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The Editors Mailbox

UPDATE: 3 Book Giveaway! Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to...

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BetsyE Betsy Engel, contributor
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Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood by Lonnie Bird
The Taunton Press, 2014.
$27.95; 304 pp.

Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing by Jeff Jewitt
The Taunton Press, 2014.
$27.95; 304 pp.

Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning by Richard Raffan
The Taunton Press, 2014.
$27.95; 256 pp.

And the winner is:  eblanchette

In Shaping Wood, Bird covers the topics of turning, carving, bending, cutting, and shaping wood with hand tools or machines. You'll learn the techniques for cutting a simple circle to carving a ball-and-claw foot. The book includes close to 800 photos and 30 drawings to help you make your furniture really special.

Jeff Jewitt is a renowned wood finisher and author and in Finishing he provides step-by-step instruction to help you become an expert. You'll learn about the tools and materials needed for success with finishing, as well as about surface prep, coloring wood, fillers and sealers, and finally, different finishing options.

Turning by acclaimed author, teacher, and turner Richard Raffan, covers all the essential techniques for turning wood. The step-by-step instruction is highlighted with over 900 photos and you'll learn how to hold, sharpen, and use turning tools as well as specialized chucks. You'll also learn how to create deep vessels, finish at the lathe and do spindle work.

The lucky winner is eblanchette. His comment was chosen at random.

Stay tuned for more great giveaways.


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Comments (311)

MikeO. MikeO. writes: What a great giveaway!
Please count me in.
Posted: 4:42 pm on April 9th

user-3294969 user-3294969 writes: Have quite few books already trouble is I have to purchase them through amazon can't get the hang of ordering them,I'm 69 alledgedly not computer savvy,but I fail every time to place an order,your site tends to throw me out because I live in uk,your magazine is spot on look forward to receive it every month.
Could someone tell me what the March edition was like mine seems to be going stray,even the special codes for buyers will not operate for me,
Imagine ordering over 150dollars of books and CDs then told you can't have the discount when you have been e mailed it .
I'm not really computer illiterat just cofused by how your offers operate,is it possible to order the back issue for march 2014 I'm getting witty drawl symptoms . Any help will be trruly appreciated.
Sad old man lol

Posted: 1:25 pm on April 5th

professorss professorss writes: Some of us have been subscribers since the get go. We've also bought most of the books you have published. So how about giving the monthly winner a choice of books, books, DVDS, plans. Anything up to whatever value you assign? Or better yet, since most of your books are available in the market place and really don't qualify as unique, how about awarding a copy of an out of print Taunton book?
Posted: 11:14 am on April 5th

briands briands writes: Nice prize
Posted: 11:59 pm on April 1st

ArtBeckert ArtBeckert writes: Well known woodworkers write wonderful tomes!
Posted: 7:18 pm on April 1st

macbaxter macbaxter writes: These would be a valued addition to my reading collection.
Posted: 3:39 am on April 1st

Byrdcage7 Byrdcage7 writes: All three are on my wish list. Save my wife the trouble. ha ha
Posted: 6:02 pm on March 31st

Herve Herve writes: I own several books from Taunton. They are very well written with a lot projects that I made using information and plans contained in these books.

Posted: 3:31 pm on March 31st

lsaugstad lsaugstad writes: I'd love to read them. Please enter me. Thanks!
Posted: 10:42 am on March 31st

barn1 barn1 writes: And the winner is :)
Posted: 10:26 am on March 31st

mainerustic mainerustic writes: These are wonderful books and would be great to add to my library, please add me to your list of interested folks. Thank you.
Posted: 6:11 am on March 31st

WhiteBirch WhiteBirch writes: Great giveaway, please enter me!
Posted: 8:36 pm on March 30th

user-1072257 user-1072257 writes: Look forward to learning about turning and finishing wood.As with all publications from Taunton, they will be clearly written and full of great info
Posted: 7:55 pm on March 30th

caveman42k caveman42k writes: Can definitely use more info !
Posted: 5:31 pm on March 30th

jim99 jim99 writes: You can never have too much information.
Posted: 5:02 pm on March 30th

AFM AFM writes: I'd like to read the books.
Posted: 4:59 pm on March 30th

user-4297722 user-4297722 writes: Maybe I will be picked.
Posted: 4:39 pm on March 30th

Tobart Tobart writes: I have never tried wood turing, so I guess that is an argument as good as any why I would ned that book. Shaping and finishing, on the other hand, I have tried more than enough to know that my work most likely would benefit from those two books!

Posted: 3:57 pm on March 30th

GIwoodworker GIwoodworker writes: I have the Turning book by Richard Raffan and it is really a superb tutorial for various techniques.

I'd be proud to add another copy to my collection (or give it to an aspiring woodturner). The other two books would be excellent resources as well.

Please pick me!

Thank you.
Posted: 3:25 pm on March 30th

TEby TEby writes: I just finished remodeling my kitchen and bathroom the new vanity and kitchen island really brought to light how little i know about the subject of finifhing wood. The illustrated Guide to Finishing Wood would really be put to good use on my future projects. Richard Raffin, I have always admired and with his expert advice I would be able to try another of my long awaited pursuits, wood turning.

Here, is a hardy Thank You, to all of those at Fine Woodworking for this tremendous offer. Please keep up the Great work.

Have a GOOD DAY!!!

Posted: 2:52 pm on March 30th

Leon60 Leon60 writes: I am always looking to improve all aspects of wood working. These three books cover some of the trickiest things we do. These would be a great addition to my collective studies.
Posted: 1:11 pm on March 30th

ncbitrainer ncbitrainer writes: Just getting started wood turning and would love to have this three volume set to round out my woodworking skills!
Posted: 12:40 pm on March 30th

Knoname8 Knoname8 writes: These books look great and would be wonderful to win.
Posted: 9:28 am on March 30th

user-3283864 user-3283864 writes: Looks very interesting. Please enter me in this 3 book giveaway.

