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Bosch Cuts the (Power) Cord

comments (1) April 22nd, 2009 in blogs

woodheat Roland Johnson, contributor
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Last week I was in Chicago at Bosch's power tool headquarters where I got to see some of the new tools that they're developing. I was amazed to learn that Bosch introduces more than 100 new power tools every year! Of course they aren't all woodworking tools but the amount of research and development to support that abundant production is amazing.

Bosch showed their new line of pneumatic nailers that are about 20 percent lighter with 10 percent more power and contain some interesting piston return technology making more efficient use of the compressed air charge. They're calling the new line Full Force Technology.  Check out the Bosch website ( for more tech details. 

I also got an advanced viewing of some new tools that are in the pre-production stage and are pretty darned exciting.  I can't say any more about those tools, but I can tell you that there is an amazing technology that Bosch will be bringing to us in the very near future.  That technology is called eCoupled and it's nothing short of earth-shaking.

eCoupled technology is wireless power. Bosch has teamed up with Fulton Innovations to bring wireless charging to woodworking tools. For all you folks who understand electricity, here's how it works.  It's inductive charging with the primary coil being the surface the tool is placed on and the secondary coil being the battery pack in the tool.  A wireless activity field controlled by micropressors transfers power at a 90 percent efficiency rate making it comparable to typical contact-style battery chargers.  When an eCoupled capable tool comes in contact with an eCoupled charging zone the technology recoginizes the storage source, determines its power needs and immediately transfers power to the battery.  Leggett & Platt has developed the eCoupled surfaces that typically have a series of LED's that indicate charging activity.

The great thing about this technology is that you can have charging zones on almost any flat surface, like a workbench top. There are no exposed contacts or wires and the battery pack can be completely sealed creating a waterproof pack.  The battery technology allows short-cycle charging without compromising battery life so frequent, short charging times won't hurt the battery and you will always have full battery power available.

Pretty amazing stuff. And it will be able to charge your cell phone, laptop computer, flashlight, ...........anything with eCoupled technology. 

Roland Johnson

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MBerger MBerger writes: This sounds a lot like a technology I wrote about a few years ago when I was a technology reporter:

Posted: 2:03 pm on April 22nd

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