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The Editors Mailbox

The Workbench of a Lifetime

comments (3) October 27th, 2009 in blogs, videos

Tom Tom McKenna, Managing Editor
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Fine Woodworking's annual Tools & Shops issue is hitting the newsstands and arriving in your mailboxes, and it's one of our best ever, loaded with ideas for your shop. The lead project in the issue is Garrett Hack's new workbench, and the thoughtful design and construction is pure Garrett.

Designed for hand-tool users, the bench is not only easy on the eyes, but it's also highly functional. Its thick top is big enough to handle any project, and the trestle base is rigid enough to resist any racking forces. There are lots of ways to hold work, too, from hold-downs to benchdogs and vises, and Garrett even added blocking behind the aprons to give clamps extra grip. It's truly a bench built for a lifetime. 

For even more information on this workbench read the article from FWW #209 or buy the digital SketchUp plans form our plan store.

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Comments (3)

MikeHildyard MikeHildyard writes: Hi
I have bought the plans to build this workbench. Can someone tell me why when a tail vice is closed, the shoulder is set an open distance from the bench end? Is this specific to this bench design or are all tail vices designed like this?
Posted: 2:19 am on June 19th

Stu in Tokyo Stu in Tokyo writes: Great Bench Garrett, I'll be building a new bench for my Dungeon soon, and it will certainly take some points from your fine work!

Posted: 1:51 am on July 16th

Lawrie Lawrie writes: I saw the article, video and photo of Mr. Hack's new workbench, and can't wait to read the article. I really like the breadboard idea and the other features he mentioned in the video.

I have Mr. Scott Landis' "The Workbench Book," published by Taunton, and over the years I have seen many other interesting articles on workbenches that contain things like designs and histories of different benches, accessories, vises, cabinets, etc.

I have written down a list of these articles on the inside cover of the book and thought I'd try to share this list with others who might be contemplating a new bench or improvements for their existing bench. I scanned the list and attached it to a posting in Knots/Workshops.

I hope it is of some use to at least a few of you folks.

Lawrie Pinkham
Posted: 5:13 pm on October 28th

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