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Small Anarchy…tool box?

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Small Anarchy…tool box?  

This was a great exercise in both patients and woodworking. It is made of poplar, aspen pine, and sycamore. Don't look to close because errors are abounding…It was done on purpose. I wanted to see the mistakes in a "box" that would accompany my projects. I did not try to hide from the inevitable learning curve. Instead, early on, I decided to let what happens happen. With exception of re-cutting the two ends of dovetails, to make sure I was structurally sound, all the marking and errors are here. I left the marks for cuts, reference faces, references sides, and so on. If it is not on the project it is because I cut it off, planed it, etc. I feel that because I allowed these errors I would learn more effectively, and have a reference point for future projects on what I did before. Hopefully, it will be a conversation starter as well. Well at least it is square…right down to the nail poking through that I sanded. Enjoy!



Design or Plan used: My Own Design - Brandon S. Veatch

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