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The Editors Mailbox

A New Take On Handmade

comments (6) February 14th, 2014 in blogs, videos

DillonRyan Dillon Ryan, assistant editor
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Video Length: 3:45
Produced by: Mark Morgan

Ethiopian craftsman Sentayehu Teshale has earned a living selling his handmade stools in downtown Addis Ababa for more than 20 years. The catch is, he doesn't use his hands at all.


This woodworker has overcome incredible odds to turn his dreams of making furniture into a career reality.


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Comments (6)

Wixom Wixom writes: This is incredible! I wouldn't have believed that a man built stools with his feet without the video attached. This is humbling. Chiefengineer, we got the same problem here in the States, able bodied people taking government handouts for doing nothing.
Posted: 8:52 pm on February 22nd

lund_fisher lund_fisher writes: Someone please hit me with a 2x4 if I ever complain about dry, cracked hands again!
This man is an inspiration to us all.

Posted: 11:14 pm on February 20th

ron20 ron20 writes: Talk about overcoming adversity.
Posted: 11:41 am on February 19th

chiefengineer chiefengineer writes: Humbling. Seriously humbling. There's a debate going on here in the UK about people on benefits taking money for doing nothing when able to work. Here is an example of a man achieving huge things though grit and determination with no state help.
Posted: 9:41 pm on February 17th

keelerwoodworking keelerwoodworking writes: Wow! Jaw dropping.
Posted: 10:44 am on February 15th

snoots snoots writes: Too often, when I see a simple stool or other piece rather crudely built, I don't think much about it and any thoughts I do have are probably rather negative. I seldom, if ever, consider the context in which something was made. I hope that will change after seeing this. As far as I am concerned, that crudely build stool just became a masterpiece.
Posted: 9:14 am on February 15th

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