Posted: 9:15 am on March 30th

anonmt anonmt writes: Please
Posted: 8:31 am on March 30th

LeetoniaJeff LeetoniaJeff writes: Free is good . . .
Posted: 7:25 am on March 30th

WoodPoppa WoodPoppa writes: Me too! Thanks.
Posted: 6:29 am on March 30th

StephenPaul StephenPaul writes: It looks like a great offer,I am relatively new to woodworking this series of books would be a lot of use to me.
Posted: 3:50 am on March 30th

KiwiMale KiwiMale writes: I'm getting back into working with wood after being away from it for over thirty years. I've now got the garage half lined out and am making various cabinets for my hand-tools, machinery and finishing gear. Part of this process is the building up of my library with various resource and these three books will be a great start. I am finding that I'm getting so engrossed in what I'm doing I have almost forgotten that night time is mainly for sleeping.
Posted: 3:48 am on March 30th

StephenPaul StephenPaul writes: Looks like a great series of books, would help with my woodworking.
Posted: 3:42 am on March 30th

bitstock bitstock writes: I have just completed my new shop so these books would be the start I need....
Posted: 1:21 am on March 30th

user-3227595 user-3227595 writes: Looks like some great books!

Posted: 11:25 pm on March 29th

user-3227595 user-3227595 writes: Looks like some great books!

Posted: 11:25 pm on March 29th

Klotesox Klotesox writes: Just a beginner and this would be great to gain some knowledge
Posted: 11:06 pm on March 29th

dczh dczh writes: I agree, these books would add quite a bit to my meager collection.
Posted: 9:56 pm on March 29th

markmech2002 markmech2002 writes: Looks like a good set of reference books
Posted: 9:40 pm on March 29th

Kelly_MN Kelly_MN writes: Great books, looking forward to adding them to my collection.
Posted: 9:17 pm on March 29th

wantacraft wantacraft writes: Yes please

Posted: 8:59 pm on March 29th

stewartjk85 stewartjk85 writes: I too have 2 other books in Taunton's illustrated series. Love to add these to my library.
Posted: 6:50 pm on March 29th

woodie04 woodie04 writes: I have 3 of Taunton's other books, and they are very fine resources for woodworkers of all skill levels. So I know right away that these would be a great addition to my wood-shop library.

Lonnie Bird, in particular, is a very good source of wisdom and knowledge. A retired fellow now, with intermediate skills, I make children's beds and furniture, with the odd foray into adult furniture, and enjoy the contribution I can make to someone's living space. Besides that, woodworking is fun just for the fun and satisfaction of it, and the joy of making a nice piece.
Posted: 6:33 pm on March 29th

Garver Garver writes: I just had back surgery and my doc said Im on house arrest for 3 months only good thing no ankle bracelet. So I have plenty of time to read as he also told me no going to my wood shop to putter. Garver Chetek WI
Posted: 6:12 pm on March 29th

woodchunker woodchunker writes: Now that I've learned to read, these three books would be a great help in realizing better woodworking.
Posted: 6:01 pm on March 29th

santoku santoku writes: Thanks for bringing these three together. Looking forward to them.
Posted: 5:26 pm on March 29th

dahawk dahawk writes: Just retired, could use some help.
Posted: 5:22 pm on March 29th

Lesterz Lesterz writes: Looks like a great addition to the shop library.
Posted: 4:41 pm on March 29th

tricksterpurple tricksterpurple writes: Triple the fun, these would be great books to have!
Posted: 4:14 pm on March 29th

maintmech maintmech writes: now if only I could read!
Posted: 4:03 pm on March 29th

KenHANGITALL KenHANGITALL writes: Three books by three great authors count me in!
Posted: 3:15 pm on March 29th

tepisquintla tepisquintla writes: As Taunton is behind these, you know they'll be good!
Posted: 3:09 pm on March 29th

DeVale DeVale writes: I'm reading one of Richard Raffans books at the moment and it is very good so far, and i would love to have another.I love reading woodturning books so the more the merrier.
Posted: 2:43 pm on March 29th

greggzank greggzank writes: I own the complete guide to joinery and if these are as similar quality they will be excellent prizes and worth while investments for the woodworked
Posted: 1:29 pm on March 29th

user-3279514 user-3279514 writes: VERY Inspiring stuff!!!
Posted: 1:24 pm on March 29th

llamamom llamamom writes: This would be so perfect. After a devastating fire took everything, we're starting to rebuild hubby's workshop and library!
Posted: 12:49 pm on March 29th

Colleen99 Colleen99 writes: I would love to have these books on my shelf... thank you!
Posted: 12:44 pm on March 29th

holly22 holly22 writes: Would love to add these books to my collection!

Posted: 12:31 pm on March 29th

bartan bartan writes: I could use these to start my FWW library and further my skills, but i think I would share them with my brother mainly.
That way he could be better at his refinishing job and I could get at all three things.
Posted: 12:16 pm on March 29th

TGrenga100 TGrenga100 writes: This trio of Taunton Publications books is sure to enhance the knowledge of any woodworker worth his sawdust. I'm going to set aside a space on the boofshelf reserved just for them!
Posted: 12:15 pm on March 29th

RoHB RoHB writes: Always working to improve skills.
Posted: 12:06 pm on March 29th

user-3217935 user-3217935 writes: After working for the last 45 years, I am ready to build my shop and enjoy life a little. These books and this site will help me enjoy playing with new "toys" and old tools. Please help me by earning the 3 books to enjoy.
Posted: 11:52 am on March 29th

SawDustRuss SawDustRuss writes: I could use help in all three areas!
Posted: 11:39 am on March 29th

CarlJohnson1945 CarlJohnson1945 writes: I do not have any personal experience with shaping and turning. Since Fine Woodworking books are always outstanding educational tools, I have no doubt these books would be a fine addition to my library.
Posted: 11:28 am on March 29th

hollohen hollohen writes: These books would be a welcome addition to my FWW Library.

