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New Tool News from the International Woodworking Fair

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MKenney Matthew Kenney, special projects editor
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Catch all the latest woodworking and machinery news from IWF Atlanta 2014, one of the biggest woodworking and machinery fairs in the world.
Freuds latest Fusion blades have teeth that are ground to create a shear cutting action.
On General Internationals new drill press, you can adjust the speed without opening the top to move the belts from pulley to pulley.
Crosscutting on a SawStop will be a whole lot easier with the addition of the companys new crosscut sliding table accessory.
The new medium router plane from Veritas uses the same blades as its larger brother. There are 8 imperial blades and 5 metric To choose from.
The new Kreg Foreman, the latest incarnation of the companys professional level pocket-hole machine, can cut pocket holes up to twice as fast as standard pocket-hole jigs.
Tritons forthcoming router table has a very slick low friction top.
Catch all the latest woodworking and machinery news from IWF Atlanta 2014, one of the biggest woodworking and machinery fairs in the world. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Catch all the latest woodworking and machinery news from IWF Atlanta 2014, one of the biggest woodworking and machinery fairs in the world.





There is good news and bad news about this year's International Woodworking Fair (IWF). Let's start with the bad. There certainly are fewer exhibitors geared toward the home shop woodworker, and you have to cover lots of acreage to uncover tools of interest to the Fine Woodworking reader.

The good news is that we've gotten a lot of exercise, and we did manage to uncover some nifty new tools that are already available or soon to be arriving. We're here for another couple days, and we're bound to find more, but here's a sampling of what we've found so far.


Shear-cutting tablesaw blade leaves no tearout

Freud Tools unveiled the Next Generation Premier Fusion General Purpose tablesaw blade. This 10-in. blade has an innovative tooth grind, call the Fusion Trio, for the top, sides, and face. The special grind makes for an incredibly smooth, quiet cut, with no tearout at all, even in chip-prone woods like oak (we saw the results during a demo). The Freud reps say the standard blade will sell for $99; the thin-kerf model will retail for $79.


General International rolls out new drill press and dust collector

General International is launching a load of new tools this coming year. The one that caught our eyes is a new floor standing 17-in. drill press (model 75-165). This cast-iron beast features a 5/8 in. chuck with 3 1/8 in. of spindle travel. The 3/4 hp motor is variable speed, from 280 to 2,100 rpm, mechanically adjusted via a hand lever--no need to lift the lid to adjust the belt. The drill press will sell for $570, according to the company.



Sliding table for SawStop saws

SawStop's accessory sliding crosscut table was a welcome sight, one of the truly innovative products we've seen so far. The sweet sliding table will fit any SawStop saw, including contractor models. The table and fence are made from "aircraft-grade" aluminum, picked for its lightweight and strength. With the table you can rip or crosscut stock up to 48 in. deep, and the fence extends out past 58 in. That's big capacity. The table will be available this fall, and will sell for $999.


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Comments (4)

Geir Geir writes: "truly innovative product"

What's exactly the innovation?

The sliding table was invented in Germany in 1906.
Posted: 9:42 am on August 29th

Hoss976 Hoss976 writes: Considering the base cost of the saw not very impressive that the table almost matches that price.
Posted: 9:27 pm on August 23rd

mranch mranch writes: This new slider looks an awful lot like the JessM that I've had on my UniSaw for years. I think I paid about $350. It works well but it's not a Felder or Hammer slider.
Posted: 8:24 am on August 23rd

chucktown chucktown writes: What was your impression of the Saw Stop slider? 1K seems like a very premium price point, does it live up to that?
Posted: 7:04 am on August 23rd

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