belt Sander especially!
Posted: 12:45 pm on December 22nd

V123 V123 writes: Proud to see Veritas and Leigh having such a strong presence :-)

Canuck in the snow
Posted: 12:45 pm on December 22nd

cfristad cfristad writes: My aims this christmas were to spend more time in the shop and hopefully expand my small(also cheap), but ever growing, collection of hand planes. I it sounds like there's a theme in this list...
Posted: 12:33 pm on December 22nd

DDDean DDDean writes: Merry Christmas. Thanks for a chance to win something for Christmas that most of us could or would not be able to get for Christmas.
Posted: 12:28 pm on December 22nd

JoeAlpeza JoeAlpeza writes: Any one of those would look good under our tree....but I'll be happy to wait until after Christmas if it takes a little while to deliver one to me!
Posted: 11:35 am on December 22nd

jojojellybean jojojellybean writes: I've been good - haven't told any lies lately....
Posted: 10:30 am on December 22nd

Woodsmithy Woodsmithy writes: Any of these tools would look good under the tree with my name on it. Come on Santa
Posted: 10:19 am on December 22nd

towel towel writes: Santa's leaving a Lie-Nielsen 62 low angle jack. One of his elve's told me......
Posted: 9:46 am on December 22nd

MGD1948 MGD1948 writes: Currently building a bandsaw table. A Laguna driftsaw fence sure would make it look cool :-)
Posted: 9:31 am on December 22nd

gparas gparas writes: I thought Lie-Nielsen WAS Santa Clause !! I've been a very good boy. Please place a shiny toy under my bench.

Happy Holidays
Posted: 9:04 am on December 22nd

drllucas drllucas writes: That bandsaw fence would be awesome too -- looks like it would be better that the board clamped to my Delta 14", lol.
Posted: 8:49 am on December 22nd

drllucas drllucas writes: Once a week I go to the Lie-Nielsen website and drool. When I win the lottery that is the first place I will go -- and then to Oneida for good dust collection. Maybe I should forget the lottery and write a letter to Santa?
Posted: 8:48 am on December 22nd

BobbyShaw BobbyShaw writes: Definitely need the #4 smoother and a jointer.
Posted: 8:16 am on December 22nd

Andrey Andrey writes: Free time to build my new workbench inspired by Joshua Finn.
Posted: 6:54 am on December 22nd

ConstantRemodeler ConstantRemodeler writes: A central dust collector and a drum sander though thats more than I should ask for. On the hand tool side a Veritas bevel up jack plane is what I want most.
Posted: 6:49 am on December 22nd

bob_barnett bob_barnett writes: I was happy with my tool inventory then I read the wish list and though OMG look at all of the stuff I still want.
Posted: 6:41 am on December 22nd

djgtor djgtor writes: A new workbench would be a great gift to put in my shop. Some accessories would be nice also...
Posted: 6:10 am on December 22nd

jacmanl jacmanl writes: I would love to let all know that the LN Shoulder Plane works fine here in Australia. It would make a valuable addition to my unplugged workshop.
Posted: 6:10 am on December 22nd

ingrainedcreations ingrainedcreations writes: Wanted a table saw -- never had one. Did some research. Got good opinions from Knots contributors (thanks guys @ gals). Finally picked out the Bosch 4100-09 reviewed in FW's Winter '09 issue. My wife bought it for me as an early Christmas gift. Love it!!!

Since I already have the world's greatest woman (thanks honey), my only other Christmas request is that the Lord will grant me a long time to please her with the furniture I create using that saw.
Posted: 12:28 am on December 22nd

DTharp DTharp writes: Since 'more (or any) shop space' isn't on the list, a serviceable plane and a decent front vise would make this a very merry Christmas! FWW, you take care of the plane and I'll spring for the vise......
Posted: 11:08 pm on December 21st

toobguy toobguy writes: I am always open to any new tools - but a dedicated shop is what I would really like. Sharing space with (wet) cars isn't the greatest - but it has worked so far. But it would be nice to be able to heat it. Be easier as far as working under reasonably fixed environmental conditions. Some things I simply will not do because of this. So a dedicated workshop tops the list. Any of the giveaways here would be welcome - I can accommodate them nicely!
Posted: 10:52 pm on December 21st

ktkamm ktkamm writes: Hoping for a LN gift certificate and some quiet time in the shop!
Posted: 10:46 pm on December 21st

BigO BigO writes: Wow I could so use any of these tools but probably the blade guides the most. the current European ones I own are such a pain. Happy Holidays fellas!!!
Posted: 10:25 pm on December 21st

syutzy syutzy writes: Looking forward to getting a few hand tools this christmas and starting down that path. No room in the basement for the big power tools.
Posted: 10:14 pm on December 21st

MP72 MP72 writes: The thing that I would really love for Christmas is a nice new workbench. I want a really stout bench but I am not sure that anyone that I know can afford to buy me a bench that I would want. I guess I will have to just make a bench but if thats the case then I could use some new Laguna bandsaw guides or the new Laguna Driftmaster as these would come in handy as I rip and resaw lumber that I will be using in my bench. Of course the Leigh 18 Dovetail jig would make the joints that I need to create during the bench construction. Now the Dust Deputy would come in handy because I could clean up the mess I make during construction(without having to clean my filter every 5 minutes) of the bench and also use it to keep the bench clean after its made. The Lie Nielsen block plane would put a nice little chamfer on the bench and help clean up the dowels that are on the bench trestle style legs. Last but not least The LN brass cross peen hammer is just the coolest little hammer I have ever seen and I know that I could use to beat the heck out of something on the bench(or maybe just us it to tap my plane irons in place gently). I hope everyone has wonderful holidays!
Posted: 10:11 pm on December 21st

waynew waynew writes: I've had my eye on one of those DriftMaster fences for a while now. The fence that came with my saw was never accurate and the DriftMaster appears to embody everything that I would want in a fence. It appears very well made too.

Posted: 9:25 pm on December 21st

Artex Artex writes: Yes, an adjustable mouth block plane from LN will be high on my list, it is one of those "woodworking life little treasures" you can´t live without.
Posted: 9:15 pm on December 21st

willhon willhon writes: A block plane is one of the most useful tools a woodworker could have. I've been using an ancient Stanley I salvaged and restored from my grandfather's tool shed for years now. It'd sure be nice to retire it.
Posted: 9:02 pm on December 21st

luciouslar luciouslar writes: The older I get the more quiet I want in the shop. So a set of planes from Lie-Neilsen would be awesome! Oh yeah a 3520b From Powermatic
Posted: 8:37 pm on December 21st

brownman brownman writes: I'd like to be able to afford the Driftmaster Fence or the LT Ceramic guides from Laguna. It's a little tough when your purchasing gifts for eight children. I'm wishing and hoping Santa will make my wishes come true.
Posted: 8:37 pm on December 21st

sadie170 sadie170 writes: That driftmaster fence sure look better than the one that I built.

Posted: 8:17 pm on December 21st

Turbochief Turbochief writes: I'm looking towards a Starrett 6 inch combination square for my next gift/acquisition. I can't believe how important their 6 inch rule has been in my projects the last ten years.
Posted: 7:57 pm on December 21st

Taigert Taigert writes: I'd never turn down a chance to win a free tool, but even more so when it's a Lie Nielsen tool.
Posted: 7:48 pm on December 21st

Posted: 6:44 pm on December 21st

DonTito89 DonTito89 writes: it would be nice to win any of these thing. especially with my budget.
Posted: 6:39 pm on December 21st

tt1106 tt1106 writes: I could really use some Lumber. My project list has everything except for wood.
Posted: 6:22 pm on December 21st

jumpminow jumpminow writes: Just bought a Laguna band saw, but couldn't afford the Driftmaster Fence. Sure would like one though. Hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Posted: 5:54 pm on December 21st

MarkSnz MarkSnz writes: Like several people here timber is my first wish. Down here in New Zealand we have a couple of native timbers, Rimu and Kauri, which are popular with woodworkers. Kauri is my favourite with honey tones and straight grain. Apart from demo stuff it's hard to come by and pricey. Go Santa!

