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The Editors Mailbox

UPDATE: Book Giveaway: 500 Chairs and 500 Tables

comments (57) November 8th, 2009 in blogs

BetsyE Betsy Engel, contributor
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 - CLICK TO ENLARGE Photo: Courtesy of Lark Books

500 Chairs: Celebrating Traditional & Innovative Designs (500 Series) and 500 Tables: Inspiring Interpretations of Function and Style (500 Series) edited by Ray Hemachandra
Lark Books, 2008 and 2009.
$24.95 each; Chairs 408 pp; Tables 420 pp.

Here’s a book set we recently received from editor Ray Hemachandra and we're giving you an opportunity to win both books. Leave a comment here for your chance to win.

These books are inspirational. They are loaded with photos of Chairs or Tables from the likes of Sam Maloof, Garry Knox Bennett, Kristina Madsen, and Alfred Sharp. The pieces range from the unusual to traditional. For example, in 500 Chairs you’ll find the “New Ladderback” by Garry Knox Bennett (a chair w/ a step ladder for the back) and more traditional Windsor Chairs by Curtis Buchanan. 500 Tables includes coffee tables, chess tables, dining tables and all sorts of other “tables”.

Lucky ClifP is the winner. His comment was chosen at random. After he has had a chance to review the books, check back here for his comments.

And check out the current giveaway, Zany Wooden Toys that Whiz, Spin, Pop and Fly.


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Comments (57)

TedFurlong TedFurlong writes: My wife and I recently entered into a discussion about "high" art vs "craft" art, and why there are so many art museums, but so relatively few crafts museums. . We had visited a contemporary gallery here in Denver and noted that for us, some hint of the artist's intent vis-a-vis materials selection, craftsmanship, and functional purpose really made the difference between a piece speaking to us or not. I have always been interested in the tensions inherent in the division of furniture design and construction into the "art" or "studio" furniture approach, in which the maker looks to address form from a perspective in which functionality is less a concern, and more traditional, craft-driven approaches, where function and aesthetic demands are equally balanced. I am looking forward to delving into this set, as it follows a FWW tradition in exploring and illustrating these tensions.

(T)Ed Furlong

Posted: 10:20 pm on November 16th

Evan12 Evan12 writes: I would love to read these books.
Posted: 7:42 am on November 15th

SSaul SSaul writes: These books showcase the ART in woodcraft. Thank you for featuring them.
Posted: 9:48 am on November 14th

bakbook bakbook writes: I consider chair making the ultimate chalange of woodworking. the book will add another layer of knowlege to my ability to design chairs. Thanks.
Posted: 1:50 am on November 14th

chairmannz chairmannz writes: As a chair maker i like to see new shapes.
Posted: 12:10 am on November 14th

franco88 franco88 writes: For anything creative to emerge from the mind, something imaginative must precede it. Beautiful books feed my imagination. They are tangible.

Similarly, woodworking is made meaningful to me almost entirely because of its three dimensional nature. Holding in the hand or looking directly at an object, while in the process of creation, is to exercise the power of the creator. Meaningful work indeed.
Posted: 3:50 pm on November 13th

Gonzo Gonzo writes: I love to study beautiful items made by others, it helps inspire me to improve my skills. I recently moved to a new (112 year old) home so I would have room for a dedicated shop, and am just completing it - so this would be a perfect time for me to win and get to see and be inspired by more chairs than I would ever get the opportunity to see in person.
Posted: 10:51 am on November 13th

ekrafsur ekrafsur writes: I've built tables, but never chairs. Perhaps its time to correct this oversight!
Posted: 10:36 am on November 13th

yohann yohann writes: that would add great value to my collection
Posted: 10:59 pm on November 12th

Du77y Du77y writes: I enjoy different constructions. I'm sure these books will deliver some different perspectives from a art standpoint.
Posted: 9:39 pm on November 12th

scullin scullin writes: Admire the chairs for their comfortable bottoms and sensuous legs and prepare the tables to be used as dancefloors! Yea, inspire this :-O
Posted: 8:44 pm on November 12th

dustee dustee writes: count me in and a suggestion mic the interviewee.
Posted: 1:34 pm on November 12th

dustee dustee writes: count me in and a suggestion mic the interviewee.
Posted: 1:34 pm on November 12th

Red_F Red_F writes: Chairs Chairs Chairs...

