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The Editors Mailbox

UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture by Robert W. Lang

comments (95) September 20th, 2009 in blogs

BetsyE Betsy Engel, contributor
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Buy this book here - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Buy this book here

Photo: Courtesy of Fox Chapel

Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture by Robert W. Lang.
Fox Chapel Publishing, 2006.
$22.95; 144 pp.

Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture contains drawings (measured and drawn by Robert W. Lang) for 23 different arts & crafts pieces designed by the Greene brothers during the early 1900s. Some of the pieces included are the Gamble Bed (complete with the flower inlays and tsuba shapes); the Charles Greene sideboard; and the Robinson Chair. Lang also includes a short history of the Greene brothers and the Hall brothers (who made the furniture and homes designed by the Greenes), as well as sections on techniques, materials, and finishes.

Lucky PurdueDan is the winner. His comment was chosen at random.

Check out the latest giveaway for your chance to win a copy of Essential Guide to the Steel Square by Ken Horner.

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Comments (95)

drllucas drllucas writes: Sign me up also.
Posted: 6:10 pm on October 1st

FluidFurniture FluidFurniture writes: Sounds good
Posted: 10:48 am on October 1st

gkran gkran writes: Sounds like a great read.. Please enter me :)
Posted: 1:36 am on September 28th

mom2anutball mom2anutball writes: This looks great! Thanks!
Posted: 11:16 pm on September 27th

chromiumman chromiumman writes: would love to win this
Posted: 10:48 pm on September 27th

dmule dmule writes: I want that book. Greene & Greene rock!
Posted: 9:00 pm on September 27th

dirt_greenwood dirt_greenwood writes: I'm always interested to learn more about the Greene's and Hall's
Posted: 8:41 pm on September 27th

American Idler American Idler writes: I encourage every woodworker to make a pilgrimage to the Gamble House in Pasedena, CA. Really, it's a trancendent experiance.
Posted: 11:21 am on September 27th

American Idler American Idler writes: I encourage every woodworker to make a pilgrimage to the Gamble House in Pasedena, CA. Really, it's a trancendent experiance.
Posted: 11:20 am on September 27th

jcjensen jcjensen writes: Insperation has never been an issue for me. Design has always been my problem. I would appreciate the extraordinary help of this book.
Posted: 10:29 pm on September 25th

rekoch rekoch writes: I'd love to add this book to my collection.

Posted: 2:54 pm on September 24th

rekoch rekoch writes: I'd love to add this book to my collection.

Posted: 2:54 pm on September 24th

rekoch rekoch writes: I'd love to add this book to my collection.

Posted: 2:54 pm on September 24th

rekoch rekoch writes: I'd love to add this book to my collection.

Posted: 2:54 pm on September 24th

rekoch rekoch writes: I'd love to add this book to my collection.

Posted: 2:54 pm on September 24th

JeansandTs JeansandTs writes: I am recently retired and a hobbyist level woodworker just starting out. I would love to have this book.
Posted: 8:52 pm on September 23rd

Bud_Hill Bud_Hill writes: I love G & G
Posted: 4:35 pm on September 23rd

DesertWalt DesertWalt writes: Robert Lang has such a practical and down home style of writing. He often reminds me of times I spent at the saw horse with my dad building our garage. Greene and Greene in the name of my dad Forrest
Posted: 12:27 pm on September 23rd

ROC_LRC ROC_LRC writes: Please and Thank you!
Posted: 11:51 am on September 23rd

Palotito Palotito writes: I would like to have this book! Thanks!!

Posted: 11:32 am on September 23rd

crashkey crashkey writes: I love the greene & greene style. I have always wanted to build something in that style. This book will be the perfect way to help me get started.
Posted: 9:44 am on September 23rd

hkb hkb writes: This will be a great compliment to anyone's library.
Posted: 9:37 am on September 23rd

ewedog76 ewedog76 writes: Devine Inspiration
Posted: 9:16 am on September 23rd

kserger kserger writes: I'm thinking about making an entire set of kitchen cabinets in the Greene & Greene style, but I've never built anything using that style. I think it would make a fabulous kitchen and I could use all the help I can get when it comes to design ideas.
Posted: 11:24 pm on September 22nd

slowset slowset writes: Love Greene anad Greene and would love a copy of the book.
Posted: 7:58 pm on September 22nd

JEBaker JEBaker writes: What I love about Greene & Greene is the attention to detail. At first glance their work appears so simple, but closer examination reveals sumptuous, complex lines, and an appreciation for depth over a flat plane.
Posted: 7:12 pm on September 22nd