Merry Xmas and a great New Year to you all from the south pacific.
Posted: 1:38 pm on December 20th

dplumpkin dplumpkin writes: I appreciate the opportunity to quietly and inconspicuously beg for attention - hopefully resulting in being given a winning tool or piece of equipment for my small shop. Anything would be welcomed and would be put to good use.
Posted: 9:34 am on December 20th

highpro highpro writes: The basic 3 hand planes, dovetail and tenon saw please!
Posted: 8:58 am on December 20th

snichols snichols writes: I'd like to get a whole new set of handplanes: No 4 LN, Low angle Veritas Jack and Jointer!! Come on Santa!
Posted: 11:02 pm on December 19th

Rick_Dudley Rick_Dudley writes: Any woodworking christmas present makes the day brighter.
Posted: 7:48 pm on December 19th

Rick_Dudley Rick_Dudley writes: Dust Deputy the cost effective dust solution.
Posted: 7:46 pm on December 19th

chatito chatito writes: Best wishes for all of us from Costa Rica, I like the best router table...

Posted: 7:44 pm on December 19th

flskipper flskipper writes: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. I would love to have a bench top mortiser and tenioning jig to try building craftsman style furniture.
Posted: 6:14 pm on December 19th

dba dba writes: If i had a bandsaw big enough, This is the fence id have. top of the wish list, a bigger saw.
Posted: 5:55 pm on December 19th

SirJay_Ret SirJay_Ret writes: My shop/garage is dual purpose so everything shop-wise must be on wheels to get out of the way for vehicles. The wheeled work bench serves many purposes with removable plates which hide mountings for a router table, mortiser, etc. I saved a place on it for a front vise, which sure would come in handy. That is at the top of my wish list. The extension table/guide for a miter saw (in the recent FWW) will be one of the wishes I'll be able to fill myself - no Santa required.
Posted: 3:36 pm on December 19th

rbmabie rbmabie writes: If I could only have all the great tools that I see,,,,
Posted: 2:45 pm on December 19th

Oldguy2 Oldguy2 writes: I have not yet mastered bandsaw drift. I would love to get the Laguna DriftMaster bandsaw fence in my sock.

Happy Holidays!!!
Posted: 2:16 pm on December 19th

cmorgan577 cmorgan577 writes: All the tools noted are fantastic and would make any woodworker happy at Christmas
Posted: 1:20 pm on December 19th

cmorgan577 cmorgan577 writes: All the tools noted are fantastic and would make any woodworker happy at Christmas
Posted: 12:59 pm on December 19th

netartsdave netartsdave writes: Ah, if I were to sit on Santa's knee, I would probably ask for a Grizzly G1014Z Combination Sander. I'm not sure where I would put it, in my garage work-shop, but oh, how nice!
Posted: 3:12 am on December 19th

RichDewey RichDewey writes: I'm one of the lucky ones. My wife and her mother like my work and know I've been wanting a Performax/Jet 16-32 Drum Sander for a few years now. They went together and let me get it during the -15% Jet sale, and let me open it before Christmas, and let me set it up, and let me use it to make the stack of Christmas projects in my shop! Sweet!
Posted: 8:08 pm on December 18th

gma_c gma_c writes: I'd like more time to spend with the tools i already have.
Posted: 11:14 am on December 18th

spazapple spazapple writes: Dust collection....dust collection...dust collection. Stop adding tools and machines, and address the dust and unseen hazards!
Posted: 10:17 am on December 18th

Arts327 Arts327 writes: I'm all about that low angle Jack... mmm.
Posted: 5:27 am on December 18th

WoodNovice101 WoodNovice101 writes: The Leigh 18” Dovetail Jig looks like a great piece to have in ones workspace. I've ordered from Lie-Nielson and the quality of their products is amazing.
Posted: 12:39 am on December 18th

misterme1 misterme1 writes: An industrial planer, joiter, drum sander and dust collection system. And more. Although I probebly won't get most of it.
Posted: 11:35 pm on December 17th

Cornhead Cornhead writes: A pocket hole kit would go a long way toward holding things together.
Posted: 9:48 pm on December 17th

langham langham writes: A nice smoothing plane would be great. Even better a few lessons on how to use one.
Posted: 9:26 pm on December 17th

BUILDERS695 BUILDERS695 writes: Upgrade dust collection and sharpening systems

Posted: 9:08 pm on December 17th

Oldtyme Oldtyme writes: corner and skew chisels and for all our troops to have a fantastic Christmas.

Posted: 8:27 pm on December 17th

crookedshack crookedshack writes: I would love to get a bevel up #5 or #6 bench plane from Veritas or LN (really anything from either company). I'm in the process of building a bench so I would like either the Benchcrafted vise hardware or wooden vise hardware from Lake Erie Toolworks. A set of skew chisels for cleaning out half-blind dovetails and a crosscut carcass saw from LN or Gramercy Tools. And..... you get the idea. Happy Holidays everyone!
Posted: 5:35 pm on December 17th

YoPedro YoPedro writes: When in doubt, build a jig.
Posted: 2:46 pm on December 17th

AlNeff AlNeff writes: A bevel up bench plane. LN or LV. Probably a jack as I like heavier planes (crazy over my 4½). I have several dozen bench planes and yet somehow I have never gotten around to a low angle. Recently had a Friday the 13th experience with tearout and decided this is the answer. I showed it to my wife and gave her the whole explation about bevel angles and bevel up planes. I think she's convinced!
An 18 inch bandsaw would also be much appreciated, but I don't seem able to sell that one.
Posted: 12:42 pm on December 17th

NorthWoodsMan NorthWoodsMan writes: Small items that you always seem to need, but always forget to purchase are great gifts for the woodworker. You can always use countersinks, good quality wood screws, rare earth magnets, precision squares, 6" s/s rulers, filters for your air filter, new and unscratched safety googles, push blocks, magenetic charts, magnetic tool covers, blades (all sorts), good quality 16' tape measures, good quality hand saws, good quality chisels, Japanese waterstones, etc.
Posted: 12:25 pm on December 17th

sruss sruss writes: Any plane would be nice to receive. Working space is limited and I hope to learn to use hand tools more in the coming year. Obviously, LN or Veritas would be great, but any decent plane would get me started. Also need a sharpening system and the ability to use it.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Posted: 11:18 am on December 17th

The_Lost_Sailor The_Lost_Sailor writes: My wife has taken over the re-design of our basement.... which is allowing me a re-design of my woodshop. If Santa is in the neighborhood a cylcone dust collector or a WorkSharp tool sharpener would be wonderful. Right, Honey? of my life....
Posted: 10:48 am on December 17th

MkCrazy MkCrazy writes: Merry Christmas. Holiday shopping should be easiest of all for woodworkers -- if anyone is paying attention to what you do in the shop.
Posted: 10:41 am on December 17th

csturgeon csturgeon writes: Don't forget the Veritas Bullnose Plane!
Posted: 10:41 am on December 17th

mybarn mybarn writes: Dust collection equipment is at the top of my list. My father had to give up woodworking because of dust. I'm like him in many ways, and am tired of wearing masks. WGT
Posted: 9:28 am on December 17th

miminut miminut writes: Melanie, the one that loaths me, please ask me to build you anything. As a loner and wood worker the only way I know to really apologise is to make you something extraordinary. I'll make the time,buy the tools and lumber just for one more chance.
Posted: 9:04 am on December 17th

gblock66 gblock66 writes: Happy Hanukkah

I need a new bandsaw and a dovetail machine....that's what is on my list...I only have a few day left...we'll see..
Posted: 8:24 am on December 17th

danpope danpope writes: My wish is for more time in the shop to improve my ability to work with the tools I already have and have not mastered.
Merry Christmas to all!
Posted: 8:04 am on December 17th

Spooman Spooman writes: I would like a Laguna bandsaw 18" hd and the fence would be great also. LN hand planes would allways come in handy.

Merry Christmas to all,and may God give us another year to live free and be able to dream are dreams and do what we love.