Posted: 11:17 am on March 29th

NastySplinter NastySplinter writes: I could really benefit from these 3 books.
Posted: 10:58 am on March 29th

WRHobbs WRHobbs writes: It'll be great to use the free books for finishing and shaping, but I feel the book on turning will cause me to purchase a lathe! Can't wait for the delimma and struggle.
Posted: 10:50 am on March 29th

MistyCedars MistyCedars writes: All of the Complete Illustrated Guides are a must have for all woodworkers. There is always something new to learn from them.
Posted: 10:47 am on March 29th

JimInNM JimInNM writes: These books will answer all my questions if I'm lucky enough to win
Posted: 10:21 am on March 29th

It_is_I It_is_I writes: I'd love to inprove my abilities. I'd especially like to be able to carve a ball and claw foot. Thx for the chance to win.
Posted: 10:07 am on March 29th

smighetto smighetto writes: I could use the books so count me in.
Posted: 9:53 am on March 29th

JayHouston JayHouston writes: These look like three books I would really like to have in my library as a resource for my shop! Please pull my name as the winner!
Posted: 9:51 am on March 29th

wa2paul wa2paul writes: count me in
Posted: 9:49 am on March 29th

eschumer eschumer writes: Look like great books
I would love to win and learn the art of turning
Posted: 9:39 am on March 29th

troopermatt troopermatt writes: Looking forward to reading all three books!
Posted: 9:39 am on March 29th

TBurkart TBurkart writes: Another excellent selection of books from Fine Woodworking. Wish me luck in the drawing.
Posted: 9:36 am on March 29th

Baseball65 Baseball65 writes: Sure could use these in my woodworking library.
Posted: 9:16 am on March 29th

rrickl rrickl writes: I need some new reading material.
Posted: 9:04 am on March 29th

joneholc joneholc writes: Would love to have these educational volumes to start my library on woodworking....
Posted: 9:00 am on March 29th

user-2778862 user-2778862 writes: Throwing my hat into the ring. Cheers!
Posted: 8:55 am on March 29th

NativeWoodLover NativeWoodLover writes: I've always loved Lonnie Bird's work and would like to learn some of the techniques he uses to produce such beauty.
Posted: 8:45 am on March 29th

12string 12string writes: The turning book is excellent, I bought it for a beginning turner friend.
Posted: 8:45 am on March 29th

EricFuncke EricFuncke writes: I would certainly study these books, then share them with my son.
Posted: 8:39 am on March 29th

T_ZieglerWoodWork T_ZieglerWoodWork writes: I personally own at least 7 of this Tauton series and these books are great.
Posted: 8:14 am on March 29th

NDGraham NDGraham writes: These books are great! I wish to enter.
Posted: 7:59 am on March 29th

NDGraham NDGraham writes: Let's call this "The Woody's Trilogy Bonanza"! Count me in!

Posted: 7:58 am on March 29th

jbeal jbeal writes: Sign me up!
Posted: 7:57 am on March 29th

akertesz akertesz writes: Knowledge is power. I'm in...
Posted: 7:26 am on March 29th

Stuehler Stuehler writes: this is a comment.
Posted: 7:25 am on March 29th

ScomelBasses ScomelBasses writes: Fine Woodworking is my favorite magazine and everything else I've bought from Taunton has been great!
Posted: 7:18 am on March 29th

RLewis2145 RLewis2145 writes: I enjoy the books available from Taunton Press. I hope that I can add these three books to our collection.
Posted: 7:08 am on March 29th

bmdjr1 bmdjr1 writes: I can always use quality reference books! Thanks for the opportunity to win some.

Posted: 6:39 am on March 29th

sodbuster sodbuster writes: Good timing - I need to turn a few small items for my next project. So the turning & fininshing books would be useful!
Posted: 6:26 am on March 29th

GWL2 GWL2 writes: These would be a great addition to my library as I've got a few other titles in this collection.
Posted: 6:14 am on March 29th

UCBluenoser UCBluenoser writes: It's good timing! I'm working on a shaping project now.
Posted: 6:13 am on March 29th

opie123 opie123 writes: These books would help my son along his path of woodworking...
Posted: 5:56 am on March 29th

BEXARJG BEXARJG writes: All these books have come in handy and now my son comes over and borrows them
Posted: 5:34 am on March 29th

butchf18a butchf18a writes: One of the best ways to improve on any skill set is to have quality reference materials. That and unlimited access to wood and shop time.
Posted: 5:29 am on March 29th

user-2352400 user-2352400 writes: I'd add these to the library at The Eliot School of Crafts and Fine Arts, a non-profit school in Jamaica Plain, MA.
Posted: 5:03 am on March 29th

user-3218486 user-3218486 writes: Kia ora Fine Woodworking! I would love some more books to keep me on the straight and narrow :-)
Posted: 4:20 am on March 29th

user-2825716 user-2825716 writes: I only been a reading this magazines for a sort time I can sure say I've change a lot of my cabinets I sure love your magazine and will keep on reading Ta hanks
Posted: 4:17 am on March 29th

mwgwwob mwgwwob writes: Have got various other titles in this series, but none of these 3. Fingers crossed, and TOUCH WOOD of course, that I might get picked as the winner!
Posted: 4:10 am on March 29th

user-297069 user-297069 writes: Well if I was to win these great books I would never waste another piece of wood!!!!
Posted: 4:08 am on March 29th

zonerman zonerman writes: Take your game up a notch with these books.
Posted: 3:24 am on March 29th