Malia Malia writes: Arts and Crafts and the Roycrofters are my favorite styles of furniture.
Posted: 6:44 pm on September 22nd

jsc123 jsc123 writes: My dad recently retired and is planning on trying his hand at building furniture.
This book would be so perfect for him for ideas and inspiration.
Thank you so much for the chance to win.
Posted: 3:32 pm on September 22nd

whitn whitn writes: very interesting book.
Posted: 2:17 pm on September 22nd

sk2tobin sk2tobin writes: what a great book to have! I would love a copy!
Posted: 2:15 pm on September 22nd

RogersCG RogersCG writes: Looks good! I'll play!
Posted: 1:54 pm on September 22nd

jonand15 jonand15 writes: I'm excited about Greene & Greene after attending a Woodworking in America session about G&G with Jim Ipekjian (and one of your sessions on Arts & Crafts, Robert). The architecture and furniture are remarkable.
Posted: 1:41 pm on September 22nd

mwurds55 mwurds55 writes: Have this great book on my shelf. Would love to give it to a good friend that is just starting out building A&C.
Posted: 11:33 am on September 22nd

APO APO writes: I would love to have this as I like the Greene & Greene style. Also, I never get picked for anything,,,
Posted: 11:03 am on September 22nd

TeddyB52 TeddyB52 writes: Can't pass this one up!
Posted: 11:02 am on September 22nd

Decovic Decovic writes: Winning is better than buying, but either way I suspect I'll own this book after Christmas.
Posted: 10:39 am on September 22nd

PurdueDan PurdueDan writes: I could use a new book on woodworking.
Posted: 9:02 am on September 22nd

SolRegent SolRegent writes: Stop, Breathe, Think, Act and the rest will follow....
Posted: 8:38 am on September 22nd

woodvet837 woodvet837 writes: Oh, please, please, please!!!! I would love to have that book as I have a stepdaughter that just loves Craftsman style furniture and I owe her a project. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 8:35 am on September 22nd

GREENE4ME GREENE4ME writes: Obviously, if I don't win it I will have to buy it. I am a little more than obsessed with the Greene Bros. and 20 yrs after first learning of them I still marvel at their artistry.
Posted: 8:24 pm on September 21st

chlanious chlanious writes: It would be a privilege and pleasure to own one of Bob Lang's books. I've met him and found him to be an honest, insatiblely curious and talented guy. No nonsense!

Posted: 5:12 pm on September 21st

remyers remyers writes: The craftsmen style to me really brings out the warmth of wood... Great Book!
Posted: 4:08 pm on September 21st

D11RDozer D11RDozer writes: Looks like a good book, count me in.
Posted: 3:50 pm on September 21st

yelkereb yelkereb writes: The Greene Brothers are a big part of what got me into woodworking.
Posted: 2:35 pm on September 21st

tmdonoesq tmdonoesq writes: I had never heard of Greene & Greene until a colleague of mine mentioned she was doing her kitchen over in this style. I have been to Japan a number of times, and when I saw the photos of her kitchen it reminded me of Japanese woodwork. Would love to have a copy of the book as I am redoing my kitchen too!
Posted: 2:25 pm on September 21st

phillipmilks phillipmilks writes: This would be a great reference in my efforts.
Posted: 2:18 pm on September 21st

gporter gporter writes: Well, I'd love a copy of this book.
I have some of his previous work and find it well done.
Thanks for the chance.
Posted: 1:11 pm on September 21st

RalphBarker RalphBarker writes: To paraphrase the frog, "It's not easy being Greene."
Posted: 12:56 pm on September 21st

mjonkman mjonkman writes: Count me in.
Posted: 12:45 pm on September 21st

ffej24m ffej24m writes: Pick me
Posted: 12:06 pm on September 21st

GoYouSalukis GoYouSalukis writes: Count me in.
Posted: 11:46 am on September 21st

xirebos xirebos writes: Yes, please.
Posted: 11:41 am on September 21st

maple maple writes: What a nice resource book. It would be a great starting point for a modern piece as well.
Posted: 11:17 am on September 21st

chimo_m chimo_m writes: .....................
... ...
... PICK ME ...
... ...
Posted: 11:14 am on September 21st

yohann yohann writes: This would be an awesome book to own
Posted: 11:06 am on September 21st

k2112 k2112 writes: Looks like a great book. Please include me in the drawing!
Posted: 10:40 am on September 21st

lsteed lsteed writes: I'd appreciate it if you would include me in the draw as well. Thanks very much.
Posted: 10:28 am on September 21st

