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Pro Portfolio: Doug Mooberry and Kinloch Woodworking

comments (19) December 16th, 2009 in blogs, videos

JonBinzen Jon Binzen, senior editor
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Video Length: 7:16
Produced by: Jonathan Binzen

Doug Mooberry was introduced to period furniture as a boy tagging along with his mother on her visits to antique stores. His wide-eyed curiosity quickly won over the antiques dealers. They let him open drawers and secret compartments, and their answers to his many questions laid the foundation of his education in period furniture.

After college (at Gettysburgh, where he studied business and Greek and Roman history), Mooberry founded Kinloch Woodworking in 1982 in Unionville, Pa., the town where he grew up. From the start his interest was mainly in making pieces inspired by period originals, but he's never been afraid to venture into more modern realms.

Mooberry, who was self-taught as a craftsman, runs the design and business end of Kinloch these days and has four or five craftsmen in the shop. In this audio slide show he describes a range of pieces Kinloch has made in recent years. The work glows with superb craftsmanship and in Mooberry's voice one can hear the genuine delight he and his craftsmen take in each piece they make.

Doug Mooberry's work appeared on the back cover Membership Required of our latest issue, FWW #210. For more on his techniques, read Carvings Cap an Impressive Chest.Membership Required This article gives details on how he carved his sea shell chest of drawers.

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Comments (19)

rjh727 rjh727 writes: I had the great pleasure to meet Doug and his talented craftsmen Mike and Jeff. Doug was so gracious to let me spend about three hours just watching and admiring. What a shop and talent. Thanks Doug
Bob Horn
Posted: 9:02 am on May 30th

sawdustandcinders sawdustandcinders writes: Oh my God! I wish I was 30 years younger I be begging for a job. I'd love to own a piece of your work but at my age I need my IRA.

To bad you can't bottle and sell talent like that, I'd buy a case. Fantastic.

Posted: 12:28 pm on April 23rd

carrieseeley carrieseeley writes: Hi Doug!

Impressive work! We don't Have craftsmen like you in Michigan! A friend of mine was a classmate of yours- Sue Waterman.

Keep up the Good work-

Carrie Seeley
Grand Rapids, Mi
Posted: 11:26 pm on March 26th

StuartS StuartS writes: I Agree with Jonnieboy. I even went so far as to try several practices at carving stars and stuff on edges of scrap. Learned a lot in just a few attempts, but would love to see and understand more. This is exactly the type of hand tool woodworking that makes my mind crank.

Beautiful work Doug.

Flower Mound, Texas
Posted: 8:14 am on March 5th

bubbadovetail bubbadovetail writes: All who have commented before me have said it all. You set the bar pretty high and set a standard for all of us to strive for. I think that it is great that you are keeping these beautiful period pieces of our heritage alive. Fantastic job.
Posted: 8:43 pm on January 27th

dustcollecter dustcollecter writes: Amazing just amazing and to think that someday I would love to create some work as beautiful as these pieces you have done. Do you plan on teaching classes? thank for the viewing of your fine work. And we all look forward to seeing some more in the future
Posted: 9:05 pm on January 12th

boneplayer boneplayer writes: All pieces are absolutely spectacular in design and craftsmanship. Doug Mooberry's talent is beyond comparison.
Posted: 10:04 pm on January 10th

2bsquare 2bsquare writes: To have the vision that Doug and his employees have, and then the talent to create the wonderful peices that they provide their clients is truely a gift.
Posted: 10:52 am on January 9th

jonnieboy jonnieboy writes: Editors!

How about a video? Work methods, shop tour, aesthetic -- a long one!

This is it. This is what it's all about. This is so wonderful.

More Mooberry!

Posted: 1:55 am on January 8th

B.L. Zeebub B.L. Zeebub writes: Schweeeeet! It's great to know that such work can be done and that there are patrons with the the depth of appreciation to commission such examples of woodworker artistry. Bravo, Mr. Mooberry, bravo.
Posted: 8:23 pm on January 6th

EltonHammond EltonHammond writes: Spectacular work! It would be nice to know what these highly customized works of art sell for. What are wealthy customers willing to pay for such beautiful work that has become so rare today.

Congratulations on the world class and breathtaking work that I really admire.
Posted: 2:37 pm on January 6th

Templeporter Templeporter writes: How gratifying to see that uncompromising craftsmanship and exquisite design can flourish in a CNC-driven, "me-too" marketplace. Any plans to start a school?
Posted: 9:40 am on January 6th

Offbyamile Offbyamile writes: Wow! This level of craftsmanship is indeed rare in our modern world. I would love to see some "how to" articles or videos fro your shop.
Posted: 9:29 am on January 6th

ninefingers_grapes ninefingers_grapes writes: Wow! I only live 20 miles from his business.
Now if only the skill in making carving scraps would fall on me and improve my craftsmanship.

Beautiful work! Its nice to see someone whom has been to college follow his ideal.
Posted: 9:27 am on January 6th

KariHultman KariHultman writes: Outstanding craftsmanship—what an inspiration! Thank you for putting this video together.
Posted: 7:05 am on January 6th

Plute Plute writes: Outstanding workmanship. I wish I was half as talented.
Posted: 6:59 am on January 6th

gfsugar2plus gfsugar2plus writes: Real artisans! Something to apsire to.
Posted: 3:31 am on January 6th

mrfixitnow mrfixitnow writes: Incredible! Now that's the kind of woodworking I want to do when I retire!
Posted: 11:01 am on December 31st

Periodcraftsmen Periodcraftsmen writes: It is amazing what Doug Mooberry's EMPLOYEES make. Doug has a lot talent that he has hired to make these amazing, unique at times, & beautiful pieces. It is nice to see another shop flourish in PA.

Posted: 5:49 am on December 17th

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