Thomas Spoo
Posted: 3:37 am on December 17th

klink klink writes: The DriftMaster would be an excellent addition to my shop. In the present day of being a good stewart of our environment, resawing when thiner stock is required is much more efficient than "hogging" planks with the power plane. Rock on with the "green" tools!!
Posted: 1:32 am on December 17th

Geoff_Harris Geoff_Harris writes: I'm pretty much responsible for buying my own tools, if I leave them around they sometimes end up under the tree, could be Santa, might be the mice.
Posted: 1:32 am on December 17th

jvd jvd writes: so many cool tools to choose from....
time to develop those hand tool skills.
looking to buy a nice spokeshave.
Posted: 12:05 am on December 17th

drsikorski drsikorski writes: Living in a third floor studio condo and having no woodshop, I'm basically an armchair woodworker vicariously receiving a woodworking education through Fine Woodworking and Fine Homebuilding website articles/books/galleries admiring the skills and works of others. The few tools I have are L/N and Festool hoping someday for the time, a practical hands-on woodworking education, and a small private space to get lost, learn and experiment in the craft. Thanks to Fine Woodworking and all the contributing woodworkers out there for letting me dream!!! The Best of the Holiday Season to everyone!!
Posted: 12:00 am on December 17th

MichaelHenderson MichaelHenderson writes: I want to get a SawStop Professional saw. Maybe Santa will leave that under the tree, or maybe in the shop.
Posted: 11:49 pm on December 16th

shavemaker shavemaker writes: ... and maybe give me a memory of callowness?
Posted: 11:47 pm on December 16th

shavemaker shavemaker writes: Hmmm a L/N medium shoulder plane and a Tormek T7 sharpening system would certainly put the sparkle in my tree!
Posted: 11:45 pm on December 16th

dwmmd213 dwmmd213 writes: What a bunch of greedy ingrates. You'd think Lie-Nielsen was the source of pure consciousness and total enlightenment. Learn to sharpen--I mean really learn to sharpen--and your desire for such name brands will fade to a memory of callowness.
Posted: 11:43 pm on December 16th

rodk1 rodk1 writes: I'd love to win this fence.
Posted: 11:43 pm on December 16th

jimfallonct jimfallonct writes: Well if I had one wish, how about a L/N Inlay tool set... and lots of time to practice!
Posted: 10:58 pm on December 16th

coc coc writes: Anything from L-N would put a smile on my face.
Posted: 10:52 pm on December 16th

mb007 mb007 writes: I just want the voices in my head to quiet down for one day... and a L/N 60-1/2 Adjustable Mouth Block Plane... yeah, that's it!
Posted: 10:44 pm on December 16th

mb007 mb007 writes: I've got a beat-up bandsaw I'm working to restore that could use a fence! :)
Posted: 10:41 pm on December 16th

dbkjr dbkjr writes: i am wishing for a new hvlp paint system. i have more problems finishing and i think this will help eliminate some of them. who knows they may make more problems. i just enjoy doing something with wood so it really does not matter just give me time in my shop. dean
Posted: 10:18 pm on December 16th

Harry Beck Harry Beck writes: I basically want every tool made by Blue Spruce Toolworks. O.K. - I own the marking knife/scratch awl combo, so that's two less. They are just the most beautiful tools I've ever seen. Just look at the webpage... Since I don't have a benefactor who could come through ALL those gorgeous tools, I would be very, very happy with one of his unique resin-impregnated mallets.

Merry Christmas!
Posted: 10:11 pm on December 16th

BUILDER2204 BUILDER2204 writes: I wish Santa would bring me a Laguna Driftmaster Bandsaw fence, a Lie-Nielson Toolworks brass cross pein hammer, a Leigh 18" dovetail jig, an Oneida Air Systems dust deputy deluxe, a Delta Unisaw with side tables and outfeed table and Beisemeyer fence, a Delta 8" jointer, and an upright twin cylinder 220-volt compressor. I hope Santa has heavy-duty shocks on that sleigh with rocket assist engines to help get it off the ground. I hope all woodworkers, their patient family and friends, and the good folks at have a safe and Merry Christmas 2009 and a Happy New Year 2010.
Posted: 10:08 pm on December 16th

SueLS SueLS writes: I've always wanted Leigh Dovetail jig, like the D4R, 24" one. I always loved the samples at the wood stores that you can make with one of them! Of course, I would need some of the optional accessories to go with it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL!
Posted: 9:45 pm on December 16th

rdiehl rdiehl writes: My wish is for a small dust collector and LN low angle block plane
Posted: 9:20 pm on December 16th

dowelman dowelman writes: What do I want, lots. What do I need, just a few things. A driftmaster would really help me make veneers, some nice LN planes would really help me get that glass smooth surface on my projects. So, Santa if you are listening, anything will be great. I'm not really particular and very thankful for what I do have.

Posted: 9:20 pm on December 16th

dowelman dowelman writes: You know, now that I am doing woodworking as a profession, my wants have been overshadowed by needs. As I look around my shop, I have most all the necessary tools and some that hardly get used. But ocassionly I come across situations where I could do the job more efficiently if I had a particular tool or whatever. So, is there really anything I want, sure but not until I have the funds to purchase as I don't buy anything for the shop on credit. Just my style. Now for Santa, I would like a driftmaster, some LN chisels, a whole lot of LN planes and lots and lots of surprises. :-)
Posted: 9:16 pm on December 16th

Rusty1 Rusty1 writes: The Leigh Dovetail jig would be great for Santa to slip under the tree!
Posted: 9:03 pm on December 16th

lspooz lspooz writes: Wow, I also can't believe nobody is wishing for more food for the dust collector (AKA wood!)

And a Sawstop (I can't afford NOT to have all my fingers).

And, of course, world peace!
Posted: 8:29 pm on December 16th

EmDeeEss EmDeeEss writes: I didn't see it, but did anyone mention MORE SPACE???

(Of course, that doesn't mean I'd turn down any of the above items...)
Posted: 8:26 pm on December 16th

shaker49 shaker49 writes: It's been a long long time since I sat on Santa's lap. I'd ask for dust collection w/cyclone,a LN low angle block plane,a LV bevelup jack, a Rockler bandsaw table, and of course "Peace on Earth".
Posted: 8:25 pm on December 16th

Ted in North Bay Ted in North Bay writes: This made me think of an old Christmas song...

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"

My version is (and I'm very regretful to report)...

"All I want for Christmas is my index finger back"

Yup, tablesaw accident.

I don't want anyone to go through what I went through;

Happy holidays and Work Safe!
Posted: 8:11 pm on December 16th

SpliterMagnet SpliterMagnet writes: If I won a band saw fence the my wife would have to see the fact I would need a new band saw to go with it right? :-)
And if I won a block plane I would naturally have to start a new project to use this new item.... I like the way this is going....
Posted: 8:06 pm on December 16th

fuzzychum fuzzychum writes: I think a nice set of L/N Chisels would put me in a holiday mood.

Posted: 8:01 pm on December 16th

Roadkillrick Roadkillrick writes: Santa, there's lots of hopefull woodworkers, but PLEASE PICK ME.
Posted: 7:52 pm on December 16th

Rudolf_Hucker Rudolf_Hucker writes: I want one of those, one of those, two of those, a whole set of them, one of those, one of those and a bunch of these...
Sounds like just about every trip to the tool store. If only I had bottomless pocket, sigh!
Posted: 7:41 pm on December 16th

Stephensshop Stephensshop writes: Lie-Nielsen planes have been on my wish list for years. The number 6 jack plane would be great, but the versatility of the low-angle jack plane gets my vote.
Posted: 7:31 pm on December 16th

PJFrigate PJFrigate writes: I'm between jobs (careers?) and am making all my Christmas gifts this year. I'm thankful to have my shop and the time to enjoy it. I can't ask for more than that--other than maybe moving Christmas back a week or two! Happy holidays, everyone.
Posted: 6:32 pm on December 16th

RobS123 RobS123 writes: Santa and I have always been on a first-name basis. No doubt it's due to my clean living. Right. Why is it that my list to Santa for woodworking things never grows shorter or cheaper? There's probably a message in there somewhere. But I really do need a Lie-Nielsen low-angle joiner.
Posted: 6:05 pm on December 16th

MrHudon MrHudon writes: Sure hope you sent my wish list to Santa, that's a mighty fine list of give aways!!
Posted: 5:49 pm on December 16th

rburwell rburwell writes: As a fairly new woodworker, there are definitely hand and power tools still needed, but if I had one shot, it would be a class. I treated myself to a week last summer at the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop for their beginning woodworker class and loved it...would love to do it again this year with a higher level clase. Please Santa, take pity on your po' Jersey woodworker! Rusty
Posted: 5:42 pm on December 16th

marleyjune marleyjune writes:

Makita BTD144 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Impact Driver w/ Brushless Motor !!
Posted: 5:29 pm on December 16th

JebT JebT writes: My list was rather extensive, but realistically

1) Rockler router table top
2) New Waterstones
3) Mortise chisels

Posted: 5:25 pm on December 16th

saw5ft saw5ft writes: happy christmas, men

yes, want lie-nielsen plane. ok, everybody know about lacquer? i need following quality:

1] deeeeep steeping of wood;
2] no formation lacquer on surface of wood but steeping only;
3] wood, after that lacquer, should be strong or very hard;
4] this lacquer must be make by me, but not redy for use from shop.

if you're know ask to my qwe, send e-mail to

thanks, men ;)
Posted: 5:11 pm on December 16th

planeforfun15 planeforfun15 writes: I've got a long wish list of hand tools, from places like LN, LV, Tools for Working Wood, and so on. Hoping to whittle it down a bit over Christmas.
Posted: 5:09 pm on December 16th

MAGrimmett MAGrimmett writes: I'd love the L/N block plane. I'm moving into all handtools-all the time and that plane would be a brilliant addition to my tools. I'd also like a shiny new Adria dovetail saw.
Posted: 4:54 pm on December 16th

StephenKocsis StephenKocsis writes: Why would anyone over the age of 65 NOT want a SAW STOP cabinet table saw ?? Come on, guys, you can and do get distracted, right? Don't lie!

Being on blood thinner medication, probably for the rest of my life, a cut can be a disaster. So, I have just spent months "sharp proofing" my shop and tool storage. Just reaching into a tool cabinet and hitting the edge of a chisel is enough to ruin your day. If you can think about it, all the edges can be "safed", (for example, the chisels and saws can easily have their edges covered.....everything in that tool chest can be made into a "decision" tool: you reach for that ONE tool and you are not going to get cut by another!)

I also have made plexiglas guards for many of the other tools and machines. Try to buy scraps or "cut offs" from a wholesale dealer (I use the bright red-orange tint: the only problem is that it is expensive as all-get-out. Try to get the dealer to sell you half a sheet.

If you are recovering from an illness, stay the heck out of the shop......except it is a great time to clean and sort !
If you and your doctor agree to try working, I have another good tip: have your spouse and/or your partner with you for the first few days. I am lucky, in that my wife also knows tools and methods of work. Before starting I tell her exactly what I am going to do and walk both of us through the procedure. It works, don't be a macho twit. It took me over a year a year to recover and about another 5-6 months to feel good about using the machines on my own. I would like to keep using them for another 20-25 years (I've got a lot of wood!).

You are perfectly free to call me a "spineless jerk" or whatever but the methods do work and when I am in the "zone" I feel comfortable and fortunate. Thanks for listening to an aging "preacher).

Again, a SAW STOP !

Posted: 4:47 pm on December 16th

NavyChief NavyChief writes: I'd like to have the Oneida dust deputy. Since learning that wood dust can be considered a carcinegen, dust collection has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Many happy woodworking days to all!

Posted: 4:40 pm on December 16th

ajames ajames writes: My Christmas wishes would include an Oneida cyclone dust collector and the good sense to know when to step away from the power tools and "call it a day".
Posted: 4:20 pm on December 16th

StevePark StevePark writes: I'd be happy for the time to finish the projects I've already started, the competence and patience to do them well, and the ability to appreciate the process without stressing over a finish date. Failing those, a tracksaw would be really useful: 4'x8' plywood sheets and table saws don't play well together.
Posted: 4:13 pm on December 16th

JerryWatson JerryWatson writes: As someone once said: "There is a fine line between tool collecting and wood working".
Posted: 4:12 pm on December 16th

rsalve rsalve writes: With the economy being what it is, everyone is burdened, so my list is light. I’m appreciating the accuracy, flexibility, and speed of hand tools, so that is my wish. To be specific, carving tools and marking tools. Being integrated to the creation process is sometimes more satisfying than the finished product. It’s the journey not the destination.
Posted: 4:11 pm on December 16th

DonWilliams DonWilliams writes: I'd like a Brazilian Rosewood log. Now granted, you can't get them anymore, but I'd like one. An Oneida dust collector would be great, and maybe a high speed Colombo spindle for my cnc. Yeah, that's pretty much it.
Posted: 4:02 pm on December 16th

Sawyer Sawyer writes: I'd like to introduce my teenage grandsons to the shop since the nation's second largest school district has closed virtually all of the school shop classes. Yes, the grandchildren are all going to college after high school but I can tell they have already missed the introductory training in the various crafts I fondly remember.

Posted: 3:40 pm on December 16th

Stubail Stubail writes: I also would like to add more planes ( Veritas or Lie Niesen ) to my shop but have big dreams of an Oneida filtration system. Probably I'll end up adding a Dust Deputy to my heavy duty shop vac.
I already know I'm getting a Veritas low angle block plane so
count myself lucky in any event.
All the best for all of you and hopes for somehow a better world.

Posted: 3:38 pm on December 16th

Holry7778 Holry7778 writes: I used to ask for a lot. Somthing like this

Power Wood Shop Tools
Grizzly 8” Jointer- G0586
Milwaukee 1/2 in. Magnum® Drill, 300-20

Woodworking Hand Tools
Hock Hand Plane kit
Parallel Jaw clamps (Bessey, Jorgensen or Jet)
Norton Flattening Stone

Painter’s Pyramids
Disposable Paper Strainers
Graduated mason jars (16-32oz, preferably wide mouth)

But after I lost my job back in July and have been working on contract 2 hours away. All I want is to get a good job where I can come home every night to my shop and more importantly my family.
Posted: 3:30 pm on December 16th

Vann14 Vann14 writes: Well Santa, I've got a Veritas Low Angle Block Plane (with knob and tail please), and the Veritas Skew Rebate Plane (LH version please) at the top of my wish list. But I sure wouldn't turn up my nose at the Lie-Nielsen 60 1/2 block plane - A nice piece of kit !! Thanks, Vann.
Posted: 3:24 pm on December 16th

IowaHawkeyes IowaHawkeyes writes: I only lack a quality low angle block plane to make custom jewelry boxes by hand (to go with the the Stanley #3 smoothing plane I reconditioned). The cross peen hammer would also be useful. Wish me luck, Happy Holidays, and "Go Hawkeyes" in the Orange Bowl (and just so it's not off topic, I could use a nice router to make a Hawkeye logo for my wall...)
Posted: 3:21 pm on December 16th

lwj2 lwj2 writes: A L/N shoulder plane would look very nice below the tree, as would a set of Crown half-inch skew chisels.

Happy Holidays to all of you at Taunton, best of luck on your software changeover.

Posted: 3:12 pm on December 16th

gatordoc gatordoc writes: A high quality smoothing plane would be great! Did you hear that Santa? Veritas, Lie Nielsen come to mind.

Posted: 3:07 pm on December 16th

Woodworkingjim Woodworkingjim writes: I'm going to say I would like most for Christmas is the DriftMaster Bandsaw Fence. After ordering to the new
Dave Marks DVD on Veneers I think it would help.
Posted: 3:03 pm on December 16th

jengla jengla writes: Oh I just want unlimited time and money to not have to work and tinker in the basement all day. Someone to watch my kids would be great too.
Posted: 2:57 pm on December 16th

hubiedoo517 hubiedoo517 writes: Any gift that relates to woodworking is always a highly appreciated. But family and friends dont know exactly what to buy and are afraid to buy the wrong thing, so gift certificates are usually what I receive. Thanks for the chance to win a gift for the holidays...Merry Christmas
Posted: 2:53 pm on December 16th

WouterH WouterH writes: Lie Nielsen jewelry would be beautiful..
Posted: 2:37 pm on December 16th

Deanpaul Deanpaul writes: Lie-Nielsen, if you haven't used them, makes one of the best hand planes on the market. Do your self a favor and give one a try out.
Posted: 2:33 pm on December 16th

Deanpaul Deanpaul writes: The Laguna Driftmaster band saw fence is very similar to Deltas standard table saw fence which I use with great results.
Posted: 2:30 pm on December 16th

dotBob dotBob writes: I've only recently gotten into woodworking, and spent too much money too quickly on lots of tools. I'd like Santa to bring me the time and the patience to use what I have already. And maybe some nice wood to start on my first real project. And an electrician, so I can turn on the radiant heater, a power tool, and the homemade dust collector at the same time!
Posted: 2:29 pm on December 16th

brl102 brl102 writes: Would love to get some wood. I see lots of great plans in Fine Woodworking but can't afford the lumber. I enjoy working with hand tools but could sure a jointer.
Posted: 2:17 pm on December 16th

keithm keithm writes: I have most of the power and hand tools I need, want is another story. What I would like most is either a new jointer and planer with spiral cutter heads or replacement heads for my existing machines.

