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A Bread Board made by a Blue Collar Bread Winner

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MarkAReed MarkAReed, member
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yes sir, you can use it... go ahead,
slice somethin on it.

Don't know about you ......

but, this is how us blue collar crusty carpenters like makin bread boards.


No mortised handmade miters, baltic bamboo butterflies, or a slidin sassafrass slip fit.

No swirlin CNC strings or dizzy three D patterns, makin you have to sit down just from lookin at it.


No impossible inlays made from that bird eyed Buzinga, spalted spruce and quilted cocabola.

No loopy live edges or turquoise filled tunnels that look like green fungi laced granola.


No ivory or bony inlays or burly butcher block end grain, always warpin, and crackin and shit.

No usin 9 different wood species from 7 different continents,

..... then spazzin out when GOP Gibson does it.


No woodworkin website threads with replies from 159 white collar, auto pencil pushin,

Festool fetish rubbin, Roubo bench bangin, Gold member Guild geeks,.... goin frickin insane,


"How do I cut a perfectly square 2x2" bread board block with my new L&N #1 hand plane?"


No exotic wood store excursions, hand selectin crotched, quilted and quarter sawn grains

....... no one else will ever see.

No spendin 289.50 for a pile a wood you can carry in one hand, five exotic wood fillers,

...... and a How To DVD.


Ain't no reason wastin good cutoffs like a 1x8 piece a maple from drawers

I'm makin for a good payin project.

Ain't no sense in wastin daylight makin a Bread Board so nice,

nobody would ever want to cut nuttin on it.


Ain't no need spendin money makin wall hangin wood art,

ya can't even cut up a tomato on .... for fear a rinsin it!

Ain't no way runnin it through the power planer

and gettin a nice clean cuttin surface on it!



No sir, makes no common sense at all,


.... always figured cut offs were for bread cuttin.

what do I know..... nuttin makes sense no more, ..... nuttin.



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Comments (3)

heartwoodSYP heartwoodSYP writes: Funny shit. I made some sapele cutting boards......cut offs from a deck
Posted: 11:55 am on May 6th

Ralph Kolva Ralph Kolva writes: Still using a 10" x 18" x 1.5" cutoff of Poplar I had from a project about 30 years ago. Still if somebody wants to pay me $100 for some scrap glued together I'll put some bird eyed buzinga in there!
Posted: 8:12 am on April 26th

dmspurr dmspurr writes: Amen!
Posted: 3:54 pm on April 25th

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