DaveRichards DaveRichards writes: I'd love to have this one in my collection.
Posted: 9:56 am on September 21st

harrisjw harrisjw writes: This would be a great book for a young woodworker wanting to get starting in arts & crafts style pieces.
Posted: 9:16 am on September 21st

RVH RVH writes: Great way to determine if I want to build some of the G&G stuff!
Posted: 7:51 am on September 21st

JLYoung JLYoung writes: I've got this book on my Lee Valley Wish list. If I could win it here, I'd knock it off that veeery long list!
Posted: 7:35 am on September 21st

rocknbike rocknbike writes: Perfino in Italia ci sono appassionati dello stile Greene&Greene!! Mi piacerebbe provare a costruire un loro pezzo .....
Posted: 4:11 am on September 21st

jverreault jverreault writes: I have an 1917 Arts & Crafts style home and this book would be a great thing to have... please put me into the draw.
Posted: 3:21 am on September 21st

skillseeker skillseeker writes: This books has always been on my wish list. I look forward to the opportunity to add it to my library.
Posted: 1:25 am on September 21st

Minaret Minaret writes: looks like a nice book!
Posted: 12:45 am on September 21st

JSZens JSZens writes: Some of my favorite furniture designs. This book would be a great addition to any library!
Posted: 11:41 pm on September 20th

lfa lfa writes: I have a couple of other books by Robert Lang, hope I win this one.
Posted: 10:42 pm on September 20th

geraldmc geraldmc writes: great book to add to my shop!
Posted: 10:36 pm on September 20th

Don Rip Don Rip writes: Looks like a great book. Please add me to the list.
Posted: 10:31 pm on September 20th

Larrythewoodguy Larrythewoodguy writes: Good book for my collection.
Posted: 10:29 pm on September 20th

brownwood1536 brownwood1536 writes: Add me to the list for this book.
Posted: 10:00 pm on September 20th

simplyrelaxing simplyrelaxing writes: yes please
Posted: 9:13 pm on September 20th

skandic skandic writes: winter is coming, I would love more reading material.
Posted: 8:53 pm on September 20th

wmalcolmg wmalcolmg writes: I can't design or draw well, so I need books like this. Put me on the list
Posted: 8:49 pm on September 20th

veggiefahmah123 veggiefahmah123 writes: Count me in. I'm building 8 Stickley chairs
Tom Libby
Posted: 8:45 pm on September 20th

Circuit Rider Circuit Rider writes: Count me in, Thanks
Posted: 8:22 pm on September 20th

captlen captlen writes: I would love a copy.
Posted: 8:19 pm on September 20th

woodworkertim woodworkertim writes: I'd love to win a copy, put me in!
Posted: 8:15 pm on September 20th

slydogx slydogx writes: Sure, I'll take this one
Posted: 8:09 pm on September 20th

chetkloss chetkloss writes: Bob Lang's book is awesome - this is great!!

Peace in the world of woodworking publications...

There is hope for us all.

Posted: 7:06 pm on September 20th

jhonbaker jhonbaker writes: a comment.
Posted: 5:26 pm on September 20th

LarryMarshall LarryMarshall writes:
Greene& Greene furniture is classy. I'd love to have a copy of this book.

Cheers --- Larry Marshall

Posted: 5:14 pm on September 20th

splinter1947 splinter1947 writes: This would be a valuable resource for any shop.
Posted: 5:10 pm on September 20th

robert391 robert391 writes: I'd love a copy, thanks
Posted: 5:05 pm on September 20th

jmcorzan jmcorzan writes: A great addition to any library.
Posted: 4:56 pm on September 20th

Joe Sullivan Joe Sullivan writes: Excellent book idea. I'd love a copy.

Posted: 4:09 pm on September 20th

robertm348 robertm348 writes: Excellent timing! I have been searching for books and plans about Greene & Greene.
Posted: 4:04 pm on September 20th

jakegest jakegest writes: Looks mighty interesting, I would love a copy.
Posted: 3:48 pm on September 20th

jhawkdoc jhawkdoc writes: Would love to have a copy!
Posted: 3:30 pm on September 20th

highpro highpro writes: Just getting started in woodworking and love the look of Greene and Greene!
Posted: 3:29 pm on September 20th

steveswhite steveswhite writes: Love Greene and Greene joinery. I would love to have this book.

Posted: 2:58 pm on September 20th

baudi baudi writes: Yes,please.
Posted: 2:31 pm on September 20th

bingoreo bingoreo writes: i'd like this book
Posted: 2:16 pm on September 20th

monty65 monty65 writes: I have the Stickley books and they are great!

Posted: 1:52 pm on September 20th

frank T frank T writes: Great looking book!
Posted: 10:31 am on September 20th

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