If you get lemons ask for salt and tequla.
Posted: 2:17 pm on December 16th

geppetto425 geppetto425 writes: More good quality hand tools! Lots of times you can do a procedure with a hand tool a lot quicker and easier than it takes to set up a machine for the same process!!
Posted: 1:58 pm on December 16th

cbf123 cbf123 writes: Honestly I've got most of the power tools and critical hand tools I need now, so my wishlist is getting more esoteric and specialized.

Some spare plane blades for special grinding, maybe a fore plane dedicated to rough work, a smaller crosscut saw, fine-toothed dovetail saw, etc.
Posted: 1:46 pm on December 16th

habilis habilis writes: An 18' jointer would make my heart sing.
Posted: 1:39 pm on December 16th

It_is_I It_is_I writes: All I want for Christmas is a Rockwell Sonicrafter
Posted: 1:31 pm on December 16th

user-4774170 user-4774170 writes: Whatever Santa brings will be just fine.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
Posted: 1:27 pm on December 16th

jmunn jmunn writes: My Wish list:
Time, Skill, Inspiration, Wood, Space, a Powermatic or General Mortiser, some way to organize my tools, having my young daughter develop a fascination with sharpening so that I wouldn't have to sharpen my own tools especially the ones I have abused. Pure fantasy I know but I can dream can't I?
Posted: 1:22 pm on December 16th

regisand regisand writes: My wish list is full of tools that I can't afford, but my wife knows that she can't go wrong with LN or LV.
Posted: 1:22 pm on December 16th

getty1863 getty1863 writes: There is so much to learn and so many ways to improve. If Santa could swing a Fine Woodworking Archive DVD (any Year) it would sure help in creating a better shop and working more efficiently. I am constantly searching for the right router bit or saw blade or a particular article about applying a better finish. My stack of Fine Woodworking does take a long time to sift through...Santa, please help.
Posted: 1:17 pm on December 16th

manlou manlou writes: I would love to meet Michael Fortune. I live only 10 minutes from his hometown of Lakefield, On. Have been an avid amateur woodworker for about 10 years and have thought about trying to meet him locally but didn't want to come across as a stalker!!

As far as my wishlist goes, I would be happy with anything woodworking.

Merry Christmas!
Posted: 1:09 pm on December 16th

ffhair ffhair writes: Lumber has to be no. 1. Having lumber to work with leads to tool lust. Maybe a plane or a new fence for the band saw..
Posted: 12:59 pm on December 16th

guidojack guidojack writes: An extra elec. outlet or two in the garage/shop, and better organization on my part is all I need...and this lamp
Posted: 12:49 pm on December 16th

rhillstr rhillstr writes: I would love anything L-N. I also want to expand my shapton stone selection. What really would be cool though is an afternoon in the shop with a master like Sam Maloof. That would be the ULTIMATE gift!!!
Posted: 12:47 pm on December 16th

guidojack guidojack writes: An extra elec. outlet or two in the garage/shop, plus better organization on my part is all I need...and this lamp
Posted: 12:47 pm on December 16th

CatManDave CatManDave writes: Santa has my wishlist (She says it's too long), so I'm sure to get at least a couple of things I'd like to have, but, what is missing from the list is a replacement for my old Rockler Dovetail Jig. The Leigh 18" Jig would certainly make a great addition to my little shop. Merry Christmas to all!
Posted: 12:41 pm on December 16th

georgeinzakho georgeinzakho writes: One or two of everything on your list would make the next few years great.
Posted: 12:35 pm on December 16th

baudi baudi writes: Count me in!
Posted: 12:35 pm on December 16th

benchbolt benchbolt writes: I've been blessed to have a wife that has allowed me to equip my shop with most of the necessities.
She allows me to express my enthusiasm as I run upstairs to show her the latest bit of success with my current project.
She looks and listens as I explain what I've done, sometimes providing a little common sense advice that often evades me.
She allows me ample shop time, when available.
She allows me the freedom to choose the project I would most like to tackle next.
She allows me to make noise in the basement while she's trying to read.
Through her generosity, she has allowed me to strive to become a better woodworker.
This is more than anything I could hope for under the tree.
My wish is that she continues to tolerate me, for without her, even the newest and finest tool in my hands would simply be working with wood, not woodworking...

Posted: 12:33 pm on December 16th

popawheelie popawheelie writes: I'm going to be installing a jam for my new front door and I want a Kreg pocket hole jig for the exstensions.
Can't wait to hang the door. WooHoo!
Posted: 12:30 pm on December 16th

Liebe Liebe writes: I would like an Apollo HPLV 1040R sprayer and gun system. I used it in a demo at one of the woodworking shows and it's fantastic.

Otherwise, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and is able to do some woodworking during the holidays.
Posted: 12:28 pm on December 16th

invesgro invesgro writes: Tools are always on my Christmas list for the last 50+ years. There are always new, new versions or replacement tools to dream about.
Posted: 12:28 pm on December 16th

D11RDozer D11RDozer writes: With the size of my wish list Christmas needs to come way more often than once a year.
Posted: 12:25 pm on December 16th

Javis_Daddy Javis_Daddy writes: I would like a plough plane...and an indoor shop, too. Mainly, I wish for a happy holidays for everyone.
Posted: 12:18 pm on December 16th

wabutcher wabutcher writes: Primarily time to work in the shop and organization of the materials and tools I already have so I sort out what additional tools I need.
Posted: 12:15 pm on December 16th

tdat75 tdat75 writes: Really just getting started. Have to make all Christmas gifts this year and planning to make it a tradition. It's been nice to stay out of the malls and take pride in my projects. Clamps of all kinds are a definite need. Don't have any. Merry Christmas!
Posted: 12:06 pm on December 16th

Tyblack Tyblack writes: more time and a bevel up smoother.
Posted: 11:56 am on December 16th

gatordoc gatordoc writes: A high quality smoothing plane would be great! Did you hear that Santa? Veritas, Lie Nielsen come to mind.

Posted: 11:56 am on December 16th

bkcollins bkcollins writes: I'd like to find the Rikon 10-535 14" bandsaw in my stocking, but I really haven't been that good this year. How about a weekend when I can spend two full days in the shop to assemble and finish the projects that are, for now, just a pile of rough-dimensioned parts?
Posted: 11:53 am on December 16th

badoyn badoyn writes: I would like the time to do more woodworking.
Posted: 11:52 am on December 16th

dkelsey dkelsey writes: Sharp hand tools are the basics of woodworking for me. I have lots of power tools, but the most fun and satisfaction comes from good, sharp hand tools. I am hoping for a couple of really nice planes to replace the OK ones I have now.
Posted: 11:48 am on December 16th

bigcu bigcu writes: I have some hand tools from Dad, uncles and friends who have passed. When I use them it brings back memories of them from the past. This has led to my asking friend to trade tools now so that we will think of each other down the road. Merry Christmas and pease to all.
Posted: 11:46 am on December 16th

missoulamatt missoulamatt writes: shoulder plane has been on my wish list forever.Lie-Nielsen is the best. Matt
Posted: 11:46 am on December 16th

TylerA TylerA writes: A new work bench, man I really need one of those.
Posted: 11:39 am on December 16th

deadeye_dave deadeye_dave writes: Wishing a Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year full of lots of woodworking!
Posted: 11:25 am on December 16th

nufcman nufcman writes: I think Santa got message re a Bench Dog Promax router table.
Posted: 11:25 am on December 16th

bornagn bornagn writes: I am 66 years old and I am still using the Stanley block plane my dad gave me in 1977; he was a carpenter and used it many years prior to giving it to me when I was going to begin the journey of learning how to build houses.

The plane still works fine and sharpens well. I have been making furniture for some years now and the enjoyment and satisfaction from project to project has been encouragement to take on new challenges.

