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Fully Functional 45 lb. Maple Rubik's Cube With Granite Inlay

comments (1) May 25th, 2009 in Reader's Gallery

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I was working in the shop one day when a man pulled up in a Jeep.   He was fiddling with a very worn looking Rubik’s cube and asked me how much I would charge to build him a "big" cube.  I looked over his cube and came to the conclusion that I had absolutely NO idea how to even begin to estimate such a project or if I would even be able to complete the project satisfactorily.  By this time though, I was determined to at least try!  I made a deal with the man; keeping track of my labor I would build the cube and if successful, I would give him a price.  If that price was too high, I would keep the cube for myself!  Well I guess you can tell what happened...  After hours of research, taking apart a little one, drawing up the CAD plans, etc. the grand total would have been on the order of $5000!!!  Granted, if I were to have built another one, it would have been a fraction of that, however at the time I could not take any more time away from my other projects, and the man moved away.  I would have to say that without question this was the most fun, frustrating, challenging and rewarding projects I have ever done, and I'm very glad the man decided not to buy it!  I had to really push my creativity, and my patience.  If you would like to see a video of the cube in action, all you have to do is google “45lb rubik’s cube” and it will pop right up or you can click here

Design or Plan used: My Own Design - Upscaled Rubik's Cube design with slight modification.

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Comments (1)

Ddimas Ddimas writes: It's gorgeous! What's the mechanism for the cube?
Posted: 10:58 am on May 30th

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