Balebouste Balebouste writes: I would love win the giveaway ;)
Posted: 3:21 am on March 29th

user-2456576 user-2456576 writes: As a member of the Nepean Mens Shed, a community group associated with the Australian Mens Shed Association, These books would be invaluable in my current activities of learning cabinetmaking. The Mens Shed takes on jobs that tradespeople find not worthwhile for their business because they take too much time to do or are too small a job. We will do these jobs for a donation of what the person thinks the job is worth to them.
This donation helps us to continue operation. The Mens Shed is also very much supportive of mens health and mental health.
These books would be a valued addition to my librery.
Posted: 3:10 am on March 29th

user-2419637 user-2419637 writes: I would love to have all 3 of the books to start my Taunton's publication collection.
Posted: 10:38 am on March 28th

user-2974672 user-2974672 writes: Would love these books!
Posted: 9:43 am on March 28th

flyalittle flyalittle writes: I love reading how to books. Maybe I should read a novel now and then.
Posted: 6:51 am on March 28th

traprat traprat writes: I'm brand new to this whole wood working thing and have no books on the subject. I would love to start my collection with these three...
Posted: 11:06 pm on March 27th

martz8899 martz8899 writes: would love to have this collection of books
Posted: 8:53 pm on March 27th

DanBrassaw DanBrassaw writes: Oooooh! I'm running out of space on my bookshelf, but I've made it through rougher patches...
Posted: 7:20 pm on March 27th

Christi81218 Christi81218 writes: Cool I love books!
Posted: 5:26 pm on March 27th

user-652332 user-652332 writes: I thought I had an account...
who the heck is User-652332
Posted: 5:02 pm on March 27th

BB224 BB224 writes: I taught myself wood working and turning mostly, I am the only one who loves wood and what you can do with it. My skill level is in the middle. And I over come these learning curves myself which gets frustrating at times because I can't afford to purchase these books for the educational value they have to offer. I do hope I win these three books of inspiration because not only can I enjoy and learn from them but I can pass them down to my grandchildren when they're ready. I do enjoy reading your website Fine Wood Working offers a lot of neat ideas, as far as I'm concerned ya'll are the best.
Posted: 3:06 pm on March 27th

rlhenley rlhenley writes: Learn something new to you each and every day, whether making sawdust or a family heirloom.
Posted: 11:48 am on March 27th

Avispex Avispex writes: Those look like great books and I would be thrilled to win any of them.

Posted: 10:42 am on March 27th

RWSmith13 RWSmith13 writes: These books would be great! Hope I can win and add them to my Library!
Posted: 10:38 am on March 27th

griznog griznog writes: If I win these books, I will learn to read. As soon as I get tired of looking at the pictures.
Posted: 10:00 am on March 27th

canuckotter canuckotter writes: I would love those books!
Posted: 9:20 am on March 27th

RTexasCwby RTexasCwby writes: Wow, sounds like these three books would be almost a complete library on how to work with wood. Certainly a welcome addition to mine at any rate.
Posted: 8:51 am on March 27th

ConstructionBoss ConstructionBoss writes: Three free woodworking books? Yes Please!
Posted: 8:37 am on March 27th

shorts shorts writes: Great giveaway, can never stop learning, I just finished learning something new this morning on bans saw boxes.
Posted: 7:42 am on March 27th

Trevor_C Trevor_C writes: More books... the would ask, "why do you need more books about Woodworking?". and I would reply, "... for the same reason I need more clamps!".
Posted: 7:27 am on March 27th

GRJim GRJim writes: yes please!
Posted: 7:20 am on March 27th

user-3048904 user-3048904 writes: I tell the wife I cant read she says you sure have enough books for not being able to read. A few more would be nice addition. thanks sturg
Posted: 6:01 am on March 27th

Wobblycogs Wobblycogs writes: Good looking trio of books.
Posted: 5:47 am on March 27th

barney2804 barney2804 writes: These would be great, thank you.
Posted: 2:42 am on March 27th

SchwartzTheYounger SchwartzTheYounger writes: I've been looking for a good book on finishing. Hope I'm the lucky one.
Posted: 12:56 am on March 27th

dconnell dconnell writes: Would love to have these!
Posted: 11:19 pm on March 26th

CVZ2013 CVZ2013 writes: Nice giveaway! Would love to add this knowledge to my toolkit!
Posted: 11:07 pm on March 26th

user12345 user12345 writes: They all look interesting. Hope I win.
Posted: 11:04 pm on March 26th

Tumblewoodworks Tumblewoodworks writes: Nice giveaway! I'd be happy to take them off your hands.
Posted: 10:19 pm on March 26th

user-267735 user-267735 writes: Finning woodworking always presents the best in the best ways possible. Always a joy. I have done handyman work most of my life with the occasional wood project. I have decided to expand my knowledge and improve my woodworking skills. AND THESE 3 BOOKS WOULD GO A LONG WAY TO HELPING ME MEET MY GOALS. In Iowa and sick of this cold weather....LOL
Posted: 10:07 pm on March 26th

JimWoodLab JimWoodLab writes: Look like great titles and I can always use more woodworking books!
Posted: 9:43 pm on March 26th

M P M P writes: Send them on over!
Posted: 9:41 pm on March 26th

Venkmen Venkmen writes: Nice books. Would love to add to my collection.
Posted: 9:27 pm on March 26th

user-2590240 user-2590240 writes: Pick me!!!!
Posted: 9:23 pm on March 26th

pchicago pchicago writes: Pick me!
Posted: 8:43 pm on March 26th

slozuke slozuke writes: Add them to my collection!
Posted: 8:39 pm on March 26th

DanOelke DanOelke writes: pick me pretty pretty please!