When I purchase power tools I buy the best quality I can justify paying for. However, I always skimp on hand tools because of the cost. I have a back saw that a beaver would be an advancement.

Years ago a woodworker told me "a good tool is a pleasure to work with". He was right. This plane would truly be a treasure to have. Wood is a beautiful thing, isn't it?
Posted: 11:16 am on December 16th

ArcoSU ArcoSU writes: I would love to win anything right now, i just recently got in a car accident and i am without a car
Posted: 11:16 am on December 16th

eddieregi eddieregi writes: Three active, smart, super, kids in high school, a wonderful wife, a great job, a nice shop I've put together over the last decade (and for which a friend just gave me a furnace/air conditioner unit) - I already have the good things in life.

But, I need the "No Sleep Needed" pill, which will allow me to spend time with my family (I have only a couple of years left with my kids around) and to be able to build those projects (which, of course, is the only way a German farm boy knows how to show how much he loves them) while staying employed.

(Did I mention he's a really good friend?)

Happy Holidays!

Posted: 11:04 am on December 16th

VincentF VincentF writes: Have been into woodworkng for over 25 years but put in on the back burner for my career. Just retired and getting the chance to enjoy it now. I could use plenty more clamps and a dust collection system.
Posted: 11:01 am on December 16th

emiller1404 emiller1404 writes: I'd love a Lie-Neilsen block plane. Hopefully I'm not on Santa's (wifey's)naughty list!
Posted: 10:58 am on December 16th

pcoleman pcoleman writes: A Lee Valley Veritas Low angle smoothing plane would be great.
Posted: 10:56 am on December 16th

THW THW writes: A tenon saw from Eccentric Tool Works, except they're no longer taking orders!
Posted: 10:54 am on December 16th

caknuts1 caknuts1 writes: Short of Kelly Mehler's workshop, I'd just like to get an extra foot of headroom in my shop. Oh, and get it cleaned up again ;-) mmmm, and time would be nice too, come to think of it! Good thing I don't want much :-)
Posted: 10:48 am on December 16th

edmoehlenpah edmoehlenpah writes: I think a bunch of Lie-Neilsen planes would be nice!
Posted: 10:41 am on December 16th

BCJason BCJason writes: Ditto 4545. Fingers, All 10 going in. All 10 going out. Or at least the same count from start to finish. For everybody.
Merry xmas
Posted: 10:39 am on December 16th

OsageAge OsageAge writes: What I have.... My faith, my health, a wonderful wife
What I need.... More appreciation of those things listed above

What I want... Anything that will make me a better, safer woodworker.
Posted: 10:38 am on December 16th

WagonRanch WagonRanch writes: After years of collecting I still find tools that I want and lumber to use them on!
Posted: 10:38 am on December 16th

Crotchwood Crotchwood writes: Great prizes! I would love to have a jointer or any L/N plane. Merry Christmas to everyone!!
Posted: 10:37 am on December 16th

MrPhil MrPhil writes: I used to do woodworking in my spare time years ago but I have no such luxury today. I'm in the last few, very busy, years of a long career before I can afford to retire. I've purchased tools, jigs and accessories here and there over the years and have them squirreled away against the day I can set up my shop and devote full time to it. My wish is to live long enough to see it happen.
Posted: 10:36 am on December 16th

notrapsoptonlinenet notrapsoptonlinenet writes: Other than a larger shop - mine is 10'x20' - any Leigh-Neilson or Veritas plane would be welcome. I love tools, especially hand planes and chisels. I would also consider a new band saw with a greater resaw capcity such as the new Grizzly or a Rikon or Laguna. But I’ll settle for good health and the time time to do all the projects that are in my head, Have a wonderful holiday.

Posted: 10:36 am on December 16th

jrdoty3 jrdoty3 writes: Time, space and heat for the shop would all be nice but what I would really like is a way to get my two daughters interested in woodworking on more than a superficial level. They don't need to be master wood workers (I certainly am not) I would like them to be proficient and enjoy working with their hands to create things that will last.

Posted: 10:35 am on December 16th

jrdoty3 jrdoty3 writes: Time, space and heat for the shop would all be nice but what I would really like is a way to get my two daughters interested in woodworking on more than a superficial level. They don't need to be master wood workers (I certainly am not) I would like them to be proficient and enjoy working with their hands to create things that will last.

Posted: 10:35 am on December 16th

HStonehocker HStonehocker writes: A new shop!!! But I would settle for more room.
Posted: 10:31 am on December 16th

vid vid writes: I'm hoping for a new 3/4 inch bowl gouge. Should just fit in my ski sock stocking.
Posted: 10:28 am on December 16th

JLRock JLRock writes: Chisels and clamps are on my list. I only have a 3/8 and a 3/4 bench chisels, so the intermediate sizes would be nice. Also, I do a fair amount of mortising so a couple mortising chisels might make the job a bit easier and save some beating on the bench chisels.

For clamps I'm pretty understocked as well, just a couple light duty 12", 2 36", and one quick clamp. Makes it tough some times to get proper clamping done.
Posted: 10:27 am on December 16th

danmcfadden danmcfadden writes: All I want is the other half of the basement for the shop!
Posted: 10:26 am on December 16th

woundedpig woundedpig writes: Woodworking is an endless and limitless hobby and I enjoy it very much. More than a hobby, it's like the School of Life.
A spindle/belt sander like the Ridgid would be great- it's versatile and a good buy. I'm also short on hand planes. I realize I need to learn how to use the tools I have better, so I could use some nice lumber, too.
Posted: 10:26 am on December 16th

Art_Brazee Art_Brazee writes: I've been bad this year, but would promise to be better for any small shiny tool. And, nothing beats a new plane.
Posted: 10:22 am on December 16th

4545 4545 writes: I'm wishing that all of you end next year with all the fingers you start with. Oh, and a new Wood Slicer would be nice--111".
Posted: 10:17 am on December 16th

MDCustom MDCustom writes: After my father died a couple of years ago, what I would really like for Christmas is the time to go back across the country to go pick up his tools. He taught me so much about my craft. I still haven't found anyone who could rip a sheet of plywood faster than he could with his rip saw.
Posted: 10:13 am on December 16th

thetenor thetenor writes: The Oneida Dust Deputy Deluxe would be great for me as I have a very small shop in my garage. I've been able to get by so far, but the dust is beginning to be a problem. My target is to install some type of dust collection system in the next year and this system looks like it will do the job nicely.
Posted: 10:12 am on December 16th

KCTurner KCTurner writes: Time. I need more time in the shop. :)
Posted: 10:10 am on December 16th

slipknot slipknot writes: Set of good handplanes & driftmaster would be perfect as I resaw alot of thin hardwood.
Posted: 10:10 am on December 16th

woodbuster woodbuster writes: a shop about the size of the cowboys'new stadium would be and toys always fill up whatever space is available,or is it just me.MERRY CHRISTMAS to all
Posted: 10:06 am on December 16th

Geano Geano writes: You realize of course that after I win all these tools Im going to have to retire just to have the time to play with them all. Also on my list are a few of those dvd's that show you.....well I dont have any so I dont know what they show you. I guess thats why they are on the list.
Posted: 10:05 am on December 16th

jwschwarziv jwschwarziv writes: My wish - a Veritas Bevel-Up Jointer Plane...a bronze LN #4 would also be nice! Oh, and a week class at Philadelphia Furniture Workshop. Well, to be honest, I would also include some Benchcrafted Wagon Vise hardware for that bench that is in my head.
Posted: 10:03 am on December 16th

Paul48362 Paul48362 writes: Pretty tools. I have a thing for rosewood handles on hand tools.
Posted: 10:02 am on December 16th

sdmorrison sdmorrison writes: A high quality smoothing plane like a Lie-Nielsen would be a joy!
Posted: 10:01 am on December 16th

KurtNielsen KurtNielsen writes: This may sound a little unusual. My wish is for more electrical ampage in the basement workshop. Tripping circuit breakers is a continuing problem. Presently have to be careful that dust collector is up to full speed and then turn on equipment. But no load till it is up to speed and even then may encounter a problem on hard woods.
Posted: 10:00 am on December 16th

Llarian Llarian writes: Hand tools and turning blanks are on my wishlist. Oh, and a lot more time.

