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Your Hardwood Floor Is Ruined After A Flood? Fix it

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There are many problems you can face in your home after it has been flooded. Most of the time people think their home is completely ruined and there is no way for them to deal with the damages. Of course the major problems need special care and treatment by professionals. But surprisingly, many of the issues can be fixed by yourself. And remember, the water damage restoration of your home will take weeks, even months. Be patient and treat your home with love. Hardwood floor is the base of each home and it is the first thing you will need to restore. The following tips are provided by a flood restoration company in Hounslow.

#1 Remove Moisture

The first thing you should do in order to bring your floor back to live is to get rid of the water in it. After a flood your hardwood floor will be soggy. Start wiping it with an absorbing cloth because water is your biggest enemy when it comes to floors. Even the smallest spill can ruin it, that is why you have to use a hoover to vacuum it dry. There are special ones for that purpose in the market.

#2 Clean It

After the hardwood floor is dry, you need to cleanse it with a detergent. Remove all the mud and random trash that has come in your home during the flood. Use a gentle brush and non foaming antibacterial cleansing product. Be careful if you use water while you wash the floor-use only a small amount of it.

#3 Sanding

Many times, after a floor has been dried, it stats to cave in or go upwards. The first thing you should do is to stop all the heating in your home because it makes the curves form quicker. This process is called "cupping". The wood expands because of the absorbed moisture. You can smooth the surface of the hardwood floor when you sand it.

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