Posted: 8:22 pm on March 26th

JLYoung JLYoung writes: I love these books. They are so well done.
Posted: 8:18 pm on March 26th

greg9903 greg9903 writes: Fine Woodworking!!! I have learned so much from your website...your video workshops...Magazine...and your excellent workmanship! Thank You!
Posted: 7:47 pm on March 26th

user-3234615 user-3234615 writes: Looking forward to reading these, whether I win them or not
Posted: 7:46 pm on March 26th

Momanslm Momanslm writes: If only I had this much interest in school books!
Posted: 7:46 pm on March 26th

thestairwhisperer thestairwhisperer writes: Sign me up!
Posted: 7:40 pm on March 26th

BrianDok BrianDok writes: Thanks for making these available. I would enjoy these greatly.
Posted: 7:30 pm on March 26th

Smooth_Crown Smooth_Crown writes: BOOKS!
Posted: 7:30 pm on March 26th

Showmewoodworks Showmewoodworks writes: Awesome giveaway thanks fineworking for the opportunity.
Posted: 7:28 pm on March 26th

gzoll24 gzoll24 writes: That turning book looks great!
Posted: 7:26 pm on March 26th

bonesaw bonesaw writes: I like turtles!
Posted: 7:16 pm on March 26th

Vonnybob Vonnybob writes: Awesome give away. Thanks.
Posted: 7:06 pm on March 26th

squirly squirly writes: I would love to win these, they will compliment the ones I have been able to add to my library

Posted: 7:06 pm on March 26th

ManhattanWoodProject ManhattanWoodProject writes: That looks like a great collection, I would love to enhance my skills with it. Fingers crossed!
Posted: 7:02 pm on March 26th

dimsumkid dimsumkid writes: Nice set, send me one please!
Posted: 6:42 pm on March 26th

jmarkantes jmarkantes writes: Would LOVE a chance to learn what I can from these books, and get more involved with my dad's woodworking hobby.
Posted: 6:39 pm on March 26th

BillysLittleBench BillysLittleBench writes: Well, count me in I guess. who couldn't use a few more woodworking books.
Posted: 6:21 pm on March 26th

flwoodie flwoodie writes: Wonderful chance to get some information for tis begining woodworker.
Posted: 6:13 pm on March 26th

user-2684255 user-2684255 writes: I'm in
Posted: 6:09 pm on March 26th

MattrYYC MattrYYC writes: Sign me up!
Posted: 5:27 pm on March 26th

McHanic McHanic writes: Count me in! :)
Posted: 4:51 pm on March 26th

Kblack Kblack writes: What a great gift from the leader in woodworking information
Posted: 1:53 pm on March 26th

user-2855534 user-2855534 writes: I am a beginning woodworker and can use the instruction
Posted: 1:43 pm on March 26th

user-2845992 user-2845992 writes: I would love to learn how to read using these books.
Posted: 1:01 pm on March 26th

birdwatcher birdwatcher writes: Great idea to give away books.
Posted: 11:33 am on March 26th

MKWerman MKWerman writes: I would love to have these!
Posted: 9:44 am on March 26th

WiseGuy81 WiseGuy81 writes: I would be ever so greatful! Thanks.
Posted: 2:38 pm on March 25th

MikeO. MikeO. writes: Count me in please!

These look like great reads.

Posted: 1:16 pm on March 25th

user-3179965 user-3179965 writes: Great books! Count me in.
Posted: 12:41 pm on March 25th

ewob ewob writes: Time to win something good!
Posted: 11:36 am on March 25th

kingusa kingusa writes: What a fun combination: turning, finishing and shaping. Almost feels like I'm dancing with the stars.
Posted: 11:23 am on March 25th

rcj rcj writes: Good combination of books that I do not own.
Posted: 10:28 am on March 25th

mrossk mrossk writes: c'mon lady luck...yes please
Posted: 9:13 am on March 25th

Crystalfins Crystalfins writes: Count me in. Would love to have these.
Posted: 8:35 am on March 25th

Psych101 Psych101 writes: I'm down! Cheers to free books. Almost as good as free wood (oh wait... they are wood!)
Posted: 6:16 am on March 25th

Ottertail Ottertail writes: I'd love to add these to my library shelf!
Posted: 4:18 am on March 25th

Ottertail Ottertail writes: I'd love to add these to my library shelf!
Posted: 4:18 am on March 25th

rodk1 rodk1 writes: I would love to add these to my library ! Thanks for the chance.
Posted: 12:33 am on March 25th

jaskler jaskler writes: I'd love to have them on my shelf!
Posted: 11:45 pm on March 24th

user-3099618 user-3099618 writes: The more woodworking books in my library the better!
Posted: 10:52 pm on March 24th

aaijr aaijr writes: The Illustrated Guides are a great series of volumes
Posted: 6:49 pm on March 24th

allgona allgona writes: Hey! These look great!
Posted: 2:25 pm on March 24th

TopspinD TopspinD writes: These look like great books. I would love to add them to my woodworking library. Please sign me up.
Posted: 2:24 pm on March 24th

PurdueDan PurdueDan writes: great books great price
Posted: 2:14 pm on March 24th

jross827 jross827 writes: These look awesome
Posted: 12:29 pm on March 24th

binoos binoos writes: A good reason to buy a lathe!
Posted: 12:19 pm on March 24th

jdy98p jdy98p writes: I'd love to review and reference these books.
Posted: 11:26 am on March 24th