Lots lots more time.
Posted: 9:56 am on December 16th

BCJason BCJason writes: After watching the sanding vs planing shootout.
How about a Veritas LABU Jack plane and 3 cutters.
Posted: 9:53 am on December 16th

Sean_Irwin Sean_Irwin writes: I've always wanted a set of Japanese chisels but could never justify the expense. I started out as a complete novice with only J.K.'s books and a lot of energy. I made my own planes using Hoch blades and that was (and has been) a joy. I'm now, irrevocably, a hand tool guy. But still, those Japanese chisels...
They cost so much and take so much more work. I can supply the work.
Posted: 9:52 am on December 16th

clouts69 clouts69 writes: I wouldn't mind having what everyone has listed but what I really want is to be able to design a project from scratch and the time to do it :) Happy Holidays everyone!
Posted: 9:47 am on December 16th

MGD1948 MGD1948 writes: Happy Holidays one and ALL
I would be more than happy if the FWW Santa decided to send me a nice gift this year :-) since my wish list comes after my kids get their wishes
Posted: 9:46 am on December 16th

bimmell bimmell writes: I would love a table drill press and a small or knock down router table due to the size restraints of my garage shop. The only other real problem is finding the time to work.
Posted: 9:41 am on December 16th

77RiceGuy 77RiceGuy writes: I am blessed to already have many things on the lists in the polls. What I want is more time and space. Time to organize and use my shop and space to put everything. (Lacking that, I would like some hand-cut rasps and more beautiful planes.)

Posted: 9:40 am on December 16th

Rinias Rinias writes: A Tormek T-3 or T-7 would be lovely. And any plane from Lie-Nielsen!
Posted: 9:35 am on December 16th

BSzydlo BSzydlo writes: First of all I'd like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and as far as my wish list is concerned it is pretty simple, but slightly expensive. I would like either a bevel up smoother plane or the bevel up jointer plane from Lee Valley.
Posted: 9:34 am on December 16th

Pezzi Pezzi writes: Hmmm, other than world peace ?

A radiant-floor heated, insulated shop ! More shop time ! A one-week class on hand-tool use ! A MiniMax Jointer-Planer ! An Oneida Cyclone dust collector ! A Karl Holtey 98 or 982 plane ! A Roubo-style workbench ! (A Gluebo would do :o) )
Posted: 9:30 am on December 16th

mcsquared mcsquared writes: The wishlist feature at the lee valley website is very handy. I only wish I has a better way of distributing it to all my unknown fabulously wealthy relatives.
Posted: 9:27 am on December 16th

chicagoman chicagoman writes: The fence would look great on my saw, but any tool would be greatly enjoyed.
Posted: 9:24 am on December 16th

BrassNSawdust BrassNSawdust writes: I am asking the family to keep it simple this year. I would be happy with a subscription to Fine Woodworking or gift certificates for my local Woodcraft. For those in the family "forcing" me to come up with actual gift ideas I told asked for magnetic lights to help me see see things better when working at the band saw or drill press. Of course if money were no object then I'd like a fully stocked hardwood lumber yard!

Posted: 9:18 am on December 16th

great12B4ever great12B4ever writes: What I really want is for my surgery on both hands scheduled for December 23rd to go well so I can get back into my modest shop and start making sawdust and shavings again. Next I really need to get better dust collection in my shop, and I want to start using hand planes and tools more.
Posted: 9:17 am on December 16th

jimnjudy jimnjudy writes: merry christmas to all the woodworkers out there.
keep on woodworking...and thank you all at" fine woodworking mag" for the great tips,tricks,and mostly the videos,you made me a better woodworker. thank u
Posted: 9:16 am on December 16th

doorguy06 doorguy06 writes: I'd love to have the 26" general double drum sander for christmas, However any tool for the shop is always great!!
Posted: 9:14 am on December 16th

propmgr propmgr writes: Keeping tools scary sharp and working with my hands to create gives me great pleasure. A quality backsaw and wetstones will make me happy. Of course a combination jointer/planer would be nice also. Automation has its place.

Posted: 9:11 am on December 16th

reprosser reprosser writes: Sawstop PCS has already arrived as my early Christmas present! My first table saw - went for the safety feature and quality for the anchor of my shop. Next - a good jointer, bandsaw, planer, ...
Posted: 9:07 am on December 16th

limbojim limbojim writes: I have a #4 and a #6 that I am rehabbing so A block plane or a jack plane would be next on my list.
Posted: 9:02 am on December 16th

MikeStrohofer MikeStrohofer writes: Langunas saw with those ceramic
guides are the best.
Posted: 9:01 am on December 16th

drk239 drk239 writes: My router died while working on a Christmas project. So I need a new one now. Been looking at the Porter Cable combo kits.
Posted: 9:00 am on December 16th

AOT AOT writes: Dust collection has been a concern. My system is too primitive. The efficiency of a cyclone system would be best.
Posted: 9:00 am on December 16th

MikeStrohofer MikeStrohofer writes: Languna bandsaws with those ceramic guides are by far the best.
Posted: 9:00 am on December 16th

lsantaw lsantaw writes: An Osborne miter gauge for my table saw is at the top of my list this year.
Posted: 8:55 am on December 16th

leecabinets1 leecabinets1 writes: I need a new band saw badly. The one I have is virtually useless.
Posted: 8:54 am on December 16th

leecabinets1 leecabinets1 writes: I need a new band saw badly. The one I have is virtually useless.
Posted: 8:53 am on December 16th

EricSchenck EricSchenck writes: I wouldn't mind getting any one of the tools on the hand tool list! Happy Holidays
Posted: 8:51 am on December 16th

paulo moraes paulo moraes writes: I would like to take a class at Lonnie Bird's
School of Fine Woodworking!
Posted: 8:49 am on December 16th

hammerhead2000 hammerhead2000 writes: I would love one of the Dust deputy vaccuum syrtems. It would be great in the shop and I would like to try it on a job site.

Merry Christmas to everyone.
Posted: 8:49 am on December 16th

Timonugget Timonugget writes: A 1 or 1.5 HP dust collector would be great. The shop vac just does not always cut it.
Posted: 8:48 am on December 16th

minntc minntc writes: I would need a bandsaw first, but the rest of the prizes look great.
Posted: 8:47 am on December 16th

1200s 1200s writes: I have been concerned with dust control lately.
Posted: 8:47 am on December 16th

jneel jneel writes: I'd really like that DriftMaster fence, then maybe I could talk the misses into letting me buy a bandsaw to put it on...
Posted: 8:47 am on December 16th

jeff2037 jeff2037 writes: The short version of my wish list is a 14" bandsaw, a complete set of Daestra wood carving hand tools, and a top of the line router table.
Posted: 8:45 am on December 16th

teachersteve teachersteve writes: It's time for me to start working on hand tools, and a good place to start would be a good dovetail saw. That should keep me out of the family's hair for a while.
Posted: 8:43 am on December 16th

SBG777 SBG777 writes: I could really use a nice bandsaw.
Posted: 8:41 am on December 16th

mccchip1 mccchip1 writes: The Making a Wooden Hand Plane class at the William Ng School of Woodworking please.
Posted: 8:40 am on December 16th

nutt318 nutt318 writes: After finishing my first project a week ago in the garage I think that a Dust Deputy is the next item in my Christmas wish list. There was a solid layer of dust in the entire garage, hopefully one of these will take care of the mess.
Posted: 8:38 am on December 16th

mccchip1 mccchip1 writes: Although more hand tools are always a good thing, I think this year I am looking too improve my woodworking skills so I would like to take some classes. The Handplane Weekend at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking would be lovely but it is a bit far. So I will go with the Making a Wooden Hand Plane class at the William Ng School of Fine Woodworking in Anaheim CA.
Posted: 8:38 am on December 16th

TKerestes TKerestes writes: Lumber, Lumber and more Lumber, please Santa!!!
Can't use tools with it...
Posted: 8:33 am on December 16th

Houghton123 Houghton123 writes: That's a pretty amazing-looking bandsaw fence.
Posted: 8:32 am on December 16th

mmwood mmwood writes: Would you guess, my wish list is longer, the longer I work with wood? I hope Claus can't get my gifts down the chimney, a lathe won't fit.
Posted: 8:31 am on December 16th

turnertoo turnertoo writes: The Laguna 5 In One Combination Machine sure would go a long way to free shop space and make room for that new Powermatic Model 57121 3 HP Variable Speed Wood Lathe.