Why do I keep making new ones when they can be such a pain to get right?
Posted: 9:39 pm on November 11th

applekor applekor writes: I have probably built more than 500 chairs in my 25+yr career, but not as many tables. I would love to have these books for inspiration.
Posted: 11:08 am on November 11th

eoinsgaff eoinsgaff writes: Hey there,

Count me in please

Posted: 4:13 am on November 11th

hardatit hardatit writes: I can just see the joy on my wife's face when I tell her I did'nt deplete the check book buying woodworking books again! Please.... help me put joy on my wife's face.
Posted: 7:10 pm on November 10th

mvflaim mvflaim writes: Boom Boom
Posted: 11:09 am on November 10th

Soul_Surfer Soul_Surfer writes: Wow! What an awesome chair on the cover of that book!
Posted: 1:42 am on November 10th

Triumph1 Triumph1 writes: It would go great with my "400 Wooden Boxes" book!
Posted: 9:57 pm on November 9th

ClifP ClifP writes: These look great! I'm trying to picture the perfect chairs and table for my house, it would be great to look at all these examples. Count me in!
Posted: 9:32 pm on November 9th

krenovian krenovian writes: I would love to add to my library!
Posted: 6:22 pm on November 9th

sk2tobin sk2tobin writes: what a great addition to my library!
Posted: 6:12 pm on November 9th

oldewood oldewood writes: Two good books means twice the fun!
Posted: 5:18 pm on November 9th

tmetcalf tmetcalf writes: looks interesting
Posted: 1:31 pm on November 9th

Woodsmithy Woodsmithy writes: I've always wanted a set of these books. Count me in too.
Posted: 12:27 pm on November 9th

ikmattias ikmattias writes: I love making furniture!
I love woodworking books!
Posted: 12:19 pm on November 9th

RalphBarker RalphBarker writes: The only thing better than a good book is a free good book. ;-)

Posted: 11:55 am on November 9th

KLaz KLaz writes: Looking forward to receiving this one.
Posted: 11:39 am on November 9th

Buche Buche writes: My wife and I don't even have a coffee table, so any inspiration for a new one would be appreciated.

Many thanks!
Posted: 11:37 am on November 9th

Kaleo Kaleo writes: always looking for a good design book
Posted: 11:35 am on November 9th

mrfixitnow mrfixitnow writes: Very interesting cover!
Posted: 10:50 am on November 9th

benjk benjk writes: free books - for the WIN!
Posted: 10:29 am on November 9th

Tyblack Tyblack writes: Looks like a great place for ideas
Posted: 9:06 am on November 9th

keithver keithver writes: Wow! More inspiration. I can do with as much as I can get. The covers already have my brain in overdrive. What will the insides do?
Posted: 9:06 am on November 9th

MarkMazzo MarkMazzo writes: Count me in on this one!
Posted: 8:51 am on November 9th

pcoleman pcoleman writes: Count me in.
Posted: 8:15 am on November 9th

w1z3r w1z3r writes: pull up a chair and dance on the tables
Posted: 6:17 am on November 9th

DaveHarrison DaveHarrison writes: Count me in!
Posted: 4:14 am on November 9th

JeremyMillar JeremyMillar writes: Sign me up.
Posted: 3:15 am on November 9th

Smith5963 Smith5963 writes: in....
Posted: 12:35 am on November 9th

fitzdr fitzdr writes: Thanks
Posted: 9:59 pm on November 8th

johnrezz johnrezz writes: can never have enough books, or is that clamps????
Posted: 9:35 pm on November 8th

baudi baudi writes: Yes, please.
Posted: 9:24 pm on November 8th

patwreck patwreck writes: This will be very usefull
Posted: 8:48 pm on November 8th

captlen captlen writes: Planning an end table. I would love some inspiration.
Posted: 8:35 pm on November 8th

pbibbo pbibbo writes: Pick me, pick me
Posted: 8:32 pm on November 8th

JLYoung JLYoung writes: Sign me up please
Posted: 8:21 pm on November 8th

Pathrat06 Pathrat06 writes: Sounds like something I could use!
Posted: 7:54 pm on November 8th

highpro highpro writes: Count me in!
Posted: 7:26 pm on November 8th

nznix nznix writes: These would look great lying around the house on chairs and tables.
Posted: 7:05 pm on November 8th

slydogx slydogx writes: In.
Posted: 5:14 pm on November 8th

APO APO writes: Sign me up...I love chairs
Posted: 4:37 pm on November 8th

Larrythewoodguy Larrythewoodguy writes: Oh, these two books would fit so well in my collection.
Posted: 3:26 pm on November 8th

JamesMichaelFurniture JamesMichaelFurniture writes: I will be deployed when this contest is over, blessing to the one who wins.
Posted: 2:25 pm on November 8th

jacko9 jacko9 writes: Hello,

I have most issues of Fine Woodworking from issue 1 on along with fine furniture and a shelf full of woodworking books. While I am a fair woodworker, my design skills lack any imagination what-so-ever.

I am about to embark on a project to build my wife a dining room table out of some wood I purchased 30 years ago, Brazilian Rosewood and I would love to come across an inspiring leg and apron table design before I commit my most prized wood to the shop.

I have been searching for over two years for just the right design and I would appreciate the table and chair book to assist me in this endeavor.

Thanks for this web site and your fine contributions to the art of woodworking.


Posted: 2:18 pm on November 8th

jhonbaker jhonbaker writes: I just built a coffee table that this would look perfect on.
Posted: 1:09 pm on November 8th

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