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The Editors Mailbox

Vote for the Winner of the Creative Bookcases Gallery Challenge

comments (8) July 29th, 2009 in blogs

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UPDATE: Thanks to all who voted. Click here to see who won.

Vote now for the winner of the Creative Bookcases gallery challenge. Voting ends Mon., Aug. 3 at midnight EST. The winner will be announced Tues., Aug. 4. For more details on each piece, click on the links at the bottom of this post.


Congrats to the 15 finalists. Click on these links for more information on each piece:


Art Nouveau Bookcase

Bookcase for OED Oxford English Dictionary

Bookcase No. 5

Art Nouveau Bookcase   Bookcase for OED Oxford English Dictionary   Bookcase No. 5

Cantilevered Bookshelf


Curved Bookcase in Bamboo

Cantilevered Bookshelf   Crazy-Bookshelf   Curved Bookcase in Bamboo

Empire Bookcase

End of an Era

Floating-Media Shelves

Empire Bookcase   End of an Era   Floating-Media Shelves



Modern Stacking Bookshelves

Intersection   Kibako   Modern Stacking Bookshelves

Scimitar Shelves

Switchback Bookcase

Wall Hung Shelf

Scimitar Shelves   Switchback Bookcase   Wall Hung Shelf

Voting will be limited by IP address.

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Comments (8)

Red_F Red_F writes: If building furniture was only about practicality, then book cases would only be made out of planks and cinderblocks, and we would sit on the floor or on logs instead of chairs. Creativity is what seperates the interesting from the boring. I think this photo challenge shows that there are many right answers to the question "what is a bookcase/shelf?" Also, I have to say that I think most are very practical and suit the purpose that they were made for. Not every bookcase is made for a school library.
Posted: 1:41 pm on August 3rd

GEide GEide writes: Just got an email comment from a reader.
"All the bookcases show masterful work, they are different and show a great deal of thought however not anyone of them are of any practical value. They all are great conversation pieces but that's about all I can say for them."
Posted: 12:35 pm on August 3rd

brownwood1536 brownwood1536 writes: I would agree with "TotalNovice" with an additional well done to all. I found it hard to decide from the list as all were creative and well executed. Several of them stood out from this list and from the others that didn't make the cut. Someday...
Posted: 12:26 pm on August 3rd

Beckum Beckum writes: Each case should be appreciated and each craftsman has earned the respect due anyone who makes the final cut in a competition like this. I like them all. Personally, a balance between from and function should always be a prime consideration in any design. The artsy stuff may look good, but if it can't do the job . . . .

As long as you or your customer enjoys what you make .... have fun doing it!

Posted: 7:25 pm on August 2nd

cyruswilson cyruswilson writes: as a intermeate woodworker, mostly of book shelves,end tables,and lots of other stuff!! i like this book shelf because it looks very simply design and the hanging part looks easy too. so i am very glad you posted this project
it looks like an adventure in woodworking. anyway i like it alot. iwant to make something simailar to it. will post mine when i am finished. thanks again cyruswilson

Posted: 1:30 am on August 1st

finishman01 finishman01 writes: Nice workmanship all in all, however functionality is lost on much, send the art to the museum.
Posted: 9:42 pm on July 31st

cebuchan cebuchan writes: No quotation marks needed.
Posted: 1:20 pm on July 31st

TotalNovice TotalNovice writes: All the bookcases deserve praise. As a complete novice, I aspire to attain somewhere close to the level of all these folks some day.
Well done to you all.
Posted: 7:06 am on July 31st

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