Happy Holidays and may the chips fall where they may.
Posted: 8:30 am on December 16th

jdmaher jdmaher writes: I'd love a good bandsaw. If only I knew a really wealthy Santa . . .

Merry Christmas!
Posted: 8:30 am on December 16th

dadnukum dadnukum writes: Jeez, I buy all the major stuff for myself. Gifts are always the little things, or something I wouldn't spend the money on. This year it's another shop vacuum (Sears) dedicated to my planer. A 6 gallon machine isn't enough!
Posted: 8:28 am on December 16th

mcaterer mcaterer writes: I'm looking for those Veritas saws also.
Posted: 8:22 am on December 16th

saywhat saywhat writes: I'd love the Leigh dovetail jig.
Posted: 8:15 am on December 16th

wortmanb wortmanb writes: I asked for a set of Veritas detail saws and a Veritas NX60 block plane. Gorgeous....
Posted: 8:14 am on December 16th

SAMinOK SAMinOK writes: What I want for Christmas is to get all my woodworking projects that I'm giving away as gifts finished before Dec 25th. So, maybe Santa could give me an elf or two on loan until then. Christmas Eve, Santa can leave goodies under the tree and I'll give back his elves. :)
Posted: 8:11 am on December 16th

Funkroi1 Funkroi1 writes: Unfortunately sense hurricane Gustaf, my list has become far too long. Lost most of my power tools to salt water. Saved most of my hand tools but not all, so any of the list would be more than welcome.
Posted: 8:11 am on December 16th

ajquinter ajquinter writes: Veritas bench hold-down and LN Chisel Set
Posted: 8:10 am on December 16th

ryno101 ryno101 writes: I've got a set of bench chisels on my wish list... Unfortunately, it's not likely I'll be getting them.
Posted: 8:04 am on December 16th

jjewelldavis jjewelldavis writes: Please Santa,

I have been good. Bring anything on the list and I will make it work!
Posted: 8:04 am on December 16th

ddewees ddewees writes: Almost anything from Lie-Nielson or Veritas catalog is fine with me!
Don in Vermont
Posted: 8:03 am on December 16th

AndyHope AndyHope writes: I would love the Leigh dovetail. I have a project in mind using dozens of dovetails. Just thinking of cutting them by hand has it on the back burner.
Posted: 7:56 am on December 16th

wfg wfg writes: I'd like a gift certificate for one of those Veritas skewed rabbet block planes due out in January.
Posted: 7:56 am on December 16th

doneby doneby writes: A WorkSharp WS3000 and a LieNielson low angle smoothing plane top my list as far as hand tools.

My real dream is a Delta Unisaw equipped with a SawStop blade brake.
Posted: 7:54 am on December 16th

ultracrystal ultracrystal writes: That Lie-Nielsen plane would be nice. My Footprint plane from Home Depot just isn't cutting it. That Leigh dovetail jig would be pretty sweet too. I made my first ever dovetail joint this weekend and have to say I have a new found respect for the guys out there doing them by hand.
Posted: 7:40 am on December 16th

Pete_504 Pete_504 writes: The Laguna Driftmaster is top on my list Santa. I'll know if I'm on the naughty or nice list if I get a Driftmaster or just more Snow Drifts!

Posted: 7:38 am on December 16th

M32003 M32003 writes: Since I don't have a dovetail jig, that would be at the top of my list.
Posted: 7:32 am on December 16th

smlb21 smlb21 writes: A new Lee Valley workbench would be nice.
Posted: 7:22 am on December 16th

GunpowderWoodworks GunpowderWoodworks writes: A lathe is at the top of my list but that LN cross-pien hammer would be just fine!
Posted: 7:13 am on December 16th

dboetb dboetb writes: These past few years have curved my ‘wants’ to ‘appreciation’ for what I have. But what I need isn’t on your lists and that is a bigger shop.


Posted: 7:02 am on December 16th

aranman aranman writes: This is my year to improve dust collection capabilities. Health becomes more a concern the older I get. I love the smell of fresh planed wood but there is a limit.
Posted: 6:53 am on December 16th

Brian_Nystrom Brian_Nystrom writes: What I really need is more shop space, but barring that, a dust collector is high on my list.
Posted: 6:47 am on December 16th

Spector Spector writes: I thought that I had everything I'd ever need for my shop until I purchased the Jet mini lathe. After my first turning, I was hooked. Now, I want the Powermatic 3520B Lathe. Are you reading this Santa?
Posted: 6:46 am on December 16th

sag sag writes: The new 17" bandsaw from Grizzly looks really sharp. Anyone used one yet?
Posted: 6:24 am on December 16th

Rogers186 Rogers186 writes: The older you get the more light and heat you need.
Posted: 6:21 am on December 16th

giac giac writes: My favourite a Bandsw!
Posted: 6:14 am on December 16th

GunpowderWoodworks GunpowderWoodworks writes: A lathe is on my short list too, but that LN cross-pien hammer would do just fine!
Posted: 6:03 am on December 16th

alvinshop alvinshop writes: A bench planer is on my short list..
Posted: 5:48 am on December 16th

modern_animal modern_animal writes: Can never get enough timber! I'm alway on the look out for unusual grain or colour patterns. Only problem is, I need to build a new timber store to accommodate!
For tools, I tend to put ticks in my favourite tool catalogue and give it to my wife to organise everyones gifts for me for christmas and birthdays. Works really well!!!
Posted: 4:38 am on December 16th

MisterH MisterH writes: My major wish would be an electronic speed controlled wood lathe, failing that a 12" bandsaw.

Posted: 3:57 am on December 16th

MikeVan MikeVan writes: Any handplane would be on the top of my never ending tools wish list. But I like surprises too ;-) Happy Holidays !
Posted: 3:21 am on December 16th

remainder remainder writes: A set of Benchcrafted vises would be nice.
Posted: 12:41 am on December 16th

mattmcp mattmcp writes: Though I don't think it'll show up under the tree, what I'd really like this year is some wood! This may be the first Christmas when there's no tool I feel I really need.

I'm more likely to unwrap something from Lee Valley though.
Posted: 9:32 pm on December 15th

MrHudon MrHudon writes: Hope you sent my wish list to Santa !
Posted: 8:54 pm on December 15th

MrHudon MrHudon writes: Hope you sent my wish list to Santa!!
Those are some great give aways!!
Posted: 8:53 pm on December 15th

captlen captlen writes: My own shop. I am currently using a friends shop and it is great but it is his. I would love my own with my own equipment. I would then share like he did to get me interested in this great hobby/pastime/avocation/addiction.

Happy Holidays to all. may your New Year be filled with get inspiration, patience, and sharps tools.


Posted: 8:48 pm on December 15th

MrHudon MrHudon writes: Hope you sent my wish list to Santa!!!
Great Prizes, I could use any of them.
Posted: 8:47 pm on December 15th

JLYoung JLYoung writes: Awesome giveaway prices. I already know that I'm getting a Veritas bevel up smoother. I'd sure love to have that L-N block plane though, or any other of the prizes for that matter.
Happy Holidays to all!
Posted: 8:05 pm on December 15th

spvincent spvincent writes: I second a 14" bandsaw. :-)

Also nearly anything from Lee Valley (which is just down the street from me here in Ottawa!)

But mostly: a new workshop. That's next spring's project.

Posted: 7:47 pm on December 15th

Circuit Rider Circuit Rider writes: The small plow plane from Lee Valley

Posted: 7:45 pm on December 15th

TDBridges TDBridges writes: A planer.
A 14" bandsaw.
Posted: 7:39 pm on December 15th

Don01 Don01 writes: I was aiming for a bigger bandsaw but my best friend felt she needed a better set of wheels. So That has replaced the tool wish list for a few years. Sigh.
But it is all good isn't it.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Posted: 6:46 pm on December 15th

jhonbaker jhonbaker writes: I think my list covered about two pages and I don't expect to get much of it. That's okay. Any of the fine giveaways here would be fantastic - mostly though the Plane. Nothing beats a good plane.
Posted: 6:09 pm on December 15th

Taigert Taigert writes: My family knows anything L/N that I don't already have. There are also some things on the Veritas web site that would make any woodworker Happy
Posted: 4:43 pm on December 15th

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