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The Editors Mailbox

Porter Cable Recalls 100,000 Production Routers in U.S.

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Ben_Blackmar Ben Blackmar, Contributor
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The router is being recalled due to a shock hazard from uninsulated metal handles.
The production-style bases were also sold separately, and without an insulated gripping surface, pose the same risk.
Check the model number and date code on yours and contact Porter Cable if it matches.
The router is being recalled due to a shock hazard from uninsulated metal handles. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

The router is being recalled due to a shock hazard from uninsulated metal handles.


Porter-Cable has announced a recall of four different 3-1/4 horsepower, electric, fixed-base production routers and one model of production router base. The base was sold both as part of router packages, and separately, but poses the same risk of shock either way.

The reported reason for the recall is that the metal side handles on the base of recalled routers don't have insulated gripping surfaces, which presents a possible electric shock hazard, but no injuries have been reported in conjunction with this recall.


These routers and bases were sold from 1990 to April 2014- Approximately 100,00 in the U.S., and over 7,000 in Canada. The router models being recalled are listed below:


Model Number Speed/Feature
7518 5-speed
7519 1-speed
7519EC 1-speed/has an extended chuck

1-speed/ uses 220-volt power source


Check your router model number and date code, and if it is one of the affected models, Porter-Cable recommends to stop using it and unplug it, and contact them for a free replacement router base with insulation on the handles.

To reach Porter-Cable, call toll-free at (888) 344-7973 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or email them at , also Porter-Cable provides information about the recall at this site: Porter-Cable Router Recall. You can also find more information by visiting, click on Important Safety Notice/Recalls, and select 2014.

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jonquinn jonquinn writes: I would have thought it was for all the power cord rubber that they use that dry rots and cracks within a year or two. All my PC power tools have more electrical tape on the cords than original rubber.
I don't think I've had that problem with any of the other power tool brands I own but PC. I would think cracked and falling apart cord insulation is more of a shock hazard than the issue for the recall.
that's one reason why I haven't bought PC brand tools for a long time.
Posted: 6:17 pm on July 22nd

kevin65 kevin65 writes: 24 years of sales and over 100k sold with no reported injuries, this sounds like a bit of an over reaction on someones part
Posted: 11:46 am on July 22nd

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