Rick_in_Bothwell Rick_in_Bothwell writes: Having recently started turning the turning book would be most helpful. The others would be useful as well.
Posted: 10:55 am on March 24th

Marktech Marktech writes: I hope I win and have an opportunity to read and review. Thanks
Posted: 10:15 am on March 24th

efsevers efsevers writes: Got books???
Posted: 9:17 am on March 24th

kiesha kiesha writes: I am pleased that you continue to provide print books. I do read all your E-mail reports; however, there will never be anything to replace sitting down with a good cup of coffee and a good book! Your magazine is is superbly designed and printed so I hope that will never change. If I should win your books, they will be passed on to other woodworkers. T Riley
Posted: 8:48 am on March 24th

Marc2013 Marc2013 writes: I would certainly "welcome" these three books in my collection.
Posted: 8:30 am on March 24th

Tree City Woodcrafter Tree City Woodcrafter writes: I've always enjoyed Taunton's publications, both books and magazines. This would be a great set to own and share in our club's library.
Posted: 7:04 am on March 24th

keithver keithver writes: What a combination - Fantastic
Posted: 2:28 am on March 24th

lindowl lindowl writes: Good woodworking books are hard to find. Never been disappointed with a Taunton Press book. Oh to get anice finish on a job. it always lets me down.
Posted: 12:45 am on March 24th

ibbokin ibbokin writes: Count me in.
Posted: 12:28 am on March 24th

bassmatty bassmatty writes: Fingers crossed!
Posted: 10:53 pm on March 23rd

AdventurousConifer AdventurousConifer writes: I sure could use help with my finishing and shaping technique. I don't have a lathe yet but a turning book might get me to go out and buy one
Posted: 9:21 pm on March 23rd

whataheyu whataheyu writes: I need all the help that I can get and the books would help. Thank You
Posted: 7:03 pm on March 23rd

Michael_Sinclair Michael_Sinclair writes: Would Love To Read Those Books!

Posted: 6:53 pm on March 23rd

eblanchette eblanchette writes: Count me in!
Posted: 6:24 pm on March 23rd

FarRed FarRed writes: Count me in!
Posted: 5:34 pm on March 23rd

user-3217683 user-3217683 writes: I would be proud to have those books in my library
Posted: 5:14 pm on March 23rd

timbuck timbuck writes: I'll give it a shot!
Posted: 3:07 pm on March 23rd

Nitreug Nitreug writes: Since I already have The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery, any of those books would be a great complement!
Posted: 2:57 pm on March 23rd

user-660141 user-660141 writes: I would love to win these books
Posted: 2:29 pm on March 23rd

user-3242695 user-3242695 writes: I have a number of books, but for really getting into physically doing what I have read about, the intimidation of destruction of a body part or the project has been relieved by the video tutorials in the online membership. That has been the greatest help to a novice like me, reading about it and then watching someone actually do it who is an expert. I'm very happy I subscribed to the online membership.
Posted: 2:29 pm on March 23rd

DelicateTouch DelicateTouch writes: As a new woodworker I love Fine WoodWorking's mag, print/digital, website, etc. and would love to win and learn what I could from these books!! But not only would I return to post a comment after reading them, I would share and pass the info along by giving them away again right here!!(With the condition that the next person must do the same) If I win, we all win!! ;)
Posted: 1:40 pm on March 23rd

buoyd buoyd writes: Wow, three at one time! Definitely interested. Thanks for the chance to win.
Posted: 1:17 pm on March 23rd

MattStier MattStier writes: Books!
Posted: 12:54 pm on March 23rd

sawcreatives sawcreatives writes: As a new subscriber to Fine WoodWorking, I got my fingers crossed for some luck!
Posted: 11:18 am on March 23rd

CircleCityAdam CircleCityAdam writes: These would be a great addition to my library.
Posted: 10:24 am on March 23rd

Twoshoes Twoshoes writes: Sign me up these look like three great books

Posted: 9:53 am on March 23rd

Barkley629 Barkley629 writes: I never win anything, ever. Just ignore this entry.
Posted: 8:55 am on March 23rd

Larrythewoodguy Larrythewoodguy writes: thanks

Posted: 7:53 am on March 23rd

jsbergner jsbergner writes: What a great way to get comments. I would love to read these books! Mais oui!!
Posted: 6:19 am on March 23rd

Pitoon Pitoon writes: You take a piece of wood....TURN it, You are SHAPING it, but you will need to FINISH it before you're done!

I could definitely read these books and put them to good use!

Posted: 5:50 am on March 23rd

MarcelsGang MarcelsGang writes: Moja szansa na wygraną !
Posted: 5:23 am on March 23rd

noied noied writes: I just purchased and read the Portsmith Card Table Series. It was an excellent and informative series on the inlay and stringing techniques. I would love to learn more through the above three books to expand my knowledge and skills.
Posted: 5:04 am on March 23rd

bruno2you bruno2you writes: These books would be a great help on my path to woodworking enlightenment.
Posted: 2:12 am on March 23rd

Ukidlele Ukidlele writes: I don't even look French.
Posted: 10:37 pm on March 22nd

cubswin08 cubswin08 writes: These three books may be just the ticket to make me retire and start spending more time woodworking
Posted: 10:29 pm on March 22nd

AMTech AMTech writes: I'm looking forward to learning a lot more about wood shaping and finishing!
Posted: 10:27 pm on March 22nd

jheller jheller writes: I don't speak French!
Posted: 7:57 pm on March 22nd

Ti_Dre Ti_Dre writes: Je possède déjà 4 de ces volumes. Ils sont extrêmement bien fait. Les trois qui sont proposés ici complèterais avantageusement ma collection.
Posted: 7:17 pm on March 22nd

Lutro Lutro writes: Great series, and I would love to own more of them.
Posted: 6:53 pm on March 22nd

RBHolden RBHolden writes: This is such a wonderful series. I would love to add these titles to the others that I have.
Posted: 5:12 pm on March 22nd

casaheil casaheil writes: Nice trio of books.I hope I win.
Posted: 4:30 pm on March 22nd

bob2364 bob2364 writes: I have 8 kids I am helping with woodworking ,the books will help a lot thankyou
Posted: 4:29 pm on March 22nd

D11RDozer D11RDozer writes: I love this series of books and I only have one of the three so it'd be great to win.
Posted: 4:24 pm on March 22nd

gbear1 gbear1 writes: These look like fine books but I never win anything!
Posted: 3:49 pm on March 22nd

retireejd retireejd writes: I would love to have these three books!
Posted: 3:04 pm on March 22nd

sawdust55109 sawdust55109 writes: The wisdom of three Masters.
What more could you ask for?
Posted: 2:39 pm on March 22nd

ShooterBoy ShooterBoy writes: Can I wish myself luck? Ha ha.
Posted: 2:30 pm on March 22nd

Fiveoaks Fiveoaks writes: A nice set I could use right a way.
Posted: 2:21 pm on March 22nd

dale_pd dale_pd writes: This great set would get a lot of use in my shop. Thanks for the give-a-way!
Posted: 2:10 pm on March 22nd

Kengaroo Kengaroo writes: These would be a great addition to my library.
Posted: 1:50 pm on March 22nd

leeh522 leeh522 writes: Perfect! Exactly what I need. Thanks
Posted: 1:20 pm on March 22nd

Blaire Blaire writes: These are some good books
Posted: 1:02 pm on March 22nd

PlaneJoe PlaneJoe writes: No library would be complete without these three.
Posted: 12:36 pm on March 22nd

vt_atx vt_atx writes: Would love to add these to the library.
Posted: 12:08 pm on March 22nd

LJorgensen LJorgensen writes: I spent my early years in my father's woodshop in Arhus, Denmark. I learned many abilities and lessons that have stayed with me, but naturally he didn't have time to teach me the outstanding knowledge to be gained from these 3 books.

Now that I am retired and putting together a small wood hobby shop, I realize how much I need to learn. Much of my father's equipment operated via belts driven by a master drive shaft, although I do remember he had a tablesaw and bandsaw that were not. He would have envied the modern equipment available these days for relatively little money.

I would really like to win these books, but I am usually not so lucky, so I will undoubtedly need to buy them. Let me know I didn't win soon so I can order them. :-)

Laurits Jorgensen
Posted: 12:06 pm on March 22nd

TimH47 TimH47 writes: Looks like a great set. I would love to add them to my collection.
Posted: 11:56 am on March 22nd

Paul_FWW Paul_FWW writes: Looks like the perfect reference for newbies to woodworking and the three volumes mean there are enough projects to choose from and the last me a long time.

I still prefer a good hardcopy book to electronic-books.

Thanks for offering a chance to get these.
Posted: 11:34 am on March 22nd

Oldguy2 Oldguy2 writes: I have a couple other of the Fine Woodworking books. These would be a great addition to my library.
Posted: 11:33 am on March 22nd

Nickomekl Nickomekl writes: Thay's mighty fine motivational reading material.
Posted: 11:32 am on March 22nd

remmer06 remmer06 writes: A great set of books as always
Posted: 11:29 am on March 22nd

grin grin writes: Right on! Love to win them.
Posted: 11:26 am on March 22nd

RedneckRev RedneckRev writes: This sounds like a very interesting and beneficial combinations of books for any woodworking library! Hope I win!! :)

Posted: 10:53 am on March 22nd

maniac424 maniac424 writes: I've seen the Turning book and it's great!
Posted: 10:48 am on March 22nd

JimInNM JimInNM writes: These would solve and answer all my questions to becoming a Fine WoodWorking craftsman
Posted: 10:33 am on March 22nd

anonmt anonmt writes: Please?
Posted: 10:31 am on March 22nd

kerngm kerngm writes: Even with all the resources available today there is still nothing like a book.
Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 10:30 am on March 22nd

BioNerd12 BioNerd12 writes: I've become addicted to woodworking books
Posted: 10:28 am on March 22nd

user-2437745 user-2437745 writes: Cool 3 books and a anniversary on the same day.
Posted: 10:17 am on March 22nd

opamonster opamonster writes: These books are great. I would love to have them.
Posted: 9:52 am on March 22nd

2dtenor 2dtenor writes: I really need the help these books offer.
Posted: 9:31 am on March 22nd

Roslanowski Roslanowski writes: These are great books. I have seen a couple of them at my local library. Would enjoy owning my personal set.
Posted: 9:31 am on March 22nd

ZMAN93015 ZMAN93015 writes: I have more room for these books.
Posted: 9:27 am on March 22nd

highly_figured highly_figured writes: I just happen to have a little empty space on my bookshelf. These books would take care of that nicely. Plus they would no longer be cluttering up your limited space !
Posted: 9:19 am on March 22nd

JKFrey JKFrey writes: Please put me on the list!
Posted: 9:17 am on March 22nd

TravisHeintz TravisHeintz writes: Gimme Gimme!
Posted: 9:09 am on March 22nd

OhioDave OhioDave writes: Random comment!!
Posted: 8:40 am on March 22nd

trbaker trbaker writes: It would be nice to have these books
Posted: 8:30 am on March 22nd

joker28 joker28 writes: Fantastic books. I'm in!
Posted: 8:29 am on March 22nd

DRNono DRNono writes: Three Great books by three GREAT master craftsmen. The Taunton Complete Illustrated series is the gold standard. Sign me up!
Posted: 8:17 am on March 22nd

ThePotter ThePotter writes: I'd love this set. I have several other FW publications and have been a fan of Your magazine for many years.
Posted: 8:15 am on March 22nd

rupps rupps writes: Looks like a nice set that compliment each other. I was looking at a Jeff Jewitt book just last week. Yes, please put me in for the draw. Thanks.
Posted: 8:08 am on March 22nd

jbeal jbeal writes: these would be a great addition to my shop library.
Posted: 7:47 am on March 22nd

jbschutz jbschutz writes: These books would make a great addition to my woodworking library as well as my skills.
Posted: 7:43 am on March 22nd

jbschutz jbschutz writes: These books would make a great addition to my woodworking library as well as my skills.
Posted: 7:43 am on March 22nd

M_Mazin M_Mazin writes: Me 2, Please.
Posted: 7:42 am on March 22nd

bobf9 bobf9 writes: Three instructional books, this is as good a time as any to ask: HELP!!!
Posted: 7:41 am on March 22nd

jcwnr jcwnr writes: Excellent series
Posted: 7:37 am on March 22nd

rexthedog rexthedog writes: what talented people! exceptional woodworkers with the ability to teach others through their abilities to write.
Posted: 7:36 am on March 22nd

freonguy freonguy writes: Thanks for the opportunity!! Please count me in.
Posted: 7:34 am on March 22nd

spjaeckel spjaeckel writes: Can never have enough woodworking materials!
Posted: 7:32 am on March 22nd

garicci garicci writes: Count me in for free stuff!
Posted: 7:24 am on March 22nd

RUSSR RUSSR writes: Great series. Very helpful!
Posted: 6:58 am on March 22nd

grg3 grg3 writes: Great post! Nice books!
Posted: 6:55 am on March 22nd

psuleroy psuleroy writes: More great reads from FWW.
Posted: 6:36 am on March 22nd

marcvanl marcvanl writes: They'll be a great resource for the students in my high school wood shop. Count me in.
Posted: 6:36 am on March 22nd

tartan7 tartan7 writes: These three books would be a wonderful addition to my small collection of woodworking books. Just hoping I can break my habit of not winning anything this time around.
Posted: 6:22 am on March 22nd

woodrat59 woodrat59 writes: Just made space on the shop bookshelf section, cleaned my reading glasses, I am ready!
Posted: 5:00 am on March 22nd

terrynjon terrynjon writes: I hope to win, the Illustrated Guides are great books.
Posted: 4:33 am on March 22nd

jverreault jverreault writes: That's one sweet prize! Hopefully, the publishing Gods will smile on me.
Posted: 4:27 am on March 22nd

bartlettaj bartlettaj writes: Have made space on mu book shelf.
Posted: 4:15 am on March 22nd

blackknight blackknight writes: Great series
Posted: 3:50 am on March 22nd

mjend mjend writes: These would make a great addition to anyone's library! Three great topics and three great authors. Love to add these to my library! You can never learn too much.
Posted: 2:52 am on March 22nd

wemek wemek writes: I could REALLY use the book on finishing! I have my ways and would love to expand them! co'mon books!
Posted: 1:13 am on March 22nd

wildhorse820 wildhorse820 writes: I can't read enough about woodworking of all types. These books would be a great addition.
Posted: 10:03 pm on March 21st

ScoFF ScoFF writes: Richard Raffan is the man. Count me in for the book set.
Posted: 9:18 pm on March 21st

jeffreyi jeffreyi writes: These books would be swell

Posted: 8:55 pm on March 21st

ahuse1984 ahuse1984 writes: would love to get these books
Posted: 8:45 pm on March 21st

noocher noocher writes: would like to read these books
Posted: 6:43 pm on March 21st

lowriderray lowriderray writes: I would really like to win the finishing book, would be nice to add these to my woodworking library
Posted: 6:42 pm on March 21st

dave451 dave451 writes: Sure would be nice to add these to my growing woodworking library
Posted: 5:06 pm on March 21st

sporter53 sporter53 writes: My wood finishing skills need all the help they can get!
Posted: 4:06 pm on March 21st

JMHAU JMHAU writes: Woohoo!
Posted: 3:41 pm on March 21st

JMHAU JMHAU writes: Sounds great!
Posted: 2:57 pm on March 21st

LBF LBF writes: They all sound great!
Posted: 2:30 pm on March 21st

benito benito writes: sure
Posted: 2:02 pm on March 21st

bko bko writes: These look great! I'd love to win!

Posted: 1:56 pm on March 21st

dmc205 dmc205 writes: nice books!
Posted: 1:32 pm on March 21st

artagain artagain writes: I'm in.
Posted: 12:31 pm on March 21st

ekriener ekriener writes: yes, please.
Posted: 11:58 am on March 21st

softtech softtech writes: Pick me please, its cold and winters are long up north here, need a good book or three to pass the time.
Posted: 11:57 am on March 21st

pjschwartz pjschwartz writes:
Posted: 11:51 am on March 21st

pjschwartz pjschwartz writes: I'll give it a go...
Posted: 11:48 am on March 21st

mclarknc mclarknc writes: All three look like terrific books!
Posted: 10:36 am on March 21st

bglenden2 bglenden2 writes: I would really like to win!
Posted: 10:32 am on March 21st

Tirebiter14 Tirebiter14 writes: Me, too! Me, too!
Posted: 9:22 am on March 21st

jdm92562 jdm92562 writes: Sign me up
Posted: 8:02 am on March 21st

byerbyer byerbyer writes: Allons-y!
Posted: 7:44 